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  1. I just finished re-reading Elantris and I have so many questions. I think I need to write Cosmere stuff on my walls like T. Anyway, ATI is an aon? ATI like OUR Ati? Was Ati originally from Sel? Who is Jaddeth really? Is he the person who took up a shard? Is he Ambition? Because Hrathen keeps saying that he rewards the ambitious. Are the Dakhor somehow hemalurgically pierced? Are the bones bonded with adamantium or something? What is Lukel's name aon? The God trapped in the land sounds much like Ruin trapped in the well. Coincidence?
  2. "Shallan's wit is as sharp as a shardblade," said Navani. That storming simile, thought Dalinar.
  3. So many possibilities. The mind boggles.
  4. Earth? Is Earth a part of Cosmere?
  5. So, I just finished my Mistborn reread and kept my eyes peeled for hints and clues. When Waxillium 'dies', Harmony says that the body will return to Earth(?), mind to the Cosmere but he does not know where souls go. And it has been mentioned that souls and metal are the same. What if souls go to Preservation's well? That souls are the power of preservation? We know that the power slowly gets refilled every thousand years.
  6. Adonalsium is the God power that was shattered into 16 divine shards
  7. Don't worry about it! There is quite a lot to remember and I had to Google quite a bit to understand. Demoux is a general who helped overthrow the Lord Ruler and an atrium misting who fought in the last battle with Elend venture. He and Aslydin got together just before the battle.
  8. It isn't that impossible actually. Their kids have either grown up and died or are worldhoppers. That doesn't cancel the possibility of Wax having descended from them.
  9. Are the names of Wax's parents mentioned? We know that he is a descendant of Breeze from his father's line. Could he be a descendent of Demoux and Aslydin through his mother's line?
  10. Hoid mentions that he appears wherever he's needed. Could that be the result of a visit to Nightwatcher? A curse?
  11. Mistborn Foreshadowing much?
  12. Yeah I believe that's going to happen
  13. So I've just begun my third read of Mistborn era 1. The first description of Shan Elariel states that she has long black hair. But now I've come across another description which says auburn hair. So which is it?
  14. [OB] SPOILERS Palona makes an offhand remark that Sebarial keeps poor wanderers and that she was the one who stayed. Could Palona be a worldhopper?
  15. Why not?