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  1. Wob says a magic system we haven’t seen before. So I suppose it could be like cohesion, or the dustbringer power. But I’m guessing he wouldn’t say that if it’s surgebinding.
  2. So we have a wob that a new magic system will debut in tLM, and the back of the book released by tor says off worlders recruit Marasi. Who do you think they are? Are they the new magic system or will it be from the Set? my bet is: marasi is contacted by agents of my boy Kelsier. And that one or more of them will be ghostbloods from other worlds. As for what magic will be new? I suspect this book will have our first canon showing of the Aethers. I think it makes sense given the secret projects and how much he has been talking about them recently.
  3. I would like to preface this by stating that controlling the mind of a being in the cosmere is no small feat. It would appear that one must have a damaged spirit web for it to occur. We see, afaik, two instances of "mind control" and frankly it's more like 1.5. The obvious one is the kollos, kandra, and other hemalurgic constructs. It would appear that either with enough investiture: Trell, Ruin, or Specialized Powers: allomancers, that these beings can be controlled nearly completely. There are also the lifeless. Who are controlled completely by seemingly non-powered individuals. It is possible that most awakened objects may also fall here, but lifeless are more sentient. Now, my theory revolves around a large dose of speculation. Shards are forbidden or in some way restricted from controlling the minds of non-broken-spiritweb folks. And that given the huge difference in power between Ruin and Mistborn, that a powered up soother/rioter/mistborn could control the minds of normal people. How? A combination of powers. Allomancy: the only power we know of that can directly affect the minds of targets. (Except maybe aviar right?) Feruchemy: duralumin feruchemy is necessary for this theory because I believe that it could strengthen the Connection to the mind of the allomancers target. The 8th heightning: which allows awakeners to break the commands of others. Which I propose would help break the Investiture-mind control-barrier in non- spiked people. What do yall think? could this combination of powers allow for mind control? Would you add any abilities? Is there some easier way I have missed?
  4. A-bendalloy. Freeze time would so useful in every day life and in combat scenarios. Wbu?
  5. Re-reading RoW and in chapter two Kaladin comments how Syl isn’t human or Vorin and doesn’t cover her safe hand. But given how awkward Shallan is about her hand on various escapades, it is fair to assume Kaladin sees Syl as at least a little naked at all times. I go back and forth on shipping Syladin but it’s kinda funny to think about how Kal just has this half naked fairy friend with him at all times. Especially because she seems to like him romantically, as in the same scene she talks about changing her dress for Kaladin with Adolins advice. thx for coming to my Ted talk
  6. There also could be multiple groups of Irali that all think they are at different stages of the 6 world religion
  7. Is that confirmed?
  8. I think it could be as a simple as there are magical beings that come from Ado and those who are separate. The Aethers and shades are part of a “fae” like magical family and are completely separate from Ado. So they each have different weaknesses. Be cool to see a Witcher type character with one silver sword and one aluminum one.
  9. I tend to think that life sense is just a passive ability you get when you become more invested. I think a-copper would be more powerful just by nature of it being an invested art and not something innately attached to investiture gain
  10. War makes countries rich. And speeds up their technological development.
  11. Brandon said once that the Aethers thought of themselves as equivalent to shards or gods. Safe bet that each moon is an Aether. Or like an amalgamation of that type of Aether.
  12. I bet 4 has something to do with invention. You can see chimneys in the background, and it looks kinda dystopian industrial esk. #3 is anyone’s guess, but I would bet it is set on Sel. #2 is clearly non-cosmere, and maybe apoc guard #1 could be obrodai. Not likely First of the Sun because we have a sequel for that already announced. My guess would be it’s the world mentioned in the Arcanum of Rhythm of War where Khriss mentions Foil who studies servers.
  13. Could be like the elves in Lord of the Rings. Like once those CS people have lived among mortals for x amount of years they travel to "Heaven" which is now Hell.
  14. Does anyone have any theories or even just cool ideas on what the unit investiture will be measured with in the future of the cosmere? I’m thinking along the lines of: a breath has x ___’s of investiture on average.