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  1. It appears that somewhere along the way I missed that one of the men searching for Hoid in the Purelake is actually Demoux. Can someone tell me how he became a Worldhopper and ended up on Roshar?
  2. Forget KR, I'd be a one armed Herdazian and have power over the surges of jokes and chouta
  3. Is Nale's spren ever shown?
  4. Originally, I believed the Unmade to almost be Odium's Heralds, however this quote makes them seem more like large spren, not completely aware of those around her. Can they really bond with a Human or Parshendi for that matter, this could have large implications. What type of power could one gain from a bond with the Midnight Mother... This quote definitely makes Re-Shephir seem like she is a "de-creation" spren. Perhaps a creation spren corrupted by Odium, also talked about her seeming like she was "missing" something, perhaps she was missing a bond with someone. Any thoughts, quotes or WOB? I find this very interesting.
  5. No he was a real bastard imo
  6. So I've been doing my Stormlight Archive re-read (for the third or fourth time) in preparation for Oathbringer, and I have a large problem with my books and that is they have a tendency to try and fall apart on me. The books are kind of big and unwieldy but the problem is not helped by my enjoyment of reading while bathing. Am I the only one with this problem
  7. The majority of the shards are in the possession of the Herdazians under the rule of King The Lopen, waiting to conquer Roshar.
  8. So, I haven't done much research on this but I wanted your guys thoughts on where the other honorblades are. I know nine of the Heralds left theirs when the Oathpact was abandoned, with Taln keeping his. Szeth has an honorblade, Nale has his own (presumably) that he uses to hunt people bonded with spren, and Taln brought his own with him when he returned. Thats three of the ten, do the rest reside with the Shin? And if they do why are the Shin in control of 7 honorblades? Another thing on dawnshards, I was reading another thread about how the Parshendi could be dawnsingers due to their singing language and the fact they predate humans on Roshar (I think). If so could Eshonais shardblade be a dawnshard?
  9. Axies is pretty cool, I also remember reading somewhere when Brandon said he wasn't human? If so what possible implications are there of this, the only other non human race I know of on Roshar are the Parshendi. Also would give us lots of info on spren.