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  1. Three Words: Midseason Holiday Specials. That solves the pacing problem (and also makes sense as the pacing of the book is designed for those short breaks anyway) and creates higher memorability ("Oh yeah, that's the guy from the Christmas special").
  2. EDIT: I didn't see this page, never mind.
  3. Do you think that if Nietzsche were Thaylen he would have handlebar eyebrows?
  4. Are these from Avengers: Age of Ultron? They seem familiar. Their was a reason I asked that people put the original source of the quote.
  5. I am going to say right off of the bat that I am entering this as a book purist. I don't want to see anything major get changed, cut, etc., And certainly don't want to be in a weird position where the plot of the books and the theoretical show begins to diverge completely. However, I do understand that to make an adaptations that is both good and identical to the books is neither possible nor desired, and I too have put thought into this. With that in mind, my response to the OP: 1) I agree that this is too jumpy, though I do like someone else's Idea of easing in the prelude by making it a voiced-over scene. Maybe every episode could have a cryptic worldbuild-y narrated cold open, allowing more world knowledge as well as some epigraphs? I also agree that Cenn should be cut, but I think that some form of the scene needs to stay in, because it highlights just how far Kalladin has fallen. What about a transition from people around Gavilar's body talking about a need to go to war into soldiers near Kalladin complaining about not being on the shattered plains, which then leads to a scene of Kalladin being Kalladin on the battlefield, ending with the Shardbearer charging at him and then cutting to the slave wagon? (Yay run-on sentences!) 2) I don't think that this is a huge issue. As others have pointed out, people will watch depressing stories, especially if they know that giant swords are coming. 3) I actually think that Jasnah and Shallan's role should be expanded. If the details of her training are filled out and we get more scenes of back and forth with her brothers, it will help break up the Kaladin sadness better, there won't be a months-long period with no Shallan in it (a space that will be more noticeable in a show than it was in the book and less beneficial for pacing) and we can replace internal monologues (which are hard to adapt) with conversations with the brothers. 4) I have nothing more to add 5) I would much rather have people create rhythms for a show than remove the concept entirely, it is one of the most interesting parts of the worldbuilding and can be used to give a TV audience (who are listening as well as watching) insights into what is going on with Eshonai et al. in WoR. 6) This space intentionally left blank 7) This could be a problem, but it could also be an opportunity to find and highlight actors who are overlooked because they don't "look right" for most roles. There is nothing wrong with diversity. On the Thaylen thing, I think that if the eyebrows look natural it will be OK, and I'm pretty sure that Mraize's are short anyway. 8) This should be made after everything else anyway. Assuming that the rest of the Cosmere adaptation is a success, use the money and brand stability from that to fund good animation and CG, if not it won't matter because they won't have the support to make a new TV show.
  6. Inspired by the most recent Shardcast, I would like to start a game where you import a quote from a different work that, were it to appear as a death rattle in the Stormlight Archive, would not feel out of place. The format is: Quote quote quote quote -Collected on [Rosharan date] [X] seconds pre-death. [person the death rattle came from in Rosharan terms] Originally spoken by [Character] from [work] For example: I am reaching, but I fall And the stars are black and cold As I stare into the void -Collected Betabachah 1173, 27 seconds pre-death. Subject was a darkeyed Veden city guard tasked with chasing down escaped slaves. Originally spoken by Inspector Javert from Les Mis (the musical, I don't actually know if he says this in the book)
  7. I am finally getting the hang of this "weekly update" thing. Unfortunately, I may miss updating next week because I might not be able to log on, but until then, enjoy.

    The theme this week (3-24-19) is Kalladin (WoK):

  8. I have never played MTG, but have been interested in it for a long time. When I learned that an upcoming set of cards and a book would contain Davriel, I finally decided that I should at least start looking at the story. And by start looking at the story I mean archive binge the entire history of the Gatewatch (starting with the Magic: Origins stories). I am almost done with the Zendikar debacle arc, and even before they were officially a group the Gatewatch seems to perfectly fit Colton's description of them as [paraphrased] "a group of planeswalkers who try to help everyone and invariably fail miserably." This should be fun to follow.
  9. Those were the weird hemalurgic constructs that Wax fought with TenSoon. They were immune to bullets vulnerable to shotgun shells to the face at point blank range.
  10. I have finally remembered to update my signature! The theme this week (3-17-19) is Kelsier:

  11. This is the list as it currently stands, the clue is this: The theme is types of investiture users.
  12. On the subject of the Shin invasion, while the Shin do seem peaceful and probably have a lower population, remember that the most feared warriors and most successful conquerors on Earth (before the age of exploration) were the Mongols, horsepeople from the plains (which we know exist in Shinovar) who just showed up in small numbers and literally slayed. At one point they even sent a threatening letter to the Pope. Also, I would like to point out that the clues for the first Who's That Cosmere Character work shockingly well for Hoid in drag on a horse.
  13. To whom it may concern,

    A bit over a month ago, I posted that I had updated my signature (which I had intended to update weekly) for the first time in like two months. Yeaaahhh... uhhh... well, at least one month is less than two. Anyway, I have finally changed it again. Maybe next week I will actually remember.

    This week's (or maybe month's) theme is Shards:

  14. Okay, for some reason I thought they had been transcribed in December or something. *Shrug*
  15. I also like the WoB episodes, and there actually are more, since the Atlanta signing wasn't transcribed until after episode three or something, and its WoBs (including mine) didn't get analyzed. Also, I am feeling really smug because I got Oroden almost immediately after the clue 5 reveal.