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  1. If the t of tWoK counts, I would suggest knights of wisdom and truth (makes sense for me because it is Szeth's book). Truthless and all that..
  2. This is not a good enough reason, because Moash is there I think it has something to do with the appearance of a Radiant listener. Have no idea how that could spoil anything in the upcoming books though. Maybe his gemheart glows?
  3. I like this theory. In Shadesmar, the region where Shinovar is in is called The Sea of Regret. This could support your theory in that spren can see what bonding to humans can do and regret they ever did it. Maybe?
  4. Wow, I really like this piece of art. I first thought it was a bird, but now that you said it, I kind of see the zombie rabbit as well I also spot: . A giant dragon . Syl . Wandersail . A sword (Nightblood?) . A seon . The girl who looked up . A planet with 3 somethings . A symbol coming directly out of Hoid's flute that I seems familiar, but I can't remember what it is
  5. Could "Kind" be the name of someone?
  6. . rhythm of war is a listener song . Navani and Gavilar's early marriage will be explored . Cultivation will appear (present time) . Odium will appear (present time) . Someone will go to Braize . Shallan's persona conflict will be solved (I hope )
  7. Y is for Ym
  8. It feels like this could go on a spaceship, so I like it for that. And I'm always for simple design.
  9. I like that a lot, but this WOB tells us no. Argent The namesake of the Nahel bond. Was that a person, or is just a name? Brandon Sanderson It's a word in original Alethi as I was working on it. And actually, the original didn't use "bond." Bond was implied by it. The word meant, "connection to the divine." It's gotten larger since then... Blightsong So when Vasher takes a similar name, he's trying to imply that meaning? Brandon Sanderson Yes.
  10. I would have guessed it to be Reya, if it wasn't for that WOB that says otherwise... Someone should ask Brandon if the name of Cultivation's vessel is hidden somewhere in the books or if it's going to be a complete surprise.
  11. Odium is another word for hatred. Sooo... there 's no copyright.
  12. Shinteresting...
  13. Yeah, life got inbetween and I just realized there were some replies, so sorry, not sorry.
  14. I bet yes
  15. Nice, thanks