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  1. I'd recommend reading Robin Hobb's books, starting from Assassin's Aprentice, they are excellent and will wring you out like nothing else! She is the only author I prefer to Brandon In terms of anticipation, I don't think there is any one thing I'm anticipating most, just really excited for the whole thing
  2. I'm also hoping that's where her character development leads, though who knows how long it will take. Hopefully she will at least start on that path properly in oathbringer, if not make a lot of progress
  3. I highly doubt he is there child, that seems a bit ridiculous. I think it's just because he is bonded with an Honour spren. Though I've also thought that maybe he would call all humans that? Or just Alethi maybe
  4. That uber comment made me laugh out loud
  5. Maybe put wheel of time spoilers in a spoiler block? Seems like something people on here might be interested in reading and wouldn't want spoilers for
  6. I think Drehy and Gaz is a bad idea, I know it was probably a joke, but he was part of the system that abused them and was openly antagonist to them. I'm not saying he can't have a redemption arc, but to me it's asking too much for bridge 4 to take him in and even more so for one of them to be romantically involved with him.
  7. Well it's not common usage for everyone clearly, it's definitely not a term at all where I'm from (South Africa), and I have read other books that talk about such a moustache without using the term moustaches, I do also have a moustache myself if that factors in. Anyway I appreciate the definition, I was thinking along those lines
  8. There's a WoB linked on the coppermind article for Ym that just straight up confirms Ym was a truthwatcher, so there's no more debate about it. However I did also read it as just use stormlight.
  9. That's an interesting point actually, though it's hard to say as we don't know how many radiants there were. There were probably some other people there, windrunners definitely have squires, other orders might too, so that could increase the population quite a bit. Also maybe servants and the like. Visiting nobles or merchants. That does still leave the possibility of a lot of other people being able to come there
  10. everstorm

    Worth noting that lift and male were on top of a building so as I understand it they wouldn't have been protected at all, so it does seem like the winds are less intense, however it could be that the middle of the everstorm is most chaotic part and they hadn't reached there yet
  11. Yeah I'm pretty sure higher oxygen content would definitely help. Obviously though it's hard to say how humanity will have changed due the different conditions (especially if any shards decided to tweak things).
  12. Okay thanks, however that still represents a double pairing for each surge, rather than the single pairing of allomancy. Since it's not as simple as a 1-to-1 pairing, that makes it hard to correlate it to a 1-to-1 pairing for anything else.
  13. Exactly what I wanted to say, they didn't find a mark inside. But outside where the blade fell.
  14. As far as we are aware no, the Heralds didn't each have a spren, we are told that their bond was directly with Honour through the honourblades and he provided them their powers. Thinking about it though I'd say it's not impossible that their bonds with Honour took on a life of their own over time and became a special spren. I don't think that's the case personally but who knows. Also I'm no expert on all the WoBs and popular theories so I don't know either if this has been talked about before.