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  1. One item I haven't seen mentioned is that when asked if the Sons of Honor were an offshoot of the Envisagers (sp?) Brandon said no but then clarified that the question had the relationship reversed.
  2. The question in the Q&A last night about an in world language that would be closest to speaking to the Rhythms got me thinking. Would something like Shakespeare's common use of Iambic Pentameter be a simpler version of speaking to a Rhythm? It has been far to long since I studied literature but does this strike anyone else as a possible simple Rhythm example? I imagine there are much more complicated examples in spoken word performance but I know next to nothing about that so can't speak to it. Would rap music also be a possible source of inspiration? Brandon seemed to have something in mind as he alluded to they would have to come up with something before a TV show ever happens but he hasn't found a good example yet. I wonder if instead of a full language he is thinking of niche examples within languages.
  3. My take was that since he is holding two opposing shards their equal but opposite pulls stalemate each other so he finds it hard to make a decision to do anything. I find it ironic that he is referred to as Harmony as his current state seems to be more Stasis. If he learned to take parts of each half and get them to work together then he would be Harmony. edit: Just realized I misread your question. My answer was about why he finds it hard to take major actions in general which Harmony mentions in a different section of the letter. To answer your questions, I don't think his two powers prevent him from reaching the other two shards as much as they don't wish to be found so are using their powers to be hard to find/reach.
  4. I think there are two things tying Odium to the Rosharan system. 1st and most obvious, whatever Honor did to bind him. As you say, that can be overcome if he can get a Bondsmith to release him or can splinter/take up the shard. The 2nd way he is bound is less easy to overcome. Odiums has investiture throughout Roshar, the Unmade and Fused to name two obvious examples. If Taravangian took up Honor as well he'd add all of that investiture that is tied to Roshar as well, more strongly tying him to the system. As I said, maybe there is a way to withdraw/reintegrate the investiture but I imagine that would cause wide spread devastation. Maybe Taravangian could justify it for the "greater good" but I think he is less likely to be willing to do so than Rayse would have been.
  5. I agree that 4th Ideal Radiant vs Mistborn would be not be a close contest. A fullborn would be quite the battle. A third options I'd like to consider, though we have very little information about them and they are basically tied to Elantris due to the nature of the magic, is fully trained Elantrian. I think it would take very creative use of Aons to stand up to the raw power of the Radiant I think AonDor seems like a very versatile magic. Awakening would be interesting as well. Both of them might be better suited to utility support though. Radiants and Mistborn/Fullborn do seem very focused on combat abilities.
  6. I assumed the same. As one of Dalinar's swordmaster ardents it would make the most sense for him to be where most of the soldiers are.
  7. Adolin and Dalinar were a close race for #1 until RoW, that put Adolin on top for me. I honestly can't think of anything Adolin did in RoW that could have gone better. His caring of Kaladin and Shallan (Kaladin early, Shallan throughout but especially the Starspren scene). His selfless save of Nodom with very real risk to his own life. His interactions with Maya and the trial. He was almost too good to be "real".....what are you planning to spring on us next book Brandon to overturn our expectations!?!
  8. My theory is he is trying to determine how to get a physical body to move his soul to since he is a cognitive shadow. Possibly to try to leave Roshar. Although I don't get the vibe he is that interested in leaving but possibly he is trying to figure out how to be able to tell someone else, possibly Kalak.
  9. Largely agreed. Unless Odium can somehow unravel his investiture from the Rosharan system he is pretty much locked there with or without whatever Honor did to bind him there. Maybe that is exactly his plan, if he doesn't care how much havoc doing so would cause then maybe it is possible. I could see Rayse doing so but Todium less so.
  10. Agree with pretty my all the posts in the topic. Just to throw out some of my favorites: "We Chose!" "Honor is not dead as long as he lives in the hearts of men!" The dog and the dragon and Hoids words to Kaladin afterwards, there will be darkness but there will also be light again. Raboniel best antagonist of the series so far. 4 new Shard names! Just so much goodness throughout.
  11. This scene really touched me as well for similar reasons. Of all the lines from the book it was not the "wow" moments like, "We chose" (although that scene was completely awesome as well) that keep coming to mind but Hoid's promise to Kaladin about he cannot promise there will not be darkness but there will be light again as well.
  12. I agree that Ba-Ado-Mishram needs to be released to allow Deadeyes to heal. I don't think it will happen automatically upon their release, as they'll need to find a new bond, but it will make it possible to fully heal. I also predict the release will also "unlock" other spren that were "harmed" by the capture. Things like the Sibling no longer being able to produce light on their own. Maybe Cudacesh (sp?) purpose will be revealed.
  13. I think all of the Unmade were prominent spren of varying powers that Odium Unmade as Raboniel tried with the Sibilings. Some were more important than others, such as Mishram, as her capture had wide ranging implications. Sja-anat also seems to think that they can be "Unmade" again which would wipe her memories/identity.
  14. My prediction is that Rock thinks what he did is grounds for punishment but that others will see a budding radiant and try to make him their leader/king. I think Rock will push for punishment/death but by the end of his novella he will be "forced" into assuming leadership of the peaks.
  15. It was not hitting home at all why the Sleepless would have accepted the deal as they are all to aware of those shortness of human lives but then as Rysn began manifesting signed of those with heavy investiture it struck home that they knew they were dealing with an immortal. They weren't just dealing with her for the rest of a human lifetime but in effect gaining a human member of their order.