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  1. That would be very interesting. especially given the theory about his cognitive presence. I wonder, then, how his abilities due to the bond would relate to surgebinding. I Saw this topic in the cosmere theories. This quote stood out to me, because like seons, Nightblood is not from Roshar. So if he could give Szeth the ability to draw in stromlight (among other things), would then all the stormlight Szeth draws in go right back into wielding Nightblood? I assume it would take a vast amount considering the thread about stormlight's ratio to breath. And in this capacity, his bond would act identical to that of an honorblade in that it grants abilities but requires an absurd amount of stromlight to use.
  2. Hello All! I am very new here and this my first theory post! Very excited to discuss this! If this has been posted before i apologize, I am still trying to learn the ins and outs so your patience is appreciated. That being said, Here is my theory about Szeth and Nightblood. We know that Nightblood feeds on breath when drawn (or in this case stromlight). However, since losing his honorblade, Szeth has also lost his ability to draw in stormlight, making him unable to draw Nightblood. So my theory/question is, would it be possible for Szeth to supplement his inability to draw in stormlight with Hemalurgy?
  3. Hi everyone! I first heard about Brandon when i finished reading the WoT a few years back. As an avid fantasy book lover i was blown away with his ability to pick up that series and finish it in such an amazing way. From then on I have considered myself a fan. I jumped right in to his era 1 Mistborn books and LOVED them. After that i couldn't get enough. WoR is easily my favorite book of all time (for now, looking forward to Oathbringer). I just finished Era 2 of Mistborn and with it all the cosmere books. I love theorizing about the potential of his stories and the cosmere. I'm very new to this forum, (and forums in general) and I've been reading some of the posts. I am really loving all of the ideas that everyone has and the community that has been built here! I am looking very forward to joining in on some discussions here.