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  1. Are the leather bound books a limited release? Or are they expected to be available for purchase continually?
  2. I posted this on the Sci-Fi and Fantasy StackExchange , but realized it might be worth posting here as well since there is not a huge Cosmere presence over there. --- Brandon has said a Vessel can give up a Shard: However, all cases of a Vessel being separated from the Shard were involuntary (or in Vin's case, voluntary destruction) and resulted in death. We know from Secret History that they weren't destroyed, but rather bodies reappeared as dead... And their cognition passed on... So is this connected to the giving up of the Shard? Or a result of how Vin and Ruin clashed? If a Vessel gave up the power voluntarily, would they return to their physical forms? Or would they too end up as a Cognitive Shadow and pass on? (bolded emphasis mine)
  3. I'll accept Chaos' photography if it means more giveaways. These people make some legit stuff.
  4. Yes, Hoid took one of the beads and uses emotional allomancy in Way of Kings, so its effect is not limited to Scadrians or Scadrial
  5. The Hallendren line of God-Kings didn't have the Royal Locks in their blood (this is why Siri was so important to them). So none of those children would have the Royal Locks. Not to mention the fact that the Royal Locks only manifest in a potential heir. So the daughter would have had them, but not her children, since the Crown went in the other direction.
  6. At a minimum, a speedrunner can go supersonic. Evidenced by Wax (or was it Marasi?) being able to see a vacuum when they moved their hand while holding the Bands. Probably close to Mach 4-5 to be able to cause then see the vacuum. That should be enough for the bullet-time we see with Bleeder in Shadows of Self.
  7. In the Conventical of Seran, we see him store "text. Then again when looking at Qwan's text. So, somehow, reading (audibly or not) allows him to have the text and then pull it out en mass later.
  8. As Koloss grow, their skin goes from super loose to stretching and breaking. They are also fairly violent creatures who fight a lot. Which, of course, damages the skin more. But Koloss also reuse the skin when creating new Koloss. (all bolded emphasise mine) So if the skin is reused, but also extremely prone to damage, where does new skin come from when they need to replace one? Over here, someone postulates that it is the skin of the "host" human, but I'm not convinced.
  9. Its possible. But this WoB says that that is more a result of savantism than an intrinsic ability of the metal.
  10. By the way, Brandon talks about his Zeroth Law in this BYU lecture (50:59).
  11. This is insinuated more than anything else
  12. Spear fighting and sword fighting are two entirely different forms will little to no overlap. Sure, a sword can mechanically perform the same actions as a spear head, or any other blade for that matter. But a spear is 85% handle, you hold it and move it and swing it differently. You can't use the handle of a sword in battle, but that is an important part for spearmen.
  13. This annotation answers the question, I think. Basically it was the only form of consequence he knew. Do something you shouldn't, get beat. Do something you should, don't get beat. He wanted to get across certain lessons, and this was how he reinforced them.
  14. Are we sure the specific eye color is an effect of the order of radiant? I can't find any information saying that certain colors or gemstones are significant to each order.
  15. If you have any interest in the full Cosmere, then yes, you should. At least once anyway. Given the pivotal roles it seems Stormlight and Mistborn will play in the full Cosmere arc, it might become essential later down the road (circa stormlight 9-10 or Mistborn era 4) when Brandon starts pulling everything together.