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  1. Memes lay in wait, ever ready to be resurrected again. And Riddick clips are ALWAYS welcome.
  2. Memes! you know what to do. I'll start us off!
  3. @Sorana Found her! Here's the Deviant Art post: And the artist's page Looks like it originally linked to the backstory of the character as well but that tumblr link is broken.
  4. So this got posted on reddit and let me tell you- I love it. I'm so glad that other artists are making fanart and always intrigued when I see the scenes that inspired me inspired others. All the cookies for u/solarpines and I hope they are here on the 17th shard somewhere b/c we need more fanart! EDIT!! Woot- I found them! Hey @Pines - Your work is amazing!
  5. thanks for the Ross comparison, that's a huge compliment! <3 <3 <3 I used his method for this. The blues/greens/blacks were put down wet and from there I (almost) only added white, wet on wet.
  6. From the album Vianki's Fanart scenes

    Cold places intrigue me and the Frostlands are no exception. While they might span quite an area and include some slightly warmer areas with the ability to grow stunted rockbubs, they do have some decent mountains as well. What can I say. We're snowed in here in Seattle and I was inspired.

    © ViankiStudios 2018

  7. A quick sketch of our favorite DESTROYER and musical mascot- the great Doomslug! (quickie sketch, just b/c she's so adorable.... for now.)
  8. A quick sketch of our favorite DESTROYER and musical mascot- the great Doomslug! 

    (quickie sketch, just b/c she's so adorable.... for now.) 


  9. From the album Vianki's Fanart scenes

    A quick Wyndle Study, oil on canvas 8x10, before attempting a bigger piece.
  10. my bad. Didn't notice the [OB] in the title. I tend (try) to hide all my spoilers even within a [--] topic, but now that I read the policy again that's just a me thing not a forum thing. Carry on! /scurries away.
  11. Please spoiler tag this!
  12. A few thoughts about that quote… 1) That the bow is “Amaram’s Shardbow” is an assumption made by Kaladin right after the heat of battle. It’s possible he’s incorrect. 2) “seemed to match” could mean that the size of the thing looked appropriate to Rock's size/stature/strength, since we know he's big, possibly big/strong enough to do this with only a little stormlight 3) “seemed to match” could mean that it was literally also glowing and brilliant, implying something else. These points together having me thinking it is definitely possible that the ‘shardbow’ isn’t actually Amaram’s, but Rock’s spren, manifesting as a living, capital-S, Shardbow.
  13. I had to look up the name, but that is an interesting suggestion! We haven't heard from those two adorable ardents in a while and it seems entirely plausible to me that one or the other would be of interest to true spren at least, if not the Sibling. But... how are they broken? And how do their goals and personality align with Bondsmith ideologies?
  14. OK I give. Clearly there are glyphs in the frame, but I'm at a loss. Anyone worked this out yet?