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  1. Is Hoid's silver sword still significant? Brandon RAFO'd it at one point but at another point he said it was a symbol of office as the King's Wit. I know he also said it had personal value to Hoid.
  2. Rust and Ruin... Every time I come here, I crave cookies. It doesn't help that I haven't had any in half a year. Well anyway, welcome to the Shard!
  3. Stuff like this is why I constantly wish for Hoid short stories. It keeps the Cosmere train going while temporarily sating our hunger for Hoid moments.
  4. Wow, this is some good stuff. Welcome!
  5. I'm kind of a psychic and right now my visions tell me you like Shallan.
  6. @Sol Invictus Honestly? I can see this too. Brandon's been setting up Autonomy to be a pretty big deal, and he's also fond of Bavadin. I would say that Autonomy is the only other Shard I can think of as having as far a reach as Odium. The reason why I'm leaning more towards Odium is because Rayse seems more malicious and active in his attacks. I can't help seeing him as Hoid-like where he's had an impact on the larger Cosmere while remaining a minor background element for most of the books. Then he gets a larger role on Roshar while still staying mostly in the background, similar to Hoid on Roshar coming to the forefront as Wit yet staying an ambiguous character, though Rayse of course is more prominent than Hoid here.
  7. Yeah. The Sazed thing is another reason why I'm inclined to think of Odium as the big bad. It looks like he and Harmony are heading towards some sort of confrontation, but I don't see Brandon bringing Scadrial into the Stormlight Archive. All in all, it looks to me like Odium will survive SA and head into Mistborn Era 4 since that's the one with the crossover.
  8. Odium seems to play a bigger part in the Cosmere than most of the other Shards. He knows how to kill other Shards, he's directly responsible for how Elantris turned out, he and Hoid (arguably the Cosmere's main character) were friends before something happened that made them enemies, and he wrecked Threnody. There's also some theories that he might be Trell, but take that for what you will. Basically, a lot of importance has been built around him and his actions. It just seems to me that he's being set up as the final Cosmere villain. If he is, what does everyone else think of this idea? Love it? Hate it? And why?
  9. Is there a sci-fi/fantasy convention somewhere that has prominence comparable to something like Comic Con? I know that Comic Con would generally cover that already, but I feel that these days, SDCC is more attuned to people looking for things like movies and tv shows. And NYCC seems to do a better job with catering to comic fans. That's not to say that there's no SFF or comics at SDCC, but it appears to be growing more skewed to films and such. (Note: I'm not saying that this is necessarily a good thing or bad thing, but it's just what it is.) So I'm wondering if there's a popular fantasy con out there that's attuned to fans of the genre? I'm looking for an "SDCC" for fantasy.
  10. A haiku because that's the shortest to do. I walk between worlds And I've waited for eons. Where are the noodles?
  11. No, I think you're right. I thought there was something that I was missing. But referring to it as a cognitive shadow has it make sense.
  12. Ah, I see. Okay. Makes sense. I knew about cognitive shadows but wasn't aware that they were referred to as echoes.
  13. I read a WoB where a question was RAFO'd. It asked about an echo image of Adonalsium being inside Hoid. My head is kind of disorganized with all the Cosmere info so I was wondering if someone here could tell me what this means exactly. What is an echo image? How would it get inside something? How does that usually affect someone?
  14. Thank you!
  15. Is it? I thought the number was too specific. I’m probably wrong though.