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  1. In Soviet Roshar, when you put infused spheres out in a highstorm, the storm sucks all the stormlight out of them.
  2. Now I was just thinking, but recall how Vasher defeated Arsteel and Denth by giving them breath and then killing them? What you said about Odium seems like it could (probably won't, I know, but I'm just wondering if it could) lead to a similar ending. Someone could "give" another Shard to Rayse somehow which balances out his destructive intent and perhaps effectively neutralizes/incapacitates him. Perhaps he doesn't need to be killed before the Shard of Odium is combined with another Shard. Perhaps one could be combined with him while he was still alive, thus negating the "minor problem of how to land a killing blow on the Shard that's already killed four others and is paranoid about not making himself any more vulnerable than he needs to be." Just... wondering if this is plausible in any way, shape, or form. My ideas tend not to be.
  3. In Soviet Roshar, people make fun of the Soviet Union by saying: "In Soviet Roshar, people make fun of the Soviet Union by saying: "In Soviet Roshar, people make fun of the Soviet Union by saying: "In Soviet Roshar, people make fun of the Soviet Union by saying: "In Soviet Roshar, people make fun of the Soviet Union by saying: "In Soviet Roshar, people make fun of the Soviet Union by saying: "In Soviet Roshar, people make fun of the Soviet Union by saying...
  4. Helleu (pronounced helloo) I haven't posted in this thread (yet) but I just wanted to say that it is an awesome idea and I like it very much! As I read this, I realized how it was sometimes annoying and confusing to read in this format of posting, and so I (by hand) copied and pasted everything into a google doc and wrote a program to try and fix formatting. This is the product: I hope you all like it and find it very useful! I will try to update this every day (unless I'm on vacation or dead. Or both.) Anyways keep having fun writing, and for new readers (dunno why they'd go all the way to the end first) it may be easier to catch up on the many (awesome) pages of backstory by reading this first. You all can totally pay me in upvotes. (jk I don't need upvotes to feel validated ha! Oh wait. Yes I do...)
  5. When you're driving back in a friend's car from a volleyball game and everyone (Almost everyone. It was like 4 people out of 5 I think. I feel kinda sorry for that fifth dude.) in the car starts screaming because the car in front of you has a bridge four sticker on the back and you've never felt so connected to another human being in your life!
  6. Touche. I'm... really not good with people (no trollness or offense taken ). I realized I was kinda rude earlier, and so yup, wrote that response. Sorry if I got you down, Gancho. Didn't mean to be so harsh. Hmmm... if you look at these two quotes back to back... and then recall that Kelsier had tried to stop Hoid in Mistborn Secret History... It makes even more sense! Kelsier was the founder of the 17th Shard, and that's why they're trying to hunt down Hoid - their old master imprinted some things on them before he left. And he's still trying to stop Hoid even though he was kicked out of the Shard...
  7. I apologize if I tried to sink it too hard. It just didn't really seem like a fake theory because there wasn't really that much identifying it as such. I would suggest perhaps tagging it as "humorous" or "joke theory", and then perhaps stating it once again in the initial post. Good luck with it in the future!
  8. I'm just wondering Gancho Libre, but what exactly are you trying to accomplish here? You aren't really convincing anyone, and from what I've seen not too many people are laughing, and even if it was as a joke, you seem to be defending it as if it weren't even though people are clearly arguing against it. I might have said upvotes (this may come hand in hand with the laughing part), but you don't seem to be getting too many. Besides this fact you yourself have admitted that it was "a fake theory [made] long ago" (also you're a High Prelan and have over 800 posts) - why didn't you mention this from the start and save people the trouble of arguing against it? If they thought it was funny, and knew it was a joke, it might be easier for them to play along. I made a joke theory once, starting it with: "Now, I know this really isn't true, but just pretend it is for a minute and let's see how far we can take it." I'm pretty sure half my reputation came from that one thread. *clap clap clap*
  9. Mestiv, this is awesome! I have naught to say but that this is genius. I am very impressed.
  10. You meet Brandon in a grocery store, and you have a delightful conversation about the investiture and tastiness properties of the potatoes grown on Patji. Unfortunately, the potatoes do not like being talked about behind their... backs? And come and drag you back to Patji, where you are slaughtered by a sarcastic trapper (who leaves the potatoes alone, knowing how savage they are). I wish... I wish that the next person after me has their boon transferred to me and my curse transferred to them
  11. That's true - gravity is different on Roshar. Now I wonder: If you made a similar lashing on another planet, would it shift to match the gravity of whatever body you were on, or would it be something else, like the homeworld of the user or just Roshar itself? What governs the mechanics of stormlight?
  12. In Soviet Roshar, all the knights radiant find computers and get together online, talking about their favorite 17th Sharders (I'm totally one of them. The Sharders, or course. Not the Radiants. But in Soviet Roshar, perhaps I am a radiant, talking about...myself? Wait. Never mind. This is getting too meta).
  13. Cool! Thanks guys.
  14. In Soviet Roshar, Dustbringers send dust away! In Soviet Roshar, Lift is normal? In Soviet Roshar, Keteks are written backwards! Oh wait...
  15. So, a friend of mine and I were talking not long ago and this friend said something about Melaan having an aluminum true body in Era 2 because aluminum is allomatically inert and does not react to investiture. This friend theorized that kandra couldn't have true bodies made of metal because of the allomantic qualities of metal and the fact that they do react to investiture. I thought that that wouldn't have anything to do with impeding a kandra or their abilities in any way. And so I'm wondering: What would happen if a kandra had a true body made of metal? Would it affect them in any way, and then would it be in a positive or negative manner?