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  1. I'm positively stoked for the release. I preordered it and it'll arrive on release day. Although I'll be out of town release day and won't be able to read it until Thursday...
  2. The most alluring choice for me has always been Feruchemical Steel. Being able to store speed when I don't need it is so good when your life involves as much sitting as mine. The other choice has to be Feruchemical Brass. The ability to regulate my own body temperature is too good to pass up. With hot summers and cold winters, why would I pass on it? The final one has got to be Feruchemical Duralumin. Perfect for traveling and getting around places. Not to mention being able to fade out of the public consciousness at will. The runner ups are Allomantic Tin, Feruchemical Gold, Feruchemical Pewter, and Feruchemical Iron. Feruchemy is definitely my magic of choice.
  3. Granted, but you become unable to get another one. I wish I could write better.
  4. I prefer storming or flaming.
  5. I just like the whole scene of him insulting people in WoK. At the party.
  6. This one from Oathbringer gave me goosbumps. I really like that whole section.
  7. I checked my ebook library to see if they had OB yet. I clicked on my recommendations to see, and had a flash of joy. It was on hold. I looked at my holds, and was #28 of 1 copy... That thoroughly ruined my morning.
  8. That summed up my thoughts perfectly.
  9. I'm just hoping it stays true to the book.
  10. Feruchemy all the way.
  11. 53%Truthwatcher 53%Lightweaver 47%Edgedancer 29%Elsecaller 22%Willshaper 21% Windrunner 17%Skybreaker 12%Bondsmith 11%Dustbringer 6%Stoneward ddI expected to be an elscaller... Edit. it appears I'm a Truthwatcher and a lightweaver. . .
  12. My older brother who started SA two weeks ago got OB before me. He didn't even know about it before last week. I've been waiting for months for OB to release. Life is so unfair. Also we share an audible account.
  13. Turning body parts into cuss words. I draw the line there.
  14. I read until about book 20 of Discworld and stopped there. The language worse depending on the sub series.Though I don't remember any sex scenes. There were multiple prostitute references and body part related language