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  1. It is out now, EUR7.99 for my fellow European sharders!
  2. It will be tomorrow.
  3. Taravangian sounds very interesting to me. He is also kind of on Odium's side now so that makes sense.
  4. These two are my favourites so far, they look really epic and I like the dynamic in the depictions.
  5. I don't think it will be someone unknown to Shallan, how could she possibly "know what to do" (as Mraize put it) ?
  6. I agree, I don't think the plan will be carried out the way she planned it either
  7. I can imagine that their history is more in oral form, meaning songs. From what we've seen so far, their culture has a focus on those.
  8. Knowing Brandon Sanderson, I would expect the plan of Raboniel to be carried out in the first or second arc of this book.
  9. As far as we know, each brand only has one surge.
  10. That sounds like the ending of a good horror movie... Shallan is a construct/persona. She even says so several times herself.
  11. Who knows... Hoid did it too. But I don't like that possibility. It's just that the word formless reminded me a lot of Kandra.
  12. Formless sounds an awful lot like a Kandra to me... But I hope that's not the case. I like your suggestions better!
  13. You should watch this.
  14. Great idea, will read the recap articles for sure. With a 1-year-old I can't find the time to reread until November
  15. Soooo, this thought has long been on my mind... What if the dawnshards are the unmade? And I mean not in their current state but in their "made" state.