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  1. That would explain why I didn’t remember it! I haven’t actually read the 10th Anniversary Edition due to me not having it, so that makes sense. Thanks!
  2. The only possible problem I can see with this theory is how he could get investiture from the shards that were shattered on Sel... Maybe a seon or something that's been Forged? I don't recall him having anything like that when we see him, though I may just be forgetting something. Or maybe he just hasn't grabbed any bits of investiture from Sel yet, and my whole tangent here is a moot point.
  3. My bad. I'm either misremembering the book (since I only just started the pre-new-book-re-read, a bit late I know, but school's a time killer), or I misread/misinterpreted it.
  4. This is a very interesting and plausible theory, except for one thing. Aren’t the Shattered Plains the original capitol of Natanatan? I can’t remember the exact place in the text, but I’m pretty sure WoR makes it fairly clear that the plateaus were actually buildings of the ancient city covered in an astronomical amount of crem, especially since Adolin uses one of the buildings for a surprise attack on the storm form Listeners in the battle during the climax. So, the plains never ‘shattered,’ the city was just abandoned for yet-unrevealed (to my knowledge) reasons.
  5. Oh, I should have edited that I put up my profile picture when I got on my computer. My bad, sorry. It never did work via my phone.
  6. I’m currently using the iOS 11 beta version of Safari on my iPhone, and whenever I click to upload a photo for my profile picture, it registers the tap but doesn’t actually go to allow me to upload a photo like it did when I uploaded a banner picture. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I hope I provided enough information to accurately troubleshoot the problem.
  7. Thanks anyways, @MasterJack ! I’m sure I’ll find a way, though. Safari’s difficult sometimes, so the next time I can log on via my computer I’ll probably change the picture unless my phone decides it likes the site for photos.
  8. Hello! Not gonna lie, I’ve lurked around the forum for about... 2-ish years now, on and off, and only now decided to make an account. I probably won’t post too often - around school and other factors I have less time than your average overworked cliche, but I luckily have enough right now to make an account and introduce myself. Hope to get to know you all once I can lurk less and post more! Edit: Also, can someone please help me figure out how to put up a picture in place of the 17th Shard default for the profile picture? It’s not letting me on my phone.
  9. Interesting theory - but personally, I think that if Windrunners could create a storm (I’m saying ‘could’ simply because I use that for everything that’s not directly stated in a book or confirmed by WoB), it wouldn’t be a highstorm. I say this because that would require the Windrunners to produce a new source of investiture on Roshar. Move the existing highstorm around? Maybe. Make a new source of investiture with existing investiture? I’m a bit skeptical. I think that if this theory is true, then the reason that the Stormform Listeners could summon the everstorm is because it’s Odium’s version of the highstorm - his manifestation of investiture on Roshar, in contrast to the highstorm being Honor’s, meaning that it’s summoning/creation couldn’t be replicated, but the Stormform Listeners could probably make normal storms, as could the Windrunners, their presumed KR counterparts.