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  1. I honestly forgot how I did it. It's somewhere in the profile editing controls, I know that. Now to the important stuff: Hmm. Not really. One of them kinda looks like the Americas, I guess, if you look at it funny. Cauliflower's just broccoli that ain't got no culture. It hovers in the middle, with the tip pressed against that little ridge in my palate behind my upper front teeth. No idea. Yep, seems apt.
  2. 1) Saruman, because Christopher Lee is a joy to watch. 2) Cherry Coke. 3) With my family? Uh, Renarin's kind of nice I guess. 1) Yes. 2) The first week I had my driver's license, I blasted through a crosswalk without even noticing and nearly ran someone down. I was terrified of driving for a year afterward. Well it's a little embarrassing. I used to log in automatically, but I got a new Chromebook and forgot my password, so I haven't been posting for a while. But I will try to give answers that are satisfactory, or at least unsatisfactory in a humorous way. 1) I was on a bit of a D&D 3.5 homebrewing kick in undergrad/grad school, and still have a huge collection of splatbook PDFs that I riffle through occasionally when I'm feeling nostalgic. Nowadays, there's an old Star Wars RPG that I really like, mostly because it uses all the really cool and obscure Legends stuff from the New Jedi Order era. 2) Hmm, that's tough. I'm kind of a boring person. In terms of weird things I've done? Well, I was once blessed last year with an actual sacred Catholic relic (the toe bone of a saint whose name I wished I remembered). In terms of weird things I've seen, there was that time a Californian friend of mine Skyped me as, unbeknownst to him, the World Naked Bike Ride (NSFW obviously) was going on outside his window. That was a memorably weird moment, since neither of us had ever heard of that before!
  3. He got Taln! Oh man, right now I'm really hoping Cultivation's the secret mastermind everyone's hoping she is, and has some sort of Hail Mary play waiting to go off...
  4. Enabling downvotes to be earned would just lead to people dogpiled posters they have beefs with. The Shard has such a pleasant atmosphere as it is that I wouldn't really suggest changing a thing.
  5. Welcome to the forum! We like to practice Hemalurgy have fun here. Please, take as many as you want.
  6. People who are prejudiced against actual Canadians hardest hit
  7. Might I suggest "Canadian?"
  8. I was under the impression that actually refining chromium in any usable quantities required electricity, though I could be wrong. I think it's more likely than not that Cadmium is possible, and if Cadmium is possible then you have all the ingredients for making Bendalloy. It's totally possible IMO that both metals were periodically re-discovered and re-suppressed over the centuries during the Final Empire.
  9. So one thing I've been thinking about recently is whether it would be possible to refine cadmium and bendalloy using Final Empire levels of technology. Chromium wouldn't be possible-- apparently it requires an electric arc furnace to extract pure chromium from the ore-- which means nicrosil would also be impossible. But cadmium is usually found as a byproduct of zinc refining, which the FE obviously must have had. And bendalloy (Wood's metal in our world) is an alloy of cadmium and several very common metals: lead, tin and bismuth. Bismuth was known as early as the late-1600s, leading me to believe that the slightly-more-advanced-than-expected metallurgy of the FE could have known about and refined it. Knowledge of these metals would almost certainly be suppressed by TLR and the Steel Ministry, and the fear of heavy metal poisoning through recklessly experimenting with different percentages would have discouraged anyone but an extremely eccentric (and wealthy) Mistborn with an absolute ton of aluminum from messing with it. But I think it might have at least been possible to produce back then. Am I missing something?
  10. BRAIN BLAST: Unsealed bodily-waste bendalloyminds would be perfect self-contained waste-disposal systems for Era 4 Scadrial spacecraft.
  11. Bumping this thread to riff a bit on Dominion and Devotion's godmetals: Skaium (Dominion) A-Skaium: When burned, skaium allows the skaium Misting (Puppeteer) to take control of and manipulate the body of someone in their line of sight. Flaring skaium allows them to control multiple people at once, or increase the fine control they have over one person's body. Skaium only allows them to control the person's body; their mind remains beyond the Misting's control. F-Skaium: A skaiummind stores the skaium Ferring's physical coordination (dominion and control over their own body). The skaium Ferring (Stumbler) becomes clumsier when storing and gains increasingly perfect coordination and balance when tapping. H-Skaium: A skaium spike steals the charisma of the target, making those around the recipient of the spike feel overawed by them and more likely to obey any orders given. A bit like tapping a duraluminmind, only the effect is permanent. Aonium (Devotion) A-Aonium: When burned, aonium allows the aonium Misting (Heartseeker) to sense the emotions of those nearby. F-Aonium: An aoniummind stores the aonium Ferring's aggression. The aonium Ferring (Blissout) becomes placid and happy when storing and becomes more violent and quick to anger when tapping. H-Aonium: An aonium spike steals any form of Mental Allomancy.
  12. Do we know for a fact that this is the case, that Scadrial is the only Shardworld where the Shards created humans from a Yolish template rather than having literal humans from Yolen migrate there? Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think we have enough info to say that definitively.
  13. Then how does that fit with "Trell's" decision at the end of BoM to just wipe out all life on Scadrial? Killing someone is just about the most radical restriction of their Autonomy imaginable. Unless the various avatars of Autonomy all interpret their Intent differently, and are using the "Trell" identity at various times. That would make your theory more plausible, but we have no textual evidence to support it.
  14. That would be a fun trick, and I think there's a low but significant chance that this will actually be the case. I'm strongly sympathetic to the theory that Autonomy is a red herring; we know Autonomy regularly messes around on other Shardworlds like a hypocrite, but you really have to stretch the interpretation of it's Intent to explain what Trell is doing if it is Autonomy. Likewise, I got the impression that Odium is trapped on Roshar and couldn't start influencing Scadrial from afar until he wins there.
  15. Aw hell, I spelled "bloodthirsty" wrong, didn't I?...