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  1. Um actually he also has a son Sori is one of the largest islands in the pantheon
  2. Um actually marsh is an inquisitor in era 2 Also Moash was a member of bridge 4 Lift's favorite food is instant ramen
  3. Um actually, Ash is the patron Herald of the lightweavers Kalak is the king of the heralds
  4. Um actually it's the third ideal, counting the ideal of radiance as the first Stephen Leeds is completely sane
  5. I was wondering what everyone's favorite writing prompts were. Mine was the one where they had you create an alien that communicated differently and write a conversation with a person
  6. Is it wayne?
  7. Do we know what happened to wax`s parents? they aren't mentioned all that much, unlike his sister and uncle?
  8. So I know making Brandon's books into movies, but has anyone talked about making some of the epic fantasy ones into TV shows? I feel that it would be better for his format and allow for the interludes in the stormlight archive. And it could allow for something similar to the CW's arrowverse but with the Cosmere. Any thoughts?
  9. My brother was reading the WoK and pointed this line out to me when wit is talking to Dalinar My brother thinks that this means that the Rosharans think the world is flat. This would make sense for someone less educated but would Jasnah know that the world is round?
  10. ketek

    Words are magic, artfully creating emotions, emotions create art, magic is words
  11. Have you guys read the original chapters for alcatraz? that could be a very intresting way to work it into film
  12. So alcatraz is deffinently a terrible person because the events that will happen in the 6th book happened before he started writing any of them.He wrote with the intent of only writing 5 books and he wanted to cause us all the pain.
  13. I feel like this is the "Honor is dead so, who knows?" podcast
  14. I can't be the only one who makes amazing cosmere refrences then gets depressed because no one got it
  15. I think this is interesting but kelsier's corpse was eaten by OreSeur so it might not be his original body. But also I am not really sure how identity works and could effect this. the use of a copper spike on his cognitive shadow could work. Ultimately we will find out a little more when the Hemallurgic Table comes out later this year
  16. If the fears that were the weakness created/fueled by calamity would the weaknesses still exist after calamity left?
  17. @DarkFalz I don't know if you understand all of what is being said. Part of leadership is delegation of duties. Part of that is accepting that one man can't do everything. I saw Kaladin using his vision and duties as Dalinar's bodyguard to keep himself focused on something besides what happened. So in that moment he refused to give up his duty and say the words whatever they are. I don't think that this oath is about killing or figuring out how to deal with the problem of the original voidbringers being the humans.
  18. Please someone make this happen
  19. When the Speaker At efy Says intent and you wonder if it is capital Intent or just intent
  20. Another thing is that nightblood is more invested than even the god king who has been collecting breath for a long time along with his divine breath so a single divine breath wouldn't actually give that much of a superboost.
  21. Well I would want a world where I would have access to the magic so probably Roshar or Nalthis Probably Nalthis because I like the way colors are woven into the world and the complexities of awakening
  22. Yes!!!!!!! But I don't think you saw the parody of Shiny on here for the Lord Ruler
  23. @robardin I think that that song works for vasher
  24. If anyone doesn't say hoid shenanigans they are lying
  25. There is this So, Respect for @FeatherWriter