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  1. Thank you, man and for now, I'm still waiting for Nohadon's confirmation that he'll adopt Deras Thank you so much c: and yeah, dunno what the future holds so that's still a possibility!
  2. Thank you friend! It was good to RP with you. Mr. Amber is cool and chocolates are great! o7
  3. Wow, damnation, I never knew my writing has actually appealed to so many people, and I'm really glad it did! and it's alright man, it's not your fault, it's no one's fault really. It's kinda just like burnout I guess, and that's alright. Hopefully someone that you guys find to be as good of a writer as I was/am comes around the Alleyverse and stays a little longer, (and if they're a cute girl who's single, please send her my way. jk XD) Sure! You can adopt Deras, I'm really glad you found him original. That's usually my goal when making characters, to make something as creative as I can. Be warned though, he's currently embroiled in some conflict in the City of Oasis so you might have to read up and help solve that before he can go on his own adventures. If this is ok with you, I can then PM you some additional stuff about him as you officially adopt him! @Nohadon
  4. @Badadah Alright! PMing you now! Take good care of her and play her as well as you can! Good luck o7 @BitBitio no problem c: it'd be a kinda funny irony if it went back to you though lol
  5. alright, but you'll need a lot of dedication to play her to her character! She's not just gonna get to different places because she loves her friend, Damaya, and wants to accompany her wherever. If you're alright with this, just tell me and I can PM you her secrets Thanks so much, man c: I appreciate the compliments, and thanks for being my first contact in Alleyverse! XD See you around As for Deras, do you wanna adopt him? If you confirm, I can PM you his backstory stuff
  6. oh ok, no problem c:
  7. oooo, alright, would you like to adopt him? Or just know more about him before you decide? I think you're a bit newer to the Alleyverse right? It's a small shame we didn't get to meet earlier, but I still appreciate the well wishes! c:
  8. Nah no problem! It was pretty fun, that was a good arc to end my Alleyverse journey on but yeah, her full potential would be better suited to someone who does know D&D, but check back in some time so you can adopt her if no one else does!
  9. damnation, man! That's quite the goodbye, thank you so much! I appreciate that you think I'm a good writer, and hey, don't feel guilty about the Kaiju Mech fight, it was cool, but different priorities sometimes get in the way, so it's all good! Yeap, the Silver Sentry is a wonder of alternate-universe engineering where the main guild is the exact opposite of the DA XD I just really like building things/characters based on the rules that the universe laid out, and hey, go ahead and use him for the GB's! And if not, just hit me up if you need help making a different kinda mech for the GB's, I'll still be around the Shard sometimes! :OO thanks for that, I'm not sure exactly where I did some good jokes, but I appreciate you saying that I'm funny! eyyy, that's good, I try to be as inoffensive to people as I can, but I'm also a bit older in age than other Alleyversers, so that might have something to do with it too XD So yeah, see you around too, Itiah!
  10. I've already hugged on Discord so I won't do that here XD, but yes, thank you so much! Let's definitely stay in contact!
  11. Hello guys! I'm leaving the Alleyverse now, (maybe not necessarily the Shard) So the reason I'm leaving is because Alleyverse RP just isn't fun anymore, I don't know exactly when this happened, but it just straight up became stressful because I'm a weird guy. Like being excited when I woke up and then literally actually shaking as I check the responses because I'm both nervous and excited at what might've happened, and that was extremely draining. Sometimes I was unable to find the motivation to do anything else. Sometimes too when I find out that some character died, I'd get real stressed out because, like I said before, I'm weird. I took a short break by just posting when needed, and then I came back just a few days ago because I felt like I wanted to come back, when I did, it felt both exciting and nerve wracking again, and I just fell into a pit of exhaustion. But, to be clear I don't regret the experiences I had here, they were genuinely fun to have and I met one of my closest friends because of this, so for that I'm very thankful! So now, here are my characters that are up for adoption! Check also their actual character sheets in the character thread for more info. (uhh, first come, first serve though, I guess?) once you decide to take a character, just @Cyanic me! I'll be PMing the adopters with certain non-known facts and backstories for the characters that they chose, but please feel free to tweak and change these characters to your liking! I would say to not kill them/let them die, but I can't really police that, so do whatever you want c: Deras (my first character, I created him because no one's made a Lifeless character yet. Later on, I planned to make him a sort of slayer, like an expy of Doom Slayer): Araha (I originally intended for this character to be adopted by my friend but she told me to give her a standard adoption. Araha is one of my most well developed characters, so please play her as well as you can!) adopted by @Badadah: Kera (my newest character, and she just completed a certain arc with @xinoehp512 it's not too long, and you should check out the Einladung Hospital thread, but by far she's my character with the least amount of secrets, btw @xinoehp512 if you see this, you don't need to PM me what I asked about anymore XD you can PM the adopter if they ask for it though): And that's all of em! I really wanna thank you guys once again for the fun times and experiences! Good bye, and have a great day! o7
  12. The barrier was gone and the city was in danger now. Deras was still in exponential strength and he shifted to the spiritual realm and back out again, everything was still in slow motion as he plummeted straight into the Phoenix's side. Even through the aonic shields, the aluminum layers, the shardplate, and the slow motion, he could still feel the heat. Then with a yell, he shifted himself and the Phoenix away into the Spiritual Realm, then out again, far, far away. The Realm was a place of stasis and no space. No space meant he could freely travel anywhere as long as he was inside and could control his exit. All around them were black and stars, distant tiny planets, and celestial bodies. He sighed, then realized there was no air currently in his lungs. He looked to the Phoenix and its flames were being put off by virtue of having no oxygen and it started to suffocate. He remembered that even if the Phoenix were to somehow find and go back to the planet itself, it'd reach the creature a few hundred years at least. He shifted himself into the Spiritual Realm again, then back down into the city where he was. Gaining better control over his powers. He lied there, tired.