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  1. How about we have a pizza party!
  2. *Dances* (*there’s no music*) edit: turns out there is music.
  3. I have now temporarily won!
  4. A delicious potato. Possibly the best potato known to mankind. He almost felt sad that no one else would ever eat a potato that could compare to his.
  5. *loses* hahaha, wait...
  6. She laughed until she died again.
  7. In my experience, the worth is calculated by taking the ingredients, the method of cooking, and random opinion from a guy named Brian, and running them through an advance algorithm that determines the likelihood of the noodles being prepared with a white sauce as opposed to other kinds. Then all you have to do is extrapolate the worth from the data by using a simple method known by the acronym: S.T.I.C.K. Simplicity, Taste, Inspiration, Color, and Kinetic potential.
  8. *ehh*
  9. Nine stood to his left.
  10. But Weapon didn’t want assistance, Weapon wanted a cookie.
  11. Don’t see why not.
  12. “But you could be a stick” the narrator said.
  13. Bought it.
  14. *Walks in, looks around* I do not know this language. *slowly backs away.*