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  1. *Strokes bibliophilic cat* Eeeeexxcccellent.
  2. Hi

    @Orion, you can definitely choose Hoid, in fact I believe that he is a common favorite. Small forum policy note: if you want to add something, edit your previous post, don't double post. To quote multiple people just use the multiquote button (the plus next to the quote button). To continue the conversation: The god of bravery is Lightsong, the Brave. Also, fun fact which you may or may not know, Warbreaker was actually originally intended to be a SA prequel.
  3. Lossand, because it is the exact opposite of Roshar (sand, not stone, no water, etc.) Where would you get the best fresh fruit?
  4. Hi

    Welcome! Do not accept cookies or give away your Breath. [plug mode] Could I interest you in the Cosmere! The Musical thread? [/plug mode] Also, X.I., yes it is.
  5. Vax, because it's overrated. Which has the best clay for pottery?
  6. You're welcome.
  7. Hello Joy, welcome to the Shard! I do highly suggest reading Era 2. Do not accept cookies (because hemalurgic spikes) or agree to give away your Breath (for obvious reasons). We have a large RP section, which many others will soon come to talk to you about, [plug mode] but I would like to tell you about the Cosmere! The Musical thread, where you can create and enjoy an immense selection of Cosmere-themed parodies made by members of this very forum. [\plug mode]
  8. Hello, welcome to the 17th Shard! Avoid the cookies, they contain hemalurgic spikes, and refuse to repeat anything involving the word "Breath", it is a Warbreaker thing. Speaking of which, do you intend to read the rest of the Cosmere, if so, beware of spoilers. Anyway, Sorana has plugged the Alleyverse, [plug mode] but I would like to direct you towards the resplendent Cosmere! The Musical thread, the link to which can be found in my signature, there you will find an immense selection of Cosmere themed parodies (again, watch for spoilers, but they are marked and most parodies are SA and Mistborn anyway) which you may enjoy or even add to at your leisure. [/plug mode] Anyway, I hope that you have fun here!
  9. Ah, so it's rampant Worldhopper induced paranoia? Everything is falling into place!
  10. Cool, while we're at it what was that whole thing with May Aladar? I never understood that.
  11. I really enjoyed them both. Elantris was Brandon's first published book, and he has gotten better at writing since then, which is the stem of the negativity, but it is still good. Plus, the negativity towards Elantris is far from universal.
  12. I usually find inspiration by just listening to music that I enjoy until something strikes me as parodiable.
  13. What even is the origin of that title? I think I once searched the coppermind for it and couldn't find anything.
  14. As has already been said, don't accept cookies, as they are most likely hemalurgically spiked. Also, have you read Warbreaker, Elantris, or Mistborn Era 2 (all are Cosmere)? Other people (some of whom will try to give you cookies, which you should not accept, or tell you to repeat something about Breath, which you should not do) will come soon to tell you about the RP side of the forum, which I will leave to them. [plug mode] I, however, will direct you towards the Cosmere! The Musical thread (link in my signature, where you can find probably hundreds (I haven't counted, but I think that sounds right) of quality Cosmere-related song parodies to peruse. [/plug mode]