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    Brandon Sanderson books/reading (Don't we all have this one?), music, school (math and science, specifically), video games, food (oh yes food), and being happy! Edit: hello past me
  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. fear is a natural response to danger
  3. PreciousNoodle you are my friend now
  4. I followed this so long ago, it feels like returning home from a long adventure
  5. wow this forum is still alive I am impressed
  6. *nor other languages*
  8. Guys I am on a quest to become the powerful person in the Cosmere.

    I've got a healing sword

    I've got an army of Aviar

    I'm going to be a super powerful Allomancer

    The Nightwatcher will give us all.

    1. Honorless


      Bruh, you've also amassed an awful lot of Banes

    2. CrazyManth3


      Ah yes, but the only real bane I have is the one from you.

    3. Honorless


      I aim to curse, or at the very least blurse

  9. Granted, your favorite characters Marsh, Sixth of the Dusk, and Szeth all come over to your house to meet you. They won't kill anyone, but you are now blind and will never know what they look like. I simply wish for a bead of Lerasium to gain undiluted Allomantic powers.
  10. No that St. Sanderson looks pretty good. Actually the very definite change between the two photos is absolutely perfect.
  11. Does he have an account on the Shard? I would think yes, but I've never seen him.
  12. If we stay here, there is a chance we rot.