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  1. @Thaidakar the Ghostblood While the symbol is excellent, I will probably want to wait and find out exactly what the Ghostbloods motives and actions are in the cosmere before I get it permanently inked on me. Worst case scenario it might be kind of hard to explain why I have the symbol of a genocidal organisation led by a murderous rogue who have committed untold atrocities across multiple planets. 'I like the symbol' doesn't quite cut the mustard for an explanation
  2. Thanks all! Good to be here and plan to get a bit more active. Now for the real question though - what Cosmere based tattoo should I get next? Any recommendations?
  3. Wow. Love the tattoo, dude. 

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      Thanks so much Elf! You could say I am really wearing my love of the Cosmere on my sleeve aha 

  4. Hi All - I have been around for a fair while but never particularly active. I just like to see all the amazing theories. Thought you might like to see my Stormlight tattoo though - I got a stylised version of the Kholin house shield. We flipped the positions of the glyphs, because the crown fits the space better at the top - and also went for a more photorealistic crown, because as a tattoo the glyph crown was hard to make work in the space and also looked a tad strange compared to the gate to have walking around in public all the time. But I know what it means and represents, and have had a couple of people ask me if it is based on the Kholin shield over the past year which is cool. I got this specifically as I lost a lot of weight a couple of years ago, and the quote that was consistently in my mind, and helped me the most was: The most important step a man can take. It's not the first one, is it? It's the next one. Always the next step, Dalinar. So it's both a reminder of the quote, and based on my love of all things fantasy, especially Brandon Sanderson. It's on my inside forearm for reference. Hope you like it!
  5. Hi All, I had a quick look but couldn't see a post on this topic so wanted to make one. Since my re-read of the Mistborn books, including Secret History, I started getting a sneaky suspicion that the Hero of Ages prophecy doesn't necessarily solely have to apply to Sazed - I then recently came across a post where someone had laid out all the Hero of Ages prophecy quotes and I think this is worth a discussion. We all know that Brandon loves pulling a fast one on us, hiding hints very early for much later pay-off. My theory essentially suggests that multiple people can fulfil the Hero of Ages prophecy - and that the next person to do so will be Kelsier in Era 3 or 4. Now I don't know whether this will mean he will take up the shards, as that isn't necessarily a pre-requisite of being the Hero of Ages as per the quotes, but that he is in someway destined to save the world. I have laid out the quotes below, and left some comments underneath some of them. As you can see, since the release of Secret History, there are a lot of these prophecies that match Kelsier very nicely. Let me know what you all think of this - I can't help but think that many of these prophecies can be linked with Kelsier too nicely given what we know since Secret History and Mistborn Era 2. As always, rip it to pieces.
  6. @mathiau ah that is such an interesting WoB. Great find. Right - until proven wrong in the books, I am all aboard the head canon that Whimsy has something to do with Trell. I need to find a way to ask Brandon something like: 'Was Trell, or a version of him, at one point in the history of Cosmere ever connected with Whimsy'.
  7. Ah perfect - thanks for the useful WoB's @mdross81. Okay - I think we might be getting somewhere with this. If we lay out what we know: 1. The Nelazan worshipped a God named Trell in era 1 - with their religion described as whimsical, and their focus suggesting they are cosmere aware. 2. By era 1.5 Bleeder has a spike of Trellium metal, which is described as: 'a silvery metal with a red cast to it, and dark red spots similar to rust'. 3. We know that in the cosmere the colour red has the implication of corrupted investiture. As far as I am aware, every other metal we know of has a singular colour, so the red rust spots on the metal are inherently suspicious and suggests that something has happened to the original metal. My thinking would be that a god metal has been corrupted by another shard. From the stormlight archives we know that in people their eyes turn red when corrupted, not their entire body or being, so red 'rust' spots on a metal would be a similar process on a metal. It doesn't turn completely red, but parts of it do. 4. We know that the metal spike in Bleeder, which is probably a corrupted investiture metal, comes from one of the 9 Shards we knew of at the time, before the Shard dump in Rhythm of War. Also - looking at past topics I found this: 'Also, if you compare pre- and post-Catacendre Trell, they are not the same gods. The new one just took on the name, probably' - I found this comment by a user name @Oversleep from a couple of years ago, and would be interested to know why he said this. As this would play nicely into the theory. 5. So if Oversleep is right, and this god Trell has changed, then this change doesn't necessarily have to be a different god taking on the name, but instead an avatar/splinter/sliver that has been corrupted by a different Shard. So to conclude, drawing together what we know, it suggests that Trell existed as a god pre era 1, perhaps linked to the shard Whimsy, but was then corrupted and taken by a different shard who is operating in era 1.5. I would love to see a WoB that suggests that 'Trell' as a god is uncorrupted, and has always been the same Shard. But given the red rust spots and red cast to the metal, I am leaning towards believing that the Trell we know isn't the same as Era 1. Which opens up an interesting possibility of one of the Shards going around corrupting other shards avatars/splinters/slivers - which seems a rather Autonomy thing to do to me. As always - rip this to pieces everyone!
  8. Aha - nice work Quantus - I knew there would be a WoB somewhere to take apart the theory. Just to tie off the loose ends with this theory, with the wording of the WoB question, we are sure that the metal in Bleeder definitively comes from Trell? Alternatively, might Brandon be pulling a fast one on us? We know that red means corrupted investiture. Could Trell have previously been connected to Whimsy, but was corrupted by Autonomy/One of the other shards we know to create the metal. It has been a while since I read Mistborn 1.5 - but could we be looking at Whimsy still being relevant but corrupted? Knowing Brandon I am still inherently suspicious of his use of the word whimsical.
  9. Hey all - I was doing a re-read of Mistborn 1 and came across a passage that I found particularly interesting given Brandon's specific choice of word. I am not sure if this has been brought up before, I couldn't find any note of it in the tags despite the many different topics and discussions of Trell. So wanted to bring the communities attention to this. I am unsure whether this is a purely co-incidental word choice by Brandon, but as we know of our favourite author, very little of what he writes is accidental, which makes me think given our knowledge of new shards, perhaps the truth has been staring us in the face since the first time we heard about Trell. Here is the passage: 'It listed the tenets of the Nelazan people, who had worshipped the god Trell. Sazed had always been partial to this religion because of it's focus on learning and the study of mathematics and the heavens...True, the Nelazan had known a great deal about astronomy, but their teachings of the afterlife were sketchy - almost whimsical. Their doctrine was purposefully vague, they'd taught, allowing all men to discover truth for themselves...What good was a religion without answers? Why believe in something if the response to half it's questions was "Ask Trell, and he will answer?"'. Page 410, Chapter 46 - Hero of Ages. A few points on this: 1. The specific choice of the word whimsical to describe the religion of Trell now takes on a potentially insightful new meaning given that Whimsy is now a confirmed Shard. 2. Brandon specifically notes that the Nelazan had known a great deal about maths and astronomy - if I was to chose two words that would indicate to me that a group of people were Cosmere aware, without being obvious, those two words would be high on my list. They had a religion with it's focus as the study of science and the universe - which sounds very much like a basis understanding of how the Cosmere works. 3. The core worship structure of not having answers to questions, but just a believe that Trell will answer - as opposed to religions that already lay out all the answers upfront in a creed, suggests that they are confident that their god exists, lives, and importantly 'can answer'. While at the same time coming into line with the core concept of Whimsy - 'a sudden wish or idea that cannot be reasonable explained'. They didn't need answers, as they didn't know what all the questions were. They just had faith that their God would answer. 4. Given Trell's involvement in Mistborn 1.5, we can safely say that the Nelazan were onto something with their religion - that it had a grounding in truth. If we draw this all together, then Brandon's use of the word whimsical, in conjunction with describing the Nelazan as seemingly cosmere aware, and the concepts of their faith matching into what could be considered Whimsy. We might have a good argument to state that Trell is of Whimsy. Also - wouldn't it be fun for Trell to be connected to a Shard we know very little about as a way to introduce potentially a new major player into the cosmere game. A trickster Shard inserting himself in small religions across the Cosmere under the noses of other Shards, not bound tightly to one planetary system but working through avatars everywhere. Would love it if anyone gets the chance to ask Brandon if his choice of word in Hero of Ages was important. Also - as always, would love for the community to rip this to pieces and show me some tasty WoB's that disprove me that Trell is linked to Whimsy. Stay positive and negative!
  10. Oh cool - that was one of my questions (about Seon's looking different in the Cog Realm) at the Oathbringer signing years ago - I have to say I definitely didn't expect to see one popping up in RoW so soon!
  11. This actually raises an interesting question - what exactly is the function and purpose of gems. How do they work? Any WOB's on it?
  12. I like a lot of this theory. We really don't know the extent of a Bondsmiths power now - as seen with the Ishar scene. If Ishar could simply 'take' Dalinar's spiritual connection with the Stormfather. What is the say that Mishram couldn't do something sort of the opposite and completely 'fuse' her spiritual connection with a spren 'Ado'. What that Spren is of, could be investiture, could be connection. To work out what this Spren was I think it's important to look at the change in Spren and creation of deadeyes after the recreance. What is it they lost? Was it their connection to Roshar as a whole? Was it their access to investiture? Is it a combination of both? Let's also talk about the name: Deadeyes. We have seen time and again that eyes are a window into investiture, especially when corrupted. The fact they have no eyes must be significant. Potentially that they have no access to investiture. Perhaps more nuanced than that - as Spren are beings of investiture - so with no access at all they probably wouldn't exist. Perhaps they lost their connection to Roshar's or specifically one of the shards investitures. I'll write my rambings into a coherent new topic eventually - but tell me what you think!
  13. I like Keeper of... Keepers of Worlds (Shin knowledge of the cosmere/being from off-world originally) Keepers of Written Truths (shardic hark back to mistborn and shards not seeing stuff written on metal) Keeper of Winds Tethered (honor tethering/putting laws on surgebinding) Knights of World's Torn (the destruction of ashyn)
  14. I want to take a moment to fully appreciate your username.

    Thank you.

  15. I completely agree with you. I think I have posted a theory before that the fused are surgebinding and don't voidbind, and that humans were the original voidbinders. I wasn't talking about the fused, simply a link between odium --> unmade --> voidbinding. I don't think the fused fit in there at all. I think they are something that came later. Interestingly a couple of days ago we also got this new WoB, that voidbinding 'usually' originates with the unmade.