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  1. lmao nice try kid, I think either Sazed is my favorite, or Pattern. I love Pattern, but Sazed is just too cool. I like Hoid a lot too, so I guess my top three is 1. Sazed 2. Hoid 3. Pattern
  2. Our friend Maya's a Cognitive Shade? The lost soul of Adolin's Shardblade! I hope for you Maya, That Highprince raise higher, Your life and give you a bond remade.
  3. A triangle, a circle, and square, Must all be identical ne'er. Because, you must see That this cannot be, For water just cannot become air.
  4. Oh, Calderis you're one to talk As you sit down and stand up and stalk All over Exie It's not very sexy and the thought of it just makes me balk.
  5. Timbre's Tempo bip bip Bop, bip bip Boop, bip bip Beep; My poor soul Venli did closely keep. Odium's all a ragin', The Unmade, man's cagin' But my troubles are all growing deep.
  6. I was converted to this site from the discord server, so you can thank them. That being said, I've seen the in-depth posts you people put here and I'm impressed lol, i'll be glad to join you all in your memery and theory.
  7. 6th of the Dawn Chickens? Chick-Fil-A profits are going to go through the roof! Maybe that's Mraize's game...
  8. "The back 5 would be about trying to unSplinter Honor. I hope this topic doesn't end up like my "Harm mores" theory which was disproven explicitly in the text itself." From OP, I should have said we're assuming they want to unSplinter Honor.
  9. We know that Ruin and Preservation share a magic system in the form of metal-based Investing. We also know that Honor and Odium also share a storm/surge based Investment system. Given all of this, what's to say that an unnamed Shard(s) also use the same base for their systems of Investiture? For instance, what if Brandon unveiled an Allomancy that was compatible with Scaldrial's but used entirely different metals? (Something along the lines of burning Uranium leads to toxicity resistance or something )
  10. Do we know what Taln's Scar is? It could be some Shards and conglomerating their power in order to splinter the others (or free Odium). That seems very plausible to me because we already know that there's some implied alliance between at least Autonomy and Odium(as stated in the shard number thread). This means that there could be a plot to free Odium as part of the war among the Shards. We already know that Honor's friends are trying to unsplinter him. Also, the theory of Autonomy = Trell is really interesting too because his servants are always talking about 'being free' from the constraints in Harmony.