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  1. Welcome to the dark side.
  2. Nah, that's the diagram.
  3. SH:
  4. The Ghostbloods 100% strike me as an evil organization. Not in a mustache-twirling way, but in a "trading a teenage girl to a mad scientist who will almost definitely kill her for diplomatic immunity is something that this organization is fine with" kind of way. Founding the Ghostbloods (and technically, we don't know that he did that yet, he may have joined and "taken over within a year" as Brandon said he could) is, if anything, more evidence for him being Evil. Also, to those who say he wasn't evil in Era 1, Brandon has pretty explicitly said that in any environment outside of the Final Empire as a skaa, Kel would have been a villain, and then he showed us what that might look like with Miles.
  5. Can someone please do the astronaut "always has been" thing with (Mistborn)
  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Also, I was offline when the season ended (which it technically hasn't in my time zone yet, though I understanding we are cutting it short because the SotS came out early).
  7. Happy Koloss Head-Munching Day!

    While I didn't write anything new this year, here is a link to my some-years-old collection of songs from throughout the Cosmere to celebrate the occasion:


  8. In order: The Lopen, Kaladin, and Teft:
  9. A collection of quotes from things that aren't by Brandon Sanderson that (fairly poorly) describe the arcs of some of the major characters through each Stormlight book: WoK: WoR: Edgedancer: OB: I was going to have more of these, but I had trouble coming up with them. If anyone else thinks of more, please add them.
  10. Technically, the stuffiest people speak with the weird super heavy and intentionally incomprehensible accent of Old High Imperial, because Spook is the Cosmere's third biggest troll (after Hoid and Kel).
  11. Spren: Wow, your deadeye is well trained. Adolin: Actually, she is doing this on her own. Spren:
  12. What I actually love is that in the end it strengthens the story. The way Design spoils at the beginning the fact that the dog never becomes a dragon actually adds to the story itself on top of being funny, like how in the Princess Bride the grandfather spoils the fact that Humperdink never gets killed, but the story still ends well.
  13. Here is a new RoW one. I posted it in the RoW version of the thread here: The song itself isn't very spoilery but the description for where I see it fitting in the narrative is.
  14. Here is one with minimal changes sung by Shallan to the tune of "Words Fail" from Dear Evan Hansen. I picture it taking place right before the Formless part of Part 4, but it honestly fits pretty well through most of Shallan's arc.
  15. No, I think you did it perfectly. Part of the bit is that they lead to funny connections between works.