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  1. It was all quite the ordeal.
  2. I like Doritos.
  3. I can nap, but I don’t. I can sleep basically anywhere, anytime.
  4. “Oops” Enantiosis said unconvincingly.
  5. Winning on this topic, much like the feeling of being well rested, is but a temporary thing. Which I have now ‘temporarily’ claimed. Edit: the winning, not the sleep.
  6. “Blast,” Brian said to Byron, “Betty’s blackies are the best, and Bain’s banana bread is buttery.”
  7. Aaahahahah! Why!!! I’ve made it so long! *crys*
  8. I lose even more!
  9. We all win!
  10. “You sure they’re not Betty’s brownies?” Brian asked Byron, “You know, the ones Betty baked for Bain’s birthday back in Branson. My long lost sister Brenda bakes bigger brownies but Betty’s brownies for Bain are better.”
  11. I’m pretty sure it’s me.
  12. Wait... no you don’t... I do...
  13. I win, Comma,
  14. I win in a hurried manner.