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  1. Don't eat the cookie nale, they are hemalurgic.
  2. I always figured it was similar to why the flash needed to eat more often. Increased metabolism. Your brain needs the energy from somewhere. Feruchemy doesn't create energy and the body would need to fuel the power somehow.
  3. I believe it was borrowed from his work with the Wheel of Time. Robert Jordan loved using it, and when Brandon finished that series he had to start using it as well. It kind of stuck on him, and now he uses it for the cosmere too.
  4. We haven't actually seen him on scadrial in era 2. Hoid gives wax the requisite items needed to access Kels memories, but we don't actually see the survivor.
  5. Everything she has done has been far above the level of intuition she should have had. Vasher even comments on how far above her level she should be. after only a small amount of time she has almost perfected commands that Vasher uses as a professional, commands we don't see other fighters using. Not only that but she never held enough to intuitively know the commands.
  6. I am in the camp of vivenna/azure created the new sword. In warbreaker she intuits commands before having the heightening to do so. She is a natural born awakener. So even if she didn't learn the method from vasher, it is entirely possible that she figured it out. She also might have had help from nightblood in the command since he likes her.
  7. I actually like that he doesn't write very many sex scenes. It is something that usually takes away from the story, and can be implied without being explicit. The exception is when it is a driving feature of at least a plot point. Example is siri and susebron. We don't need to hear the squishing to know what is going on, and in fact it would take away from the story of he described those parts, but you know that they did it. Wheel of time also skirted the juicy details usually, focusing more on the emotions that occured during or after. Rather than the actual physicality of the deed. Unless you are looking for something to rev up your imagination in that area, there is no need for the rest.
  8. Well Brandon has said that if Kelsier were to join an organization it would be the ghostbloods. I guess it would depend on whether or not he could get off scadrial.
  9. The bond is what allows someone to access the investiture, but the spren is what creates the bond. This is both for humans and singers. The spren make the bridge between CR and PR.
  10. you are correct in one sense i suppose: The Honor blades were made directly from the soul of Honor. They are made directly from Honors soul. I see this as a spren, a very large spren, taking a piece of themselves and making something else out of it. As for the soulcasters, as I understand it stormlight does not just appear in gemstones. it is carried by the spren that get trapped in gemstones. there are multiple instances where someone is looking at a gemstone and instead of seeing a constant light, they see things moving inside of it. in the fabrials they see the specific spren that is being used, like a flame spren in a heat fabrial. While at other times, like in Hearthstone when he looks into the diamond broams he sees the movement, he sees something inside the gemstones. the light is carried by the spren into the gemstone and trapped there. the spren eventually escape because the gemstone is not perfectly cut, and this is why the stormlight runs out.
  11. good point about the shardpool thing, so i guess no worldhopping, but i think there might still be something to his culture. I think the khlenni might have originally been refugees. and they have legends about cognitive shadows.
  12. Is it possible that Mraize is from the island himself? Didnt Sixth say that only hunters could survive Patji? only hunters could get Aviar? and Mraize uses hunting an awful lot as a metaphor. Seems like a native of the Island of Patji would do something like that. It would definitely support his ability to get Aviar, and probably most of the other things he has collected. I find it more interesting that Iyatil is considered a Babsk, which is a Thaylen, while she is actually from Scadrial. The other interesting thing to note with this relationship is that Rysns Babsk takes her to weird places, and collects weird things. The items he has gathered seem more like Rysns "Stupid grass" then a show of wealth, or a source of accessible power.
  13. how did our conversation end up on this board? can a mod please move the last three posts to the board that the original quote was from?
  14. I think Spoilers are allowed right?