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  1. wow, good job noticing that. I didn't see that, but now it seems to fit perfectly.
  2. game

    Done. Sadly, I won't be able to participate in the next round. Have fun y'all!
  3. game

    Rysn is a Blue agent, Sebarial is the Assassin in White! Blue team won, great job! Btw, evil-3 was for king T, Nale and Vasher (because of Nightblood).
  4. game

    Well, Red team's turn already ended so I'll begin ours'. Sorry for the late response. Blue team, your clue is: Merchant-2. Good luck. @Babilarian DarkeyesDarkeyes @AonDii @Will Arbit
  5. game

    Huio is a Red agent. You have 1 more guess, do you want to use it?
  6. game

    Isshik is a Blue agent, Tvlakv is a Red agent. Well done. @Rhapsody, it's your turn.
  7. game

    Vasher is a Blue agent. Good job. You have 2 more guesses. Do you want to use them?
  8. game

    Wistiow is a Red Agent (sorry, I'm on my phone, I can't color). Blue team, it's your turn: worldhoppers - 2. @Babilarian DarkeyesDarkeyes @AonDii @Will Arbit
  9. game

    Elkohar and Renarin Kholin are Blue agents. You have one more guess. Do you want to take it?
  10. game

    Teleb and General Khal are Red agents. Shallam Davar is a Civilian. Blue team, your clue is: Dalinar-2. Good luck. @Babilarian Darkeyes @Will Arbit @AonDii
  11. game

    Nale is a Blue Agent. Well done. @Rhapsody, It's your turn.
  12. game

    Taravangian is a Blue Agent. You have 2 more guesses.
  13. game

    Wikim is a Red Agent. Pattern is a Blue Agent. Clue for Blue Team: Evil-3. @Babilarian Darkeyes @Will Arbit @AonDii
  14. game

    Well, it's been almost 48 hours since I sent @Rhapsody the keycard, so we have 4 options: 1. continue waiting. 2. Skip the red team's turn, but then red team will be at a disadvantage, as the starting team always has one more spy to guess, and the blue team will begin with a card meant for the read team. 3. draw a new key keycard, with blue team starting, so we will play our turn and then @Rhapsody will have (theoretically) more time to respond. 4. Appoint someone else from the red team as spymaster, providing someone else wants to. I will send them the current keycard. So, what do you think?
  15. game

    I and Rhapsody are spymasters. A random card has already been drawn, and the positions already set. AonDii was only joking.