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  1. The second part of your name makes me wonder: Do you watch RWBY?

    1. Warbreaker_Weiss


      I don't watch RWBY, but I've had people point this out to me before. My last name is Weiss so that's why it's in my username :). (Sorry I didn't respond to this earlier, I haven't been on the Shard lately because I've been really busy.)

    2. AonEne


      Cool last name! (It's totally fine ^_^)

    3. Warbreaker_Weiss
  2. I didn't see her. I must have went on a different day as her, cause I'm sure I would have noticed.
  3. I love the Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo. There are six main characters, and two of them are female. One of the female characters, Inej, is one of my favorite non-Sanderson characters of all time. She has a lot of chapters in her perspective, if I remember correctly.
  4. When you go to Silicon Valley Comic Con and are disappointed because the most Sanderson-related thing you see there is your t-shirt.
  5. When your best friend is the type of person who promises he'll sneak Words of Radiance into the school dance so you can read it with him (it's the mass market paperback; there's absolutely no way we could have gotten in his hardcover copy), but then can't because his parents realize it's exactly the type of thing he'd do and then make sure all of his books are in his backpack before leaving. (This is really random, but I'm very proud to say that I put the original Pokemon theme song in the song request list. That is one of the only songs I would have danced to, but, unfortunately, the DJ didn't play it. Storming DJ doesn't know what storming music is.)
  6. When people at your school start shipping you with your Sanderfan best friend and asking you which character you're going to name your future children after. This isn't even as embarrassing as the time in 7th grade when people heard me talking about Brandon's books and just assumed that I had a crush on this guy named Brandon Sanderson because I said his name a lot when I was explaining the plot of Mistborn to someone who asked what it was about.
  7. I just finished A Darker Shade of Magic and am only on page twenty of A Gathering of Shadows. They'e not the most creative books at times, but they're really addictive.
  8. My last name is Weiss and I wanted to make a cosmere related username with it, so I put Warbreaker and Weiss together because I thought it sounded cool (Also because I literally couldn't think of anything and the usernames I came up with started getting progressively worse).
  9. I don't have a smartphone either, so the school computers were pretty much my only connection to the Shard during school hours. I haven't been on the Shard in a few weeks because now I don't have any way to not so stealthily sneak into the computer lab and log into my account. I've tried Incognito also, and the school blocked me in that too. They're very concerned when it comes to me finding a way to gain access to a website about fantasy books (Personally, I think the evil librarians who roam the library have something to do with it. They know I've read Alcatraz's books and I know their secrets ).
  10. When you're the reason 17th Shard has been blocked from all the computers in the school library. (I went in the library a few times during lunch to go on the Shard and the school must have seen it, because a week later the website was blocked on all the computers with a warning that said it wasn't "educational" and I'd been denied access.)
  11. While I agree with most of what you said, I'm not sure I'd like to fall asleep with a massive fourth Stormlight book pounding into my skull. That sounds painful...
  12. That's not as satisfying as being able to hold the book and pet it
  13. When you have dreams that the 4th Stormlight book is released during the zombie apocalypse, and in your dream you go outside with a gun, risk your life, and shoot zombies while on your way to Barnes and Noble to buy the new book.
  14. When someone asks you if you want an "icebreaker" and you become really confused because you hear it as "Skybreaker".
  15. Watch the last scene of Rogue One. The answers you seek shall come to you, and Vader will be crowned the "best villain". (Sorry, Kylo fans. I'm a passionate Vader supporter.)