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  1. Hi ! I'm Floriane, french fan of Sanderson, author discovered thanks to a friend who introduce me to the Mistborn series. Since then, I've read nearly every book, series, stuff written by Sanderson (hudge "coup de coeur" like we would say in french ) I'm also François' friend whom I help to built the first French website dedicated to Brandon Sanderson. Doing research to complete our database, we found your website and board and discovered the very existence of "Cosmere" (absolutely unknown in France). So, as François, I decided to register here to learn more about the author, his books, and above all, this mysterious "Cosmere" ! (I've come with a lot of questions in my pocket - but sadly, it should wait until I'm done with my exams ). Otherwise, I'm 20, still a student (who should be working instead of being here...), passionate in reading all sort of stuff, mostly Fantasy (Goodkind, Rothfuss, Brett, Weeks, Butcher, Jordan,... for example) but also historical novels (don't know if it's the right word) such as Austen, Brontë,... Knowing that my english if far form perfect (french people and foreign languages... not really best friends), I hope that this presentation is understandable (my apologies if it's not, feel free to ask questions). Thanks for welcome me here