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  1. I just assumed that it was in reference to Tien. Tien was always smiling even as the village was turning against his family and brightened up Kaladin’s day. It’s also been speculated and is very probable that he was a lightweaver which would be similar to Shallan.
  2. My head cannon is that he gives it to his spirit boat Spanky from Secret History and just has him be his cognitive realm messenger.
  3. To me Lopen was the best. Between the training scene where he is trying to convince the ground he won’t abandon it and the end scene of him swearing the oaths he seemed awesome. Also he taught his spren how to flip people off which was funny.
  4. In the heading for chapter 84 the quote talks about feverstone keep and how it was defending Rall Elorim. Rall Elorim is known as the city of Shadows. I was wondering if the city got its name after the events of the Recreance or why it is spoken of the way it is.
  5. Probably my favorite was the description of all of the newly changed parshmens behaviors. Especially the Azish who decided to formally lodge a formal complaint as opposed to outright war.
  6. Well I was planning on waiting to get the book until the weekend when I had a ten hour ride to be on. Getting a lot harder to wait even a few days to begin reading it now.
  7. I don’t think the spren can interfere just due to the Stormfather’s power. It would probably give him away as dropping to the ground during a highstorm muttering in different languages probably would set off a few red flags.
  8. If he is a Herald or something like that I think that it will become obvious when Dalinar eventually tries to talk to him in the highstorm dream. Either Tezim will tell him or the Stormfather will say something along the lines of that he was a herald who abandoned his post.
  9. So will Dalinar eventually use the Stormfather’s dream share ability to communicate with Kaladin since he has been off the grid for so long?
  10. I think that the unmade have access to a single surge corresponding to a knights radiant surge. The only difference is that the unmade’s surge is a twisted version instead of light weaving Re-Shephir weaves with smoke. When in the visions we saw Sja-anat it seemed to regress a spren to a corrupted state. Speaking of Re-Shephir weaving images with smoke that sounds a lot like it could be the patron of smokeform voidbringers. Do each of the forms of power have a corresponding unmade?
  11. Sorry if this has been posted on here before. I haven’t been able to read all of the comments yet. Wasn’t Shallan trying to hide her lightweaving abilities? She was trying to deceive everyone by saying she was an elsecaller yet at this meeting where people who can’t be trusted were around her and Dalinar created the map again. Will this lead to someone finding out the truth of her ability.
  12. My theory on the memories returning is that the painrail is what is helping him remember. “I asked to have my pain taken away, and she took memories too.” If the painrail is doing it’s job and dampening the pain maybe it is breaking the nightwatchers power.