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  1. Adolin shines all throughout WoR. I never would have predicted his arc in the book. Some fun stuff to look forward to.
  2. Finally caught up reading about your reading! Very fun to follow along! You could have a Youtube channel with 2 minute video updates and I'd follow along, but the discussion here is also very fun.
  3. Back to the title ideas, I've said this in other areas, but can't "H" replace any of the letters? HOW (like the once-title Highprince of War), KHW, KOH, HKOW, etc. If using this Vorin loophole allows Brandon to keep the symmetry (as opposed to going with a title that doesn't follow the pattern), I hope he uses it. It'd be really cool.
  4. On the path to bondsmith could also mean the Nightwatcher from Cultivation, back to OP's original theory. While the Nightwatcher, the Sibling, and the Stormfather are the three we know of capable of forming a Nahel bond for bondsmiths, let's be honest, there's a lot we don't know about how these powers work. How did Ishar get them even before the Oathpact? Could bonds to other powerful spren such as Cusicech or one of the unmade do the same? We know so little. Brandon saying Gavilar was on the path to becoming a bondsmith could very well be smoke and mirrors.
  5. "“Give it to me,” Gavilar said. “Now. I need it.” The Stormfather turned a shimmering head his direction. That was almost them. “What, those?” Gavilar said. “Those were almost the words? A demand?” So close. And so far." I've been considering these words for a while now because I believe they give one of the greatest hints as to who the "Stormfather" really is (no, I don't believe he's the Stormfather we know). Who do we know who is not necessarily concerned with Journey before destination, etc, but reacts instead to people who coming begging. Who need something with all their heart and passion? Who calculates and is playing the long game, setting things in motion for future pay off? Whose abilities and magic we have almost no information on? Yes, the more I think about it, the more I believe that it is not Ishar who has been manipulating things behind the scenes with Gavilar, but Cultivation herself. I believe that it is she who has set so many of the events we see in motion. Why, if the Chanarach theory is true, would Chana only now (if only now) get married, have children, etc.? Why would the Stone Shamans reject Szeth now? Why would Gavilar be receiving his "visions"? Taravangian his capacity and Lift her abilities? I don't know what her game is, but I think Cultivation is taking us for a loop here.
  6. Especially because Harmony is at war with himself and War could be in harmony with himself.
  7. Certainly the idea of combined intents has been set up somewhat in RoW, that being said, MB Spoilers Nevertheless, a theory duly noted and not without merit. If it happens, it will certainly have crazy effects down the line of the Cosmere Wars.
  8. Some humans could perhaps move to Shadesmar, but the whole of Roshar? Doubtful. There's a lot of Roshar left to explore and some of the lowest areas are among those still to be explored. In my mind, there has been a lot of potential foreshadowing for everything else, but not much foreshadowing for a mass migration to Shadesmar. That's not to say there won't be changes to Shadesmar or even some people or more traders in Shadesmar, but I see Roshar as a whole as weathering the changes above and we seeing how they've weathered it after the time skip. But I could very well be wrong. I just don't see much foreshadowing for it like I do the rest of it.
  9. I like all these predictions! 1,2,3, I've heard of and mostly agree with - I don't know about the Stormfather dying, per se, but something catastrophic indeed. Although, considering the death of Phendorana, that could be seen as foreshadowing of worse to come. 4 I hadn't heard of before, but the things you quote get me thinking about it. Not sure it's been enough foreshadowed just from the books we have yet, but I could see it more in books 6-10. That being said, book 5 could set it up more. And point 5 I've heard a number of people talk about and, honestly, this seems like the least plausible one, though I could see some humans doing so (though I'm still unsure of that). I like your reasoning as to why it would work though, with more water in the physical realm making more land in the cognitive - I like it.
  10. I like this approach to thinking about Kal and I have a thematic theory to add: What is one major reveal near the end of the Way of Kings - that Kaladin had the chance to have a Shardblade, but rejected it. One major theme of Kaladin's is learning to give up power - giving up revenge, giving up the need to protect everyone, learning to let others take care of themselves. I think that Kaladin has been foreshadowed as being Connected to Honor and I believe the chance to become Honor will be offered him, but then he will, in the name of the greater good, give it up. Sound familiar? MB Major Spoilers Brandon loves to explore opposite choices and opposite consequences: Elantris and Warbreaker Minor Spoilers There are more examples of this in Brandon's writing and I could easily see in Kaladin the idea of "What if beginning to take up Honor, but instead Dispersing it for the greater good was actually a good thing?" This would fit Kaladin thematically, leave room for him to become a cognitive shadow and, at the same time, fulfill Kaladin's arc quite nicely I think.
  11. That would be incredible - please do!
  12. A while ago it was discovered that the continent of Roshar exactly matches a 3d slice of a 4d Julia set. For those who didn't know, go to and watch the video until you see Roshar. Now, I am not familiar enough with advanced maths myself to do this, but I imagine there is an equation for each Julia set and I was wondering if anyone would know if there's any way with the information we now know about the pure tones of Roshar to make even a guess at the equation for Roshar. I also know that if you type in Julia sets and music into google there's a scholarly article about how Julia sets can create musical pieces (think the rhythms of each shard, maybe?). I'm sure cymatics connects with all this too. Whatever you know or whatever you theorize (or whatever posts that have come up about this before) I'd love to hear it!
  13. I love all the ideas so far - I agree that a few after being made Truthless is likely. I wouldn't be surprised if the flashback sequence is set up a little bit like Kaladin's in that we may get some important parts out of order slightly only to pop up during a climax moment (similar to Kaladin and Tien's death) where he then in the present declares he is Truth (no longer Truthless) or something like that. I'm also curious about Szeth's time with Liss, mainly because I wonder, along with others, whether or not she is a Herald.
  14. While I might agree that this is true long term - I can't say this guarantees Book 5 safety, only by Book 10 safety, if that makes any sense. In a similar vein, I doubt
  15. Very true - Bondsmiths are absolutely terrifying. I've seen a number of theories that Dalinar will mess up the Stormfather/Highstorms somehow to bring in the Night of Sorrows. We still don't really know where some of Dalinar's warm visions have come from, but they've been Nohadon-related and he was also a Bondsmith (I think so at least).