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  1. Yeah, that's what my gut says too. I guess somewhere along the way he'll accept his callname and I'll have tears in my eyes ;-) Overall I really like Brandon's way of publishing his books lately, I really enjoy the small bits and discussing them on 17th Shard. Still, I can't wait for the whole book to come out, from what I've read so far it seems pretty enjoyable.
  2. About 27.000 words. I guess her biggest concern will be food. Maybe she'll hunt some rats
  3. Reednfindot
  4. A random thought: Could Cultivation's vessel's name be Dawn as in Dawn's Shadow, Dawnshards, Dawnsingers? Don't have time to think about it any more as I'm at work. It just crossed my mind. Please discuss ;-)
  5. sleek
  6. Well, at least there is some kind of "succession rule" concerning Horneater brothers and their jobs - so that could be related. I don't remember reading about a honorific yet, but I guess we'll get to see a lot more of the Horneaters culture anyway, so I'm excited about that.
  7. I'm confused, what do you suggest for the desolations - who fought against who?
  8. Hi everyone, I found this some days ago on Reddit and thought I'd share it here, since I enjoyed some of those a lot. It's a list of short stories with hyperlinks, you can read them for free. My favourites are The Paper Menagerie, Bridesicle, Flowers for Algernon. Enjoy!!
  9. yup. However, I remember one of the first books I EVER read was Hexe Lilli (a little witch, which was part picture book, part written letters )
  10. Yeah, I get your point now. Considering the main character was a teenager it was pretty realistic, ha
  11. Now I want a Stormlight Lego movie
  12. Nah, I couldn't disagree more. That's like saying, if you want something funny, go read a satire. If you read an epic fantasy that should include everything magic, love, mystery, jokes and serious conversations, death, friendship, family... A good book reflects life for me and all of those a part of life.
  13. Syl is really cute, I like her But I don't like Kaladin's hair so much, looks a bit too girlish to me.
  14. I liked the excerpts so far. If it's going to be spaceship pilot school fun - I'm all for it In case you read the excerpts - I'm guessing that her dad didn't desert... And I'm already interested in what the aliens are going to be like and what they want.