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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Wow. Thank you for making time doing those computations. Makes it more clearer. And yes, there is no average hour length to pregnancy, we use weeks to determine age of gestation and estimate due date. And thank you all for answering my very random question.
  3. I also don't think she's gay. But then again, her falling in love with anyone and how that would pan out would still be interesting to read. I don't feel she was abused. But she might have had some form of psychosis. I can't justify it right now, this is purely gut instinct. Dalinar mentioned something about her 'lunacy' in one of his flashbacks. So, yeah. Not much to go on there. But to the original question. Yes I like Jasnah. Probably my number three.
  4. Yeah I agree. It was chuck-full of pop-culture references. And I also noticed it in Armada and that short story Cline wrote in the Robot Uprising anthology. I think that's just his style. It works for me though. I thoroughly enjoyed the book even though half of the references I only tangentially got (I wasn't around in the 80's yet) from my love of reading about past pop-culture.
  5. Hi, I'm new (obviously). What exactly are these clans? Is this related to your reputation (upvotes)? I don't even know how I became a spren, I thought it was just the default for all new-comers. LOL. Edit: I just noticed it's skaa now. LOL.
  6. This is a fairly out-there question, but this just came to mind while I was on labor watch at the LR at my hospital. How long do pregnancies last in Roshar? Here it takes about 37-40 weeks normally. That translates to roughly 250-280 days. Since Roshar has 5-day weeks and 10-week months, is it the same in terms of days or weeks? I know this is so random, forgive me.
  7. These are the ones that came with the Black Piper Kickstarter right? Waaahh... I think I got the digital set as an add-on. I haven't seen all the sketches 'til now. These are so awesome!!! I especially love Jasnah's.
  8. Maybe it's just me but this would be a nice wedding vow or something. Without the actual giving of a person's Breath of course. That would be a drab.
  9. Wish I could go to one of these someday.
  10. Yeah, I also got one from Weller's and I'm all the way here in the Philippines. But on the bright side. The ebook on Google Play just dropped. Now I can finally start reading. LOL.
  11. The ebook just dropped on Google Play. Goodbye world. I'll see you in a few days.

  12. I agree. All of them look amazing. But I especially love Angel's Kaladin.
  13. Nice review! This is officially the first time I have been truly hyped for anything. I have pre-ordered the audiobook, the ebook, and even got a signed copy from Weller's. Can't wait for Oathbringer to come to me here in the Philippines.