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  1. Yeah and we'd probably get all of dawnshard by November.
  2. Brandon has said that surgebinders would find it near impossible to become savants due to the nature of the bond. Fused being essentially spren strikes me in a similar manner.
  3. They wouldn't have to cover the top, and even if they did there are heating fabrials that exist.
  4. I guess the theories of Rock being a different order are a little less likely, as he lashes a spear to Kaladin. Still, if he's just a squire, I suppose it's still possible for him to go with another order.
  5. Lightweavers could probably just hide the barge. I figure they'll eventually figure out how to bend light around things, or to have the illusion look like the background. Even if you just make it look like the sky from the bottom.
  6. It really depends on access to stormlight. Kaladin can fly circles around infantry with a little bit, but Jasnah could just soulcast people at range if she had enough stormlight. I'm thinking dustbringers are probably going to be the most powerful though, they are supposed to be the 'artillery' of the radiants. I am really curious to see them and other orders explored more, we still don't have a clue what a bunch of surges do.
  7. We don't know for sure, but it makes sense to me with how Brandon described part 1 of RoW.
  8. We already know it's somehow over with by the interlude, as Kaladin and Dalinar are back at the tower.
  9. Big doubt that happened off-screen. It's more likely Adolin is around because radiants lose a lot of effectiveness in shadesmar; you have to be sparring with stormlight, and you cannot manifest your blade. Adolin is actually an excellent pick because he's had a lifetime of experience with the sword, and can probably handle himself quite well even without a shardblade. Second, he probably just decided to go with his wife. It might not be any more complicated than that. I'm curious about Urithiru in shadesmar. In the physical, it's high in the mountains, but in shadesmar the location would be all beads since land and water are reversed... so I wonder what that looks like. The 'ocean' of beads would theoretically equalize at 'sea level', but the tower is so much higher than that. If they transfer to shadesmar would they fall hundreds of feet?
  10. Their rebirth in the storm is only something new of the everstorm, if I remember previously when they died they were trapped on Braize again until the next desolation.
  11. Actually in OB Kaladin comments that they fly differently than he does. IIRC they were more graceful but could not adjust directions as quickly as he could. It is more reasonable to assume that there will be differences between the surges than the opposite, but they're probably going to be pretty similar.
  12. I didn't think very many were born afterwards? I thought Syl was one of the youngest, and she still lived before the recreance. I think it would be a pretty easy case to make to the honorspren though. Like "hey look, we already know the truth and we didn't abandon our oaths. In fact we have new people swearing every day."
  13. The updates synopsis on storefronts, amazon for example. I think that also means the gem they used to seal the unmade is probably not hidden away within the tower. Aimia, then? Where else would radiants have trusted to hide it? I think it's the same power, just a way smaller scale/localized thing. He needs to be able to pierce all three realms in order to draw investiture I believe.
  14. The ship is neat but it is such an enticing target. A couple flying fused with firebombs would turn it into a death trap. Navani mentioned it has defenses, I am interested to see what those are. The vulnerability of such a ship wouldn't have been overlooked.
  15. Shallan has a POV in part 1, according to Brandon's recent comiccon reading (he mentioned that he's skipping Shallan's part of that chapter, I think it was c7 or c8). We also know that Shallan will be with Adolin for a time while they travel through Shadesmar, per the recent synopsis update. Has Brandon said whether people will move between these 'groups'?