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  1. @RShara if I could I would count is at 3 in case anybody cares.
  2. Just camping out in front of Barnes and Noble. It’s only me so far so there are still lots of low numbered books!
  3. Anyone else camping out tonight? Looks like it’s only me for now.
  4. Looking forward to this! Is anyone planning on camping out?
  5. So awesome! Art cover is legit. Can't wait to see what the end result is from this trio.
  6. Yes please! This is awesome! There should be one of these per book release!
  7. Yes, this was last night at the release party while going through the personalization line.
  8. Chaos, Great idea consolidating all of the OB info from the signing. Attached is my picture of the quote from Brandon. My question was, "Name a member of the 17th shard that we do not know is a member." His response was, "So... Iyatil was once in the 17th shard." Exciting! Any thoughts on who else could be or has been a member?
  9. As I received book 17 of Oathbringer, my question to Brandon was "name a character that is in the 17th shard, but we do not know it". His response in my book was Iyatil used to be a member of the 17th shard. Thoughts... theories?! Exciting stuff!
  10. 6:00 Sunday night and the line has grown to 64. Still plenty of room for those of you that are holding out!
  11. It all depends on how many people pick up wristbands throughout the day. There is a chance that they could be given out by 6pm.
  12. Line count is up to 46. Still lots of room!
  13. 8:45am Sunday morning. We had quite a few people show up overnight and the line is now at 44.
  14. At the end of Saturday, the line count is 34. We had lots of people stop by today saying that they would be back tomorrow. 65 spots remaining! I will keep the updates coming tomorrow.
  15. Friday morning at 11am and the line is now at 31.