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  1. Paladins of different ideals (each with different powers) bond with physical incarnations of ideas in a setting that's like the bottom of the ocean if the water was drained and a giant magical storm took its place.
  2. Maybe it's as simple as Regrowth being close to Cultivation in the way that Adhesion is to Honor.
  3. Wax: Scott Eastwood, son of Clint Eastwood. The Man with No Name's son is the perfect ideal of Frontier justice. Wayne: Tom Felton, famous for being Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies. As he's gotten older, he's lost his "little jerk" look, and I think he's got the right height and build to play Wayne.
  4. That balance is only maintained when you are a regular Gold Ferring. A Gold Compounder is pulling out more cell division and Immune system strength than they put in, especially if they constantly tapped Gold like Miles did.
  5. I thought of that, but could you push on hoops, which are one large solid ring?
  6. I recently reread the Bands of Mourning, and just thought of a passage, where Wax is pushing on all the metal within the mansion where the party took place. Sterring mentions that all the nearby women's earrings are being pushed on by Wax's Steel bubble. How is Wax pushing on metal that's pierced through someone's skin? I thought aside from Duralumin/Nicrosil boosts or using the Mists themselves, it was basically impossible?
  7. Lord Ruler had one that he assumedly didn't eat since he recreated himself using the Well of Ascension to become a Fullborn (he might've been using it for Feruchemy).
  8. I was thinking, maybe Kelsier spiked himself into a full Feruchemist with a Copper spike, transferring his mind into the Feruchemist. Then he used his force of personality to basically hijack the body, then ate a bead of Lerasium to give him the full set of powers.
  9. The Mistborn Adventure name for them is Ringer, though non-canon.
  10. It wouldn't be visual aging; most changes to appearance as you get older are caused by sun damage, and gravity's cruel pull on your body to make it sag. He'd likely die from old age while still looking like your average 50 year old.
  11. I'd like to think that constant use of gold accelerates cell death, as cells can only divide so many times. By making cells constantly multiply, you shorten your lifespan.
  12. Probably, but whoever got the spike afterwards would likely be deformed by the corrupting nature of Hemalurgy.
  13. I got Nicroburst, which is meh considering they can only let other people do cool things.
  14. The obvious answer is then to use a light as possible gun and heavy as possible ammo while flying au naturel.
  15. After re-reading Shadows of Self, I got to the rope hook part of Wax trying to find Bleeder and got to thinking, besides the usual use of compounding to make near unlimited amounts of weight, couldn't an Iron twinborn compounder shoot a bullet and then ironpull at the bullet in flight with their weight as low as possible for super fast travel? I know there's a maximum limit to storing weight, but Wax always implies he can go fully weightless in the books, though it might be a hyperbole.