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  1. Though they seem to be somewhat more secular, and they certain have major differences from the Alethi and Vedens in practices, the Herdazians are broadly speaking Vorin, so presumably their creation myth is the same as the Vorin one. What I really want to know is the Shin creation myth.
  2. I somehow managed to get almost everything except a BINGO. I am not counting 2020 plans because there was no specific list or Dark One pilot progress because there was no progress. Also, don't panic, I will charge my phone.
  3. Happy Koloss Head Munching Day!
  4. How dare you impugn the name of the holy Ookla! For shame! I am offend!
  5. My first reaction: Wait, Grey and Feather are in a D&D group together? Can we just get a D&D one-shot shardcast? My second reaction: pleeeeeaaaasssseeee.
  6. I am absolutely fine being included here, even by accident. I would like to point out in response to something said earlier in the thread that Khriss is several hundred years older than Vasher and has way more resources.
  7. I will say, the existence of the Mandalorian gives me hope for a good SA adaptation. It has the same issues of every setting being an alien planet and tons of people being nonhuman and it seems to be handling them well.
  8. Ack! It's different <cat or vampire hiss>! I can't find the progress bars on mobile.
  9. Honestly, thank you. I'm shocked that my awful joke was so popular.
  10. I'm afraid you will find this outline fully operational when your friends arrive.
  11. For the record, my headcanon on the letters is that they are all delivered by the same guy, and he is basically the exact same character as the delivery guy in Good Omens.
  12. A new song (finally) about the experience of the Alethi soldiers on the Shattered Plains, to the tune of "Goodnight Saigon" by Billy Joel:
  13. A new song (finally) about the experience of the Alethi soldiers on the Shattered Plains, to the tune of "Goodnight Saigon" by Billy Joel:
  14. Welcome to the dark side.
  15. @Truthless of Shinovar, what is the question?