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  1. fear is a natural response to danger
  2. PreciousNoodle you are my friend now
  3. I followed this so long ago, it feels like returning home from a long adventure
  4. wow this forum is still alive I am impressed
  5. *nor other languages*
  7. Guys I am on a quest to become the powerful person in the Cosmere.

    I've got a healing sword

    I've got an army of Aviar

    I'm going to be a super powerful Allomancer

    The Nightwatcher will give us all.

    1. Honorless


      Bruh, you've also amassed an awful lot of Banes

    2. CrazyManth3


      Ah yes, but the only real bane I have is the one from you.

    3. Honorless


      I aim to curse, or at the very least blurse

  8. Granted, your favorite characters Marsh, Sixth of the Dusk, and Szeth all come over to your house to meet you. They won't kill anyone, but you are now blind and will never know what they look like. I simply wish for a bead of Lerasium to gain undiluted Allomantic powers.
  9. No that St. Sanderson looks pretty good. Actually the very definite change between the two photos is absolutely perfect.
  10. Does he have an account on the Shard? I would think yes, but I've never seen him.
  11. If we stay here, there is a chance we rot.
  12. Uh, granted, but their curse instead manifests as your own physical pain. As in they get no curse, but any pain you have is 3 times as worse (so if you are not in pain, you feel fine). I wish for an array of birds that were born near Patji's eye.
  13. It seems rather nice right in that spot.
  14. At least more objectively attractive than not.
  15. Just don't end up losing your snot.
  16. Wait that cat is scary, hope he's out of earshot.
  17. Indeed; it seems he forgot
  18. It seems it was the guy that was got.
  19. Using a robot?
  20. These rhymes are surprising, my breath here is caught.
  21. Wait... I am of many stripes... how did you know?
  22. I kind of want to explore this. We know that the creation of Nightblood was incredibly complex, but if we thought about it... Nightblood can: Induce sickness/vomiting (on good people), induce blood lust (on bad people), suck out investiture and life force, and destroy all things physical, cognitive, and spiritual (storming love the Coppermind). So how would you create a more powerful weapon? As a basic rule it would need a rusting amount of Breaths to be powerful enough. In the Nighterwatcher Boon/Bane Game I was granted a weapon that seems to have similar but also opposite effects. It heals wounds, but is powered by the lives killed of others (this is a simplification). I really liked this idea, so... using a steel sword, one could Command: "Heal", while visualizing wounds closing, etc.. And hopefully it would not require killing, just investiture. It probably still wouldn't beat Nightblood though... Maybe the Command "Protect me" could do it. Or just "Protect", "Protect good". Well, I enjoyed our time together, thinking of ways to cheat the system. Have a good day. PS: It would be easier to awaken a stick because it was once living, but harder because it doesn't really look like a human. It would be a type III BioChromatic entity.