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  1. Hold your horses! THERS A CHAPTER ONLINE??
  2. I don’t get why gravity guns aren’t an option, we don’t know what’s the upper limit of lashing you can give an object, and even than if you can keep the bullets running for 10 seconds at 1 lashing running in an ammo drum the bullets will reach a speed of around 850 m/s, the equivalent of ww2 infantry rifles. even if you can’t make rifles you can still make early Gatling guns equivalent.
  3. TL;DR Sorry, I’ll catch up with the thread later i have a pet theory about Adolin and Maya. I think that he will revive her with some external help (probably Dalinar) and it will be a crucial part in Szeths story arc. I think that the Shin wars weren’t really wars of conquest but more of wars for shards. We know that in Feverstone Keep Dalinar saw 300 KR leave 300 shardblades behind, that was two orders of radiant worth of shards, mind you probably the two biggest orders in terms of membership so let’s say the other 6 left behind another 500 blades, that’s 800 shardblades! Althekar is said to be the country with most shards with about 30 shardblades, and some nations don’t have any at all. I believe that the missing blades are hidden in Shinovar and that retrieving and reviving them will be one of the main story arch’s in SA5. Besides, Adolin is a young modern day Nohadon, I fully expect him to be highprince of war at some point.
  4. For me this chapter really drove home how dire the situation really is and it helped paint the battle for Thaylen city as the great pivotal point it was. It’s also the one chapter i usually skip on any rereads, it still moves me every time, [email protected]#$ Moash.
  5. Am I the only one who’s thinking about guns? We have a WoB that says that fabrials can replicate every surge so how about a fabrial that uses gravitation to accelerate projectiles?
  6. I actually think it’s cultivation masquerading as honor. But it’s a good theory.
  7. Sorry mate, I don’t know how
  8. If you haven’t noticed the first 3 chapters of Starsight are up on the iBook store. if you haven’t read it than spoilers are up, bee warned. . . . . . . . . . . . . I wish I haven’t read them. I got more questions now than before, so what do you guys think they found in the records? And knowing what we know now what do you think the status of the DDF is? And just a thought but could doomslug be part of the hyperdrive mechanism, do we know where it is during the time when Spensa jumped during the battle at the end of skyward?
  9. I think windrunners 4th oath is about admitting they can’t take responsibility for everything, in Kaladin case that he can’t save everyone, I think it’s pretty conclusive from Kal storyline in OB, he is depressed on the way to hearthstone when he is sure that he failed to save it, he breaks down in front of his parents because he failed to save Tien, he is furious and depressed that he couldn’t save more people from the highstorm, he freezes up in Kholinar when can’t stop his friends from killing each other, and the biggest clue is when he tries to say the 4th oath and can’t, because it means admitting that he can’t save Dalinar and need to focus on saving Adolin, Shallan, Syl, Pattern, Maya and himself from the fused, he can’t do it, he won’t stop trying to save everyone. Maybe Jasnah can help him see it, it’s a very interesting theory which I would love to see in book four.
  10. Keep on reading, Oathbringer is a roller coaster, you are only at the first climb. Have fun!
  11. Haven’t read the entire thread but here are my 2 cents. In my mind Kaladins story is the story of a soldier at war, far from home and everything he knows rising through the ranks, he is the qeantisential soldier, having a loved one back at home maybe, but’s that is not the focuse of his story. The focuse is the comraderies, the hardship and sacrifice. I really don’t want a love story to get into the middle of that. Having said that I’m torn between Tarah, who I think is a great contender since we’ve seen here mentioned in all three books and the fact that she might been sighted in Urithriu, and Jashna, who would make the most interesting alternative to letting Kal be a hero with some peace and quite ;-P
  12. Am I the only one who felt that it’s not a true Sanderson book since it’s too short?
  13. After reading the Novella and combing through the chapters I’m pretty sure that you are right. It gives a whole new meaning to this little tidbit from gran gran The engine crew are the descendents of phone company members.
  14. That’s sound like a good explanation to Windruners resonance.
  15. Wow! that is one great theory, I fully support it, it just makes sense on so many level, good job.