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  1. I actually made a song last year for Wax. I liked Mistborn era 2 much more than I thought I would, so I decided to make this. I wanted to get a Epic/Futuristic/Western feel. I don't know if I achieved it, but here it is. Firerust - Nice song
  2. The blue skinned people are mixed with Aimians(I think there is a WOB on that). The horneaters and I beleive the herdazians are mixed with parshendi I believe. The people with dark skin are just people with dark skin I assume. They could have evolved differently on Roshar, but I’d guess they are just from a different region on Ashlyn and then when everyone came together to Roshar they just desided to live together. The physical differences are one clue, but the cultural differences are the bigger tell IMO. After looking into it seems the the people with darker skin do have some cultural differences, so perhaps they also came later, making 4 groups of people. I’m not sold on that idea though. The language families are also interesting. The Shin and Parshendi languages are both decended from dawnchant, which makes me think both of them have a connection with Honor. It seems like everything fits except the Makabaki.
  3. I was thinking about what we know about the humans on Roshar and I think the humans came from atleast 3 different places. There seems to be completely different races/ethnicities and that could explain the why the parshendi and humans started fighting. The Shin apear to have large eyes which I believe just means they don’t have epicanthic folds. On top of this difference they have animals that are completely different from the rest of Roshar and there language isn’t related to other human languages I believe. The Iriali Are known for their blond hair it considering it seems so special I’m guessing that other groups don’t have it. The other humans such as the Alethi all seem to have similar eyes and languages. The fact their their religions are all different is IMO the strangest thing. In the Cosmere is seems religion is based at least somewhat on reality. I think instead of 1 religion being true and the others false I think they are all true here and the 3 groups of people are just from different planets. I think each was brought to Roshar by a different shard and that is what caused the fighting between humans and singers. In the dawnchant it says Honor told the singers to accept the humans and that they would stay in their designated area. The Shinovar seems custom made for humans as there are no storms and their animals can survive there. The Shin AFAIK also don’t go out conquering or even leaving Shinovar. This sounds like they’re doing exactly as honar said. The other humans such as the Alethi didn’t do this and in fact they don’t even seem to have any word about this agreement with Honor. I think the reason for that is that they were brought by Odium and Odium just let them run wild all over Roshar. I’m guessing they started fighting with the parshendi and then the parshendi assumed the humans broke their pact with Honor. I doubt the parshendi could tell the difference between humans and in their anger turned their back on Honor and turned to Odium to help them win back their land. Odium seems to be interested in strong feelings, so I doubt he cared who was fighting as long as there was anger and emotion. Vorinism seems to have somethings related to Odium in it such as pursuing you passion in life and the tolerance towards violence. The Shin religion on the other hand seems to against violence and fighting. I don’t really know where the Iriali fit in because I we don’t know much about them. Also I think the Amians are some type of advanced aliens who aren’t related to humans or Roshar. What do you think?
  4. I’m pretty sure it was the Dawnshards that destroyed the last planet. We don’t know how they work, but I’m guessing they’re similar to the surges we see now. My guess is that the Nahel bond oaths are a safety mechanism that prevents people from going too crazy with their powers and destroying Roshar. If a radiant breaks their oath their spren dies and they lose their powers. Of course there seem to be ways to destroy Roshar without breaking the oaths, so I imagine that’s why Honor went on that crazy rant and the recrence happened.
  5. I’ve been thinking about these. At first I thought they were just honor blades, but now I think they’re something completely different and most likely predate the other magic we’ve seen. The only info we have on them seems to be that they can bind things and that they destroyed the planet humanity lived on previously. i think many believe the surges(nale bond/honor blades) caused the destruction of humanities former home, but that can’t be true because neither exsisted before humans came to Roshar. Honor also said that the dawnshards caused the destruction of the old planet which means they must be extremely powerful. We still don’t know how many of them there are or what they do specifically, but I have a theory. What if the’re perfect gemstones. Of course they never leak stormlight, but they’ve also been shown to be able to bind one of the unmade. Another one Yleg-nar was trapped inside one and bonded with people when a small gem was swallowed. I’m guessing this gem is another dawnshard. Amaram gain tremendous power after eating the gem and if we assume you can trap large spren ibside them and then use those powers it become obvious how that could destroy a world. Imagine if someone trapped the stormfather and then had complete control over stormlight on roshar. Another possibility is that they can hold multiple spren. What if someone captured spren for all the surges and then consumed it, thereby giving themselves all the radient powers at once. I think uthiru might have/be one of these Dawnshards and the reason it isn’t working is because the spren that powers it is gone. Perhaps the spren the stormfather talked about Dalinar hurting. I’m also assuming that modern fabrials are human attempts to copy the dawnshards just like shardblades are spren attemps to copy honor blades. what do you think?