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  1. Out of curiosity, when is the next one?
  2. This made me realize that it would be almost impossible to keep Kosher on Roshar. Almost all of the meat is from shellfish (or terrestrial shelled creatures that similarly don't fit the requirements for kosher meat) or pork, and even the dairy products or pig-milk-based, making them un-Kosher too. Also, please post the next Overlady Reads ASAP!
  3. These have quickly become my favorite thing on the site. For the record, the Gyorns report directle to the Wyrm Wyrn, while the Grognards still remember the days of THAC0. Hrrisson Fjord is a Gyorn. On that note, can we get a glossary of the mispronunciations, malapropisms, and (un?)intentional word replacement in the episode?
  4. In the first question, did Brandon accidentally confuse Oathbringer for the sword of Jezrien?
  5. In the first question, did Brandon accidentally confuse Oathbringer for the sword of Jezrien?
  6. I love these videos too, but as an incurable nitpicker I must point something out (which should actually make you feel somewhat better about the series (maybe)). Kandra already can breed technically, its just that without spikes, they are mistwraiths, and no intelligent Kandra choose to have kids because without spikes they aren't sapient. As Kandra are functionally immortal (i.e. don't really die of old age) and nobody is killing them, extinction is a non-issue, and as they don't like to reuse spikes and the creation of spikes is unethical, they no longer make new ones. The reason that koloss can have kids is that their spikes remove sapience to an extent, so their non-spiked children are mostly humans. They have a similar problem to the Kandra when it comes to the finite spike supply (see Allomancer Jak), but because they have an age limit and no qualms about reusing spikes, and because unspiked koloss-born are basically humans, it doesn't create issues in the same way.
  7. Well, there is Beau and every guest, but among the PCs, its only really her and Yasha and her and Jester. Meanwhile, everyone except Cad and possibly Nott and Yasha have directly stated either in character or in Talks Machina that they are at least somewhat attracted to Jester. Also, Yasha is definitely not ready for a new relationship, Beau just didn't realize it when she started flirting in episode one. As to WOW!! moments, I obviously love the cupcake, and the scene with Fjord in the volcano was pretty awesome. I also love the Bad Luck Bandits, and I still remember Cad getting around the ettin fight using Calm Emotions.
  8. I heard this one at an actual math program like two years ago. I still love it. Also, my contribution (courtesy of the great Randall Munroe): Title Text: YEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!
  9. They are all great. It's really funny because each episode the narrator tries to outdo the previous one in annoying difficult-to-get elements (most recently Liam included actual German). Really? I personally don't ship them, but it is one of the more popular and well-known ships (along with Beau/Yasha and literally every PC except maybe Caduceus /Jester). I am currently watching through C1 for the first time, literally minutes before typing this I finished Omens which ends with In other words, things are beginning to happen. Dunh dunh duuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I took it and got Truthwatcher (76%). Reading the description of the order, it seems to fit me very well. Also, and more importantly, LOOOOORRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I just watched the tenth anniversary livestream VOD, and at least two Shardcasters are apparently fans, so I thought I'd restart this. Who else is enjoying narrative telephone?
  12. This whole thing was amazing. I just have one question: When does the tenth anniversary leatherbound version of the forum come out?
  13. Eliminated Roshar, because the best place to be when a Highstorm and the Everstorm collide is a space station several hundred-thousand feet above looking down at the best show in the Cosmere. Which of these is the Sixth Land of the Irian Long Trail?
  14. Axehounds Lurgs Sandlings Tonks Eliminating Patji's fingers, because I think they would look the coolest. Also, it we have art for most of the others. Which would makethe best cute t-shirt/sticker (a la the Doomslug and M-Bot ones)?
  15. I like it, but the real trick is making it seem like something completely different, for example... Rogue One: