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  1. @Argent So I see you asked a question about that mysterious Renarin page. I must have missed it elsewhere - what page is it!?!?
  2. In the Events section there was a recent WoB that identified what red means in the Cosmere.
  3. I don't think the Stormfather has it all, just a piece.
  4. Mind. Blown. edit: To add on, I think Dalinar is being more literal here. If the Stormfather is holding (or, more likely, IS) a piece of Honor's shard, which I feel is strongly implied, he just enhanced his connection to it through the Nahel Bond. Thus, he has partially taken up that piece of the shard of Honor himself. Maybe this one piece of Honor has the intent of Unity, rather than the larger implication of Honor+Cultivation = Unity. So depending on how many pieces Honor split into, there may be separate intents to each, which all combine to make up Honor.
  5. My pre-order actually came a day early!
  6. For me, the more the better. I like the 1 per year track they're on.
  7. Re-reading WoK right now, Yalb certainly reminds me of Wayne. Could he have already appeared?
  8. What if the familiarity is based on his familiarity with The Thrill, and therefore 1 of the 9 shadows/unmade?
  9. I really like your Eshonai thought. I also liked the suggestion that it could be Szeth.
  10. So many words. I will say, re-reading some of those excerpts and WoBs I now believe that Stormlight ends with the destruction of Roshar. I'm sure this has been theorized before, of course.
  11. Right, Peter is doing the copyedits and has probably been trailing behind Brandon as he completes the final draft.
  12. Very cool! Sounds like a super beefed up version of a ITSM Knowledge database.
  13. I'm listening to The Neal Morse Band - Similitude of a Dream
  14. I haven't had the chance to read Snapshot yet, but I saw this today: http://variety.com/2017/film/news/brandon-sanders on-snapshot-mgm-1201961935/
  15. I liked this WAY more than Shadows for Silence, which is easily my least favorite Sanderson work. I thought it was a great, relatively fast paced and engaging story.