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  1. Also, which Singer is TN?
  2. That one took me a second. Bravo.
  3. I'd flip Hoid and Lift.
  4. She isn't in any books. She makes a cameo in Wax & Wayne and Secret History, and is otherwise not in any Cosmere works. In addition to her cameos, she is in White Sand, and unpublished novel that will most likely never be released in any form. My lawyers tell me that I have to stop pretending that the White Sand graphic novels don't exist. Joking aside, they aren't actually bad, just a weird story choice for a graphic novel adaptation with a few memetic issues. Also, everyone keeps forgetting they exist. (e.g. calling the years where they were published "Cosmere free years" on Shardcast a few times.)
  5. TOO SOON!
  6. As you can probably tell from the post below, it is my birthday.

    I'd like to thank the academy...

    1. Aspiring Writer

      Aspiring Writer

      Happy Birthday. I was going to wish you until I saw you haven't been on in a while.

    2. Personification


      Finals etc. I still check the site often, though, and I'm trying to get back to posting enough to charitably call myself an active member.

    3. Nathrangking


      Happy birthday!

  7. Happy storming birthday!

    1. Honorless


      Happy B'day!

    2. Ookla the Well-Intentioned
    3. Personification


      Thank you all!

  8. I think Overlord Jebus.
  9. One level higher: The schoolbus is a really overweight kandra.
  10. It felt needed.
  11. Ba-dum tssss
  12. I was referencing the "Is this the Magic Schoolbus?" thing.
  13. I'm sorry to hear about your great-aunt. What you're doing is really great. To tie the subject back to the Cosmere a bit, one of my favorite moments in Mistborn: TFE is when Vin takes the extra baywrap to keep the bread for later, because whenever I heard stories from survivors they said that when they were rescued and given their first opportunity to have food without worrying about scarcity, they did what Vin did in that scene, just in case they wouldn't have another opportunity to get the food. It made the scene feel very real, and it hammered home for me how difficult Vin's life would have been. (Yes, I know, "big surprise, Brandon is a great author," but still.) And now for something completely different: I am too young for it to give me nostalgia and it gave me nostalgia. Also, now I'm just imagining hundreds of overlapping spanreed messages from across the world all saying "Is this the Floating Platform?"
  14. It IS too long. It's literally freezing up my computer when I try to view the thread and reply. With that said, how about we just make it Sanderson characters with names beginning with L? You took Lift, so she's out. You also didn't give a prompt, so I won't remove anyone. This list is still too long, so I want to do a 2-in-1, and because the theme is L I want to make all of the questions L related. With that said, which pair of characters here are most likely to fall in Love?