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  1. I want to take a moment to fully appreciate your username.

    Thank you.

  2. I completely agree with you. I think I have posted a theory before that the fused are surgebinding and don't voidbind, and that humans were the original voidbinders. I wasn't talking about the fused, simply a link between odium --> unmade --> voidbinding. I don't think the fused fit in there at all. I think they are something that came later. Interestingly a couple of days ago we also got this new WoB, that voidbinding 'usually' originates with the unmade.
  3. I think it is more likely to relate to being heralds of the 9 Voidbinding orders, which also plays into 10 Heralds, 10 KR orders. There is also a good WoB that states that Unmade could theoretically be bonded with. I think Calderis mentioned before that the fuzziness could come as each of the Unmade could potentially act more similar to the bondsmith spren, but attached the the 9 Voidbinding orders, that the unmade were at one point, and in some form or another the heralds of.
  4. I posted a theory like this this a while ago: I agree with you to a point. But I think there is an additional step. I believe the unmade are the spren that were created from the memories, perceptions and self-images of Odium's heralds after they were unmade.
  5. Perhaps one of the many Era 1 Scadrial religions?
  6. hey. I asked a question like this to Brandon during the Oathbringer signing. Here is the answer he gave: seems to suggest that: a ) someone has been on screen in Roshar using Hemalurgy. Someone correct me if wrong but this is most probably Felt? b ) what is going on with the dagger and gem stabbing Jezrien is connecting to the underlying principle of stealing something or part of a spirit web and being able to do something with this 'stolen' thing. Perhaps Brandon doesn't count it as Hemalurgy because it isn't linked to Ruin and Scadrial, but in world philosophers would consider it the same thing due to the underlying process and mechanics that are underneath it (stealing or taking part or whole of a spirit web and keeping it somewhere).
  7. @Wander89 I disagree. We have no idea what Hoid's overall motives are currently. He could simply be helping our heroes as their motives currently align with his. We have also seen him explain before that he will let the world burn to meet his ends. There is nothing simple about Hoid, nor is there anything simple about how Sanderson puts together his narratives. Personally I very much like the idea of Hoid being an antagonist in Mistborn Era 4 and with Dragonsteel acting as the origin story that explains his background motives and actions. If there is one thing we have seen is that characters in Sanderson's novels are never ultimately good or bad, much like is the case with a lot of modern fantasy (Abercrombie, Lawrence, et al) characters are driven by specific ideals, motives, belief systems and influences, and while they can often be characterised into good or bad camps, in world they would not perceive themselves this way. Thus I think it is far too early to understand the character arc of Hoid given our lack of context and information. But I do subscribe to the camp of 'Hoid as an antogonist'.
  8. Exactly - it's not one to one as they were Heralds, and now they are the Spren created from humans and maybe singers memories/emotions/perceptions of them. If anything I think that WOB backs up the theory by showing that there is an almost one to one relationship between Heralds and unmade.
  9. So - been reading through stuff about the Unmade while I wait for mates in a pub, and something just struck me. We know that Honor created the Heralds and poured part of his power into them. Based off what we know about how Odium and Honor can enter into pacts regarding the use of champions, what if something similar happened originally. Honor created the Heralds and Odium reacted against this by creating his own set of Heralds. Something changed his mind, or he wasn't happy about putting his power into them and he went back on this, in effect, be Unmade his Heralds. However, as we know, emotions, forces, perception of reality create Spren. What if after being unmade the memory of these Heralds produced them in their current form. Hence them being an abberation and something weird. They weren't originally Spren, but became Spren. Now - please rip this theory to shreds. I haven't had time to look through the WOB to disapprove myself. Is this a conceivable theory?
  10. Three points to counter the argument that Voidbinding is solely of Roshar: 1. We have already seen that magic systems go beyond just Roshar within the Rosharan system. There is something funky/cognitive shadowy that happens with the Heralds and the Fused involving Braize, so is it that much more of a step to consider that Ashyn, which is simply on the otherside of Roshar to Braize, (go check the Arcanum Unbounded Rosharan system map if you can't picture what I mean) would have been unable to have Voidbinding acting upon it. 2. Magic systems can operate outside of their home world within the Cosmere - we have already seen evidence of this in Stormlight regarding the use of Breaths, Allomancy, potentially Hemalurgy, and a host of other things through Mraize. 3. Have you got any definitive proof that states that Voidbinding originated on Roshar? Brandon has kept particularly quiet on the topic, and given that magic systems are developed through shardic intent (either a shard acting alone, or together with another shard) this would suggest that Voidbinding being 'of Odium' makes more sense and has more realmatic theoretical evidence than Voidbinding being 'of Roshar'. So I guess it boils down to the fact that: We have seen magic in the Rosharan system interact on multiple planets simultaneously, we know that magic can be used across world in the cosmere and lastly from evidence across the Cosmere generally we can be fairly certain I believe (Someone show me a WOB of me being wrong if I am) that magic systems are more linked to Shards than they are merely of the physical planets.
  11. Hey team, I apologise in advance if this post isn't particularly well laid out - I have little time at the moment and a thought just struck me so I wanted to get it down before I forget about it, and I don't know if this has been discussed before or already theorized (I had a quick look and couldn't find a mention of it). I agree with @Calderis that there are three specific magic systems that operate in three different ways. I also agree that the fused have not been Voidbinding currently. Essentially the theory is that how magic on Roshar works is that: A) Surgebinding is the system of magic through which the fundamental forces of nature are manipulated through the filter of Honor and Cultivation Fabrials is the system of magic through which these forces of nature can be trapped, stored and then used (this one I am less confident about and would be interested C) Voidbinding is the system of magic through which the fundamental forces of nature are manipulated through the filter of odium. This, especially the Voidbinding postulation, I base on the WOB below. Linked to this, if we consider that Voidbinding is the accessing of the fundamental laws of creation and forces (as per the quote) through Odium, then because humans were originally of odium, and we know that they destroyed their previous home, I believe that humans used Voidbinding to destroy Ashyn. This fundamentally would suggest that humans were the original Voidbinders. This would also tie in nicely to them being the Voidbringers. So to conclude quickly: Voidbinding is the accessing of the forces of creation through the filter of odium and humans were the original voidbinders who used voidbinding to destroy Ashyn.
  12. Okay - maybe my question can be rephrased to: was odium one of the original 16 shards, or did something happen to create 'Odium' post-shattering? Have we ever got confirmation if he is an original 16?
  13. Hey all, So I have been having a think about what we know about Shards, their intent, and the ability of the host to 'shift' their intent, or identity to some extent - and then it occured to me that this might fit with what we know about Odium being 'broken'. So if we take this WoB from London: Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] We know <Ati chose how Ruin was interpreted, in that he was> a card-cackling maniac. Could someone so differently interpret a Shard as to change its name to be something different? Could someone pick up the Shard of Ruin and think I'm the Shard of Change? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Yes. To an extent. The interpretation, what you call a thing... I think it would be arguable either way in-world, regardless of what they call themselves. There are those who would say the core intent is still there and you can't shift it that far, and others would argue you can shift it far enough to change the definition to a synonym. You see evidence of someone claiming this in the books. I'm not gonna confirm or deny for you whether that is actually a thing or not. We know there are people that 'follow the passions' on Roshar, and we know that Odium speaks a lot about passion - is there the possibility that the name of the Shard has changed from a wider 'Passion' and into 'Odium' and this change could be considered a form of breaking. What I really want to know is has anyone ever asked Brandon if Odium was always the name of the Shard? Or if anyone has ever asked if the intent being Odium has ever slightly changed due to an event - essentially - has Odium always been the same power/name that he is currently. We know from WoB that something happened to him which changed him - but I am interested if it has to down with his intent/name. Thoughts?
  14. Thanks Ookla! But yeh - had great fun at the signing, especially in the queue at the start meeting people and discussing the cosmere - many of who are active on here. So hey all! Here is what I asked: following from these answers: Interested to hear what everyone else asked and was told.
  15. Just got back from the signing and want to post what I asked - as got some interesting answers, but I don't know how to do the hidden content thing, and don't want to spoil for anyone. Can anyone let me know how to do it?