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  1. He also could have just Awakened a piece of his clothing to play with him because that would be way easier to do and would use a lot less Breath. Kaladin wouldn’t have noticed the moving clothes because Hoid had him keep his eyes closed.
  2. A cognitive shadow with a bond would probably have a physical form made of misty looking stuff because that seems to be the natural state of raw magic. I say this because Shardblades form from mist and Preservation’s raw power is in the form of mist. Also what remains of Preservation’s mind takes the form of a figure made of mist in mistborn.
  3. If it was a human-honor spren cross that would explain the blue skin
  4. Maybe he just doesn’t want to get too attached to people because it makes it harder to leave a world eventually.
  5. I think Shallan was unable to draw Urithiru because at the time it was host to an unmade and somehow the way they tend to do funky things to the world and didn’t she have trouble with Kholinar as well
  6. If Shallan gets her red hair from Horneater ancestors the she to is some part listener
  7. The Horneaters being part listener makes sense because they seem to be made of tougher stuff than ordinary humans.
  8. I’m just drawing the different letters separately right now but I might try making it look more flowy later
  9. Does anyone else find it strangely entertaining to write stuff in women’s script? After I found the page on the wiki with the women’s script I can’t stop writing things in it. First I wrote my name out then I started writing tons of stuff in women's script. Is anyone else like this or am I just strange?
  10. I am a stick
  11. It might take me two to four days to finish because I read super fast
  12. I was thinking that Roshar would have very different musical instruments because of how rare and expensive wood is making it unlikely for there to be common things like cellos, guitars, violins, or any other mainly wood instrument found on earth. They probably have mostly metal or maybe even shell instruments that are mostly wind instruments. This just made me kind of sad that there are probably no Rosharan cellists. If there were cellists on Roshar they would have to play left handed instruments because safe hands.
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    Hi I exist