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  1. Oh ok. I will see by myself if I like it or not, but now I have an idea of what to expect for the ending, so it won't take me for surprise. Thanks!! Oh, there's going to be a sequel trilogy?! Oh wow didn't know that. Then I'm not that scared about it ending "bad". Thanks.
  2. Well, I've seen many people complaining about the ending of "The Calamity" so I'm wondering why that is. But I never read those complains to avoid spoilers. That's why I want to know the reason behind all those complains without spoilers.
  3. So, I'm doing a Sanderson's marathon for the first time, and the next saga I'm going to read is The Reckoners. But before I do, I would like to be ready for the "bad", "disappointing", or even "terrible" ending of this saga according to some people. So if the ending is bad to you, could you tell me exactly why the ending is bad without giving any details about the plot at all? Just tell me if it's consider bad because it's an open ending, because it's rushed, because it's a bad and sad ending... Why exactly? Thanks.