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  1. *Blowtorches poptart* What was that?
  2. Yes, Butter. Butter is deevy
  3. Except in the universe where it did.
  4. Except in the universe where it did.
  5. *Snatches Win* *Runs away cackling while eating butter*
  6. Words by Me. Words on a page. A piece of the goal. Not a one can see. Their place in the whole. A moment of silence by Me. A moment of silence, In the midst of the noise A single choice In a world that destroys A minute of peace In the midst of this chaos A single voice When all else will cease. A single decision In the midst of distress A fathomless loss The source of such grief A cry left behind In the midst of the pain A heart that’s been broken By that awful red stain A broken decision In the midst of that lie A feeling of isolation That drove them to die Someone else's blood by Me. (Spoilered for length. Also lightly based on Kaladin.) A Haiku The song that I sing Nothing but a melody. Words long forgotten.
  7. This is really cool, thanks for mentioning me. I personally don't think it's that confusing, though I do think you could pull back from the descriptions a bit. (As others have said though, it's a stylistic choice so it's up to you.) One thing I was slightly confused on was the perspective. I'm not bothered by the present tense, but is the story from the man's perspective? Or is it an omniscient narrator? I was confused because it seems like it's told from the man's perspective, but if it is then there shouldn't be as much (if any at all) visual description. Also, I don't know much about PTSD but isn't it usually triggered by something? It almost seems like the man's PTSD (if that's what that is) is coming on without prompting. Overall, I really like it. You've got some really intriguing mystery elements, as well as some seemingly magical/supernatural things going on. I look forward to reading more.
  8. Ratification
  9. Haw
  10. I would imagine it would work similarly to Stormlight. It's based on the person's spiritweb and how they view themselves. If the person sees themselves without a certain mental illness then I would assume the divine breath would cure them. Edit: also I found this WOB and This one.
  11. Fair enough. Edit: Oh Ark, I herby mention you! Come forth and show yourself to us.
  12. Why are we mentioning Ark? *also I win
  13. I will take it! I will take the win to Mordor!
  14. You look tired, let me hold that win for you.
  15. *points out that Hoid would just eat them as well*