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  1. On 9/22/2020 at 2:09 PM, _Shallan_ said:

    Sorry to bump up this old thread, but after seeing this, I just had to counter joke it with this clip timestamped:

    Memes lay in wait, ever ready to be resurrected again. :D

    And Riddick clips are ALWAYS welcome. 


  2. 21 hours ago, Ookla, the Incalculable said:

    I'm confused,

    Its tagged in the title, and in the spoiler board. What's the problem? 

    my bad. Didn't notice the [OB] in the title. I tend (try) to hide all my spoilers even within a [--] topic, but now that I read the policy again that's just a me thing not a forum thing. Carry on! 


    /scurries away.


  3. Quote


    “A glowing figure stood on some rubble beyond, holding Amaram's enormous Shardbow. The weapon seemed to match Rock, tall and brilliant, a beacon in the darkness.” OB, P. 1187


    A few thoughts about that quote…

    1)      That the bow is “Amaram’s Shardbow” is an assumption made by Kaladin right after the heat of battle. It’s possible he’s incorrect.

    2)      “seemed to match” could mean that the size of the thing looked appropriate to Rock's size/stature/strength, since we know he's big, possibly big/strong enough to do this with only a little stormlight

    3)      “seemed to match” could mean that it was literally also glowing and brilliant, implying something else.

    These points together having me thinking it is definitely possible that the ‘shardbow’ isn’t actually Amaram’s, but Rock’s spren, manifesting as a living, capital-S, Shardbow.


  4. 16 minutes ago, aemetha said:

    Geranid - Who better to awaken a slumbering superspren?

    I had to look up the name, but that is an interesting suggestion! We haven't heard from those two adorable ardents in a while and it seems entirely plausible to me that one or the other would be of interest to true spren at least, if not the Sibling.

    But... how are they broken? And how do their goals and personality align with Bondsmith ideologies? 


  5. It's also possible that Shallon genuinely doesn't realize she even HAS shardplate. She's gotten so used to her illusions  that she might not have thought twice about what she had or hadn't drawn in the past, or that most of her illusions had little-to-no mass (with the exception of the 'army' she created for the battle, which could have been the mass of stormlight or a small amount of soulcasting, according to Jasnah.)  

    My point is, even if Shallon states emphatically that she doesn't think she has shardplate we shouldn't trust her. She is far from the most reliable narrator, especially regarding her own self/past. 

    Also, and I forgot this above, (back a bit to the op) she definitely attracted enough creation spren during the battle. 


    The illusion absored her entirely, and she lost track of everything else. Like when she was drawing. Creationspren blossomed around her by the hundred, shaped like discarded objects.

    (OB 1158-9)

    Additionally, the theory about default shard-plate color seems solid. We have, in OB a Dalinar Vision where he sees a Stoneward, climbing, weaing shardplate. Stoneward's gems are Topaz, and


    "A figure resplendent is Shardplate-each piece visibly glowing an amber color at its edges' (OB p398) 

    Add this to Shallon's being Red/Garnet and we may have a coincidence. But then, in the Purelake vision.... 


    WoR, P 72 - "Not just a Shardbearer. Radiant. A Knight in resplendent Shardplate that glowed with a deep red at the joints and in certain markings"

    It has been theorized (confirmed?) that this KR is a Dustbringer, and their stone is Ruby. 

    3rd time's a bit much to be a coincidence. 


  6. Good catch!!

    I wonder if that's how she survived the initial attack from her mother?  A lot of assumptions here, but Shallon was very young, and probably trusted her mother implicitly. It would have taken a pretty drastic and definitive attack for her to summon Pattern and actually kill her own mother in self-defense. Thinking through this, it's possible that shardplate saved her tiny body, shocked her mother, and gained her the time she needed to survive and fight back. 

    LOTS of guesswork, but I think it makes sense? 


  7. I've been reading too much and can't remember who else thinks this, but we have almost definitely seen one Radiant in actual shardplate. Shallon. It's actually the scene the OP quoted. 

    As far as I know, Shallon always drew Brightness Radiant in a Havah, not plate. In the scene the OP quoted, we have the description of Radiant in Plate. Assuming that description of Radiant is the consistent visualization of her throughout the scene, she would still be seen wearing plate in the moment where Jasnah reaches out to Shallan.  Of the three (Veil, Shallon, Brightness) in that moment, Brightness was the physical one.


    "That should buy us a few moments." Jasnah turned toward Radiant, Veil and Shallan. She took Shallan by the arm-but Shallan wavered, then puffed away. Jasnah froze, then turned to Veil.

    "Here," Radiant said, tired, stumbling to her feet. She was the one Jasnah could feel. She blinked away tears. 

    (OB 1178)



  8. 5 hours ago, RShara said:

    There aren't any signs that the Alethi have Parshendi blood, like the other races (that DO have Parshendi blood) have, other than height, which can be explained in other ways.

    I think we may be looking at this backwards.


    If Shinovar was the original home of the Human invaders/refugees, we can posit that the Shin are the closest to pure human. Any traits that are obviously not Shin (Darker skin, smaller/slanted eyes, hard nails, height, highly specific hair colors) must be either:

    1) the product of millennia of evolution 
    2) the result intermixing of the species

    Because of Horneaters/Herdazians we know interbreeding was possible. 
    Because of Venli's comments, we know that the Parshendi gemhearts are either very well hidden w/in something else, or very small
    Because of a whole bunch of Renarin references, we know Glys and he aren't... like the others. This scene, in particular, stood out to me. (image attached) It makes me wonder how Renarin can pull the stormlight out of the thunderclast. This sounds a lot like the abilities of the red-lightning Fused, to me. 

    To sum up-

    I think every people but the Shin have some Parshendi in  them, and it's possible a tiny gemheart is a part of the heritage. 
    I also think Renarin has a LOT to still be seen, but Glys is certainly more powerful then either Glys or Renarin think. 




  9. I think spren are often attracted to something specific, and it's not that uncommon for that same something to be present in siblings. I would say that while Eshonai and Venli were quite different in personality, they were very similar in their pursuit of what they saw as right and best for their people.

    We also have (i believe) another case of a spren losing their chosen to death, only to pick a sibling : Syl. 


    "Besides, There was ... another voice. Pure, with a song like tapped crystal, distant yet demanding..." She smiled, and zipped away.

    (OB, P77)

    I'm hard pressed to say why, but i'm convinced she's talking about Tien. 


  10. On 11/27/2017 at 8:40 AM, PhineasGage said:

    If he was broken as a child, wouldn't he have formed a bond? Renarin has one, Jasnah has one, Shallan has one and it is implied they all have troubled pasts. Even if Adolin's was worse than all of theirs, it can't  have broken him or he'd already be Radiant. We've got Radiant's left right and centre, why would Adolin be ignored when almost everyone he is close to has bonded?

    When did he first get Maya? While we begin to see more interaction after the Shadesmar misadventure, is it possible she was slightly bonded the whole time? 

    Or this is a solid theory too. 

    On 11/27/2017 at 8:54 AM, Ookla the Mulkfather said:

    In any case, given Syl's reaction to anyone who carries a shardblade, you can make the inference that at least part of the reason Adolin doesn't have a spren is because he bears a dead shardblade.  They're generally going to shy away from him and it's possible that this is so much the case that the only way he was ever going to become Radiant is by reviving the spren of his dead blade, unless he divested himself of the blade first.


  11. In regards to the command for Azure's blade, I'm thinking something similar to Nightblood, but more specific in intent. Avoiding the same issues with interpretation would be very challenging. I'm thinking it's something like: 

    - Protect Good (A direct opposition of Nightbood's 'Destroy Evil'

    or perhaps, even simpler... 

    - Sever

    Also adding the link to  another topic that talks a bit about this. 



  12. 10 minutes ago, Elsvette Mintyfresh said:

    I think perhaps the Fused are looking for Sja-Anat. Odium must know by this point that she's a traitor, right?

    This thread suggests they are looking not for Sja-anat, but for Ba-Ado-Mishram.  

     And I Also want to know all Hoid's sekrets..... 


  13. 4 hours ago, MoS03 said:

    Hmmm. So, Nin isn't sure if he's the only Herald to also bond a Spren. What if Maya's Radiant is a Herald?

    Folks are saying this possibility is too complicated. Occam's razor and whatnot. But is it?

    Possible Theories

    1. Maya's Radiant is a Herald - This would mean that individual is still alive and on the physical plane. This makes it much less complicated for Adolin to find them and reconnect.
    2. Adolin has to find Maya's original wielder in the spiritual realm to re-forge the connection (I need to fine the WoB for this...)
    3. /hand waves/ Dalinar magically connects them (seems cheap to me)
    4. Adolin somehow says his Words exactly the same as the original wielder, ala -  "there was also a WoB that said he'd have to say the exact same words as Maya's original wielder." - but I'd need to fine the WoB on that as well. 

    Of those options, 1 actually seems like the least complicated to me. Then again, this is a very long series and 2. could make for a great story-arc with room for lots of exposition. 

    (apologies if I did quoting and spoilers wrong. This is my first complicated post. ) 


  14. Sorry to not contribute anything useful- I just want to say this whole thread had been delightful and quintessentially useful. I want to paint Kaladin's first flight as a scene, but want to get the moons right. I ended up here. After reading this a few more times I think I might get close to a correct skyscape. Thank you all! 


  15. Hi, I'm Vianki! 

    Been reading/lurking a while. Decided to post because I'd like to challenge myself to share my art. Here's the first WoK scene I've painted. I'll upload it to the gallery too, but I thought it would make for a good intro. It's Syl fighting death spren on Kaladin's chest, from his perspective.