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  1. What do you mean? None of them are going to die. Nope. It's going to be all happy and all my favorite characters will survive I may or may not be in denial But in all seriousness, I feel like it's going to be Dalinar. After his character arc in Oathbringer, and the high stakes of the contest, I just can't see him making it out alive. I have this feeling that it's going to happen. However, I don't think Kaladin will die. Maybe he'll be injured or something, but him dying right after all the stuff he went through in RoW would be disappointing.
  2. It is midnight and I just changed my profile picture to a flying fish.

    I will come back in the morning and see if I regret this decision. (Also please tell me if this was a good idea. I'm so tired I can barely think right now)

    Basically I should have gone to sleep fifteen minutes ago but instead I looked at pictures of fish

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      I also approve

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      Huh. They do kind of remind me of skyeels. Kind of

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  3. School starts in two days. It hasn't started yet. 


    Anyways, my English class made me read 1984 over the summer. I'm probably going to have to write a bunch of essays on it. But it was really good. I liked it a lot.

    It also gave me nightmares

    Ironically, the nightmares were all about writing essays. I've had multiple dreams where I was forced to write essays for the Party, and if I wrote something wrong, they arrested me. This might be a metaphor for my dread about the approaching English assignments, but that's just a guess. It's definitely not a sign of me going insane. Nope. 



    H E L P 

    WAIT. I JUST REMEMBERED. Since I'm already mentioning weird dreams, I had the weirdest dream a while ago. Basically, I went to a taco restaurant, and the main character of my fantasy novel (Vashkril) was over there too. He and his group of friends were eating at a table. Then they invited me to eat with them. Well, umm, the entire dream was just Vashkril becoming increasingly suspicious that I was the writer who wrote his tragic backstory. Every other character was oblivious. It was terrifying, though. He sat there eating a taco and glaring at me the whole time. He was trying to interrogate me like, "Are you sure I've never met you? You seem really familiar."

    So, yes. Treat your characters nicely. Otherwise they show up in your dreams and threaten you. 


    I also had a second dream a few weeks later where he saw this terrible picture I edited of him, and he went up to me like, "Why did you do this? I do not look like that." And then I woke up laughing super hard. This picture is iconic, though. It's hilarious to me now because Dream-Vashkril looked absolutely disgusted.




    Okay. That's it. This was all over the place. It was supposed to be only the first two lines about assignments, but then I got carried away. 

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      This is some quality content right here.

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      Glad you enjoyed. I wrote this yesterday while I was sleep deprived and going crazy :P

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      That's hilarious, I'm so sorry you're being threatened by your character lol 

  4. I can't believe I forgot to post this here
  5. I'd never seen this video. Thank you for enlightening me. I love it.
  6. I've seen you more on Discord than I have on the Shard, and I kind of associate you with otters because of your old profile picture. Otters are cool I don't see your posts here that often, but based off of Discord you seem fun to talk to.
  7. I think I've read some of your posts in theory threads before. I don't look at those kinds of threads that often, but I always see your posts/profile picture appear when I do look there. Anyways, from what I've read you seem pretty cool. You also probably know a lot more about the cosmere than I do because I tend to forget random facts...
  8. I'm still kind of surprised I was able to accurately put the feeling into words I also kind of lurk IRL. I'm always quiet in the background and somehow people forget I'm there. I just stand there listening to the conversation like: [Solid conclusion that wraps everything up nicely]
  9. Thanks for the follow!

    1. Flying


      No problem! Thanks for also following me :P

  10. (Okay so I tried to write this last week but then kind of panicked and just stopped writing it. But now I'm going to finish it because I'm feeling brave) I'm having a hard time putting all my thoughts into words right now, but I'll try my best. So, I've always been that person that people know but don't really know. Everyone knows I exist, but people don't really know me personally. I'm just kind of... there. Like a random person in the background of a movie. I've realized that this mostly has to do with me being on the autism spectrum, and also because talking to people makes me anxious. I never really put in the effort to interact with people because it's so much easier being an outside observer. There were a few years in my life where I really did try (and actually succeeded) to make friends, but for some reason it made me panic even more. There's something about getting to know people that kind of awakens this part of me that makes me aware of all the things that make me different. People at school have also made fun of me for things like being autistic or depressed, so there's past conversations like that haunting me. I've kind of come to the conclusion that I'm much happier being alone because I don't get as stressed out. The reason I explained all of that is this: I lurk on these forums a lot. I lurk on Discord too. I'm fascinated by the way people act, but it takes so much effort and mental preparation for me to actually join the conversation. But because I observe everything silently, I know a lot about the people here. I have like this weird part of my brain that's just random things that I remember about people, and most of the time they probably don't even know I was paying attention. But I care about you guys. A lot, actually. I know I don't put in enough effort to interact with people, but I've observed so many people struggling with so many different things. There's people here who don't believe anyone cares, and every time I see one of those messages pop up it just makes me feel this intense sadness. I know what that feeling's like. I've felt it before, and I have vivid memories of the times when those feelings of hopelessness were the strongest. I've sat here for over twenty minutes trying to come up with something poetic and beautiful and inspirational, but the only thing I can think of right now is a stupid quote from a story that's still unfinished on my computer. I wanted to write something else as encouragement, but it's 2:00 AM and I can't really find anything else to say. So, umm, I guess you can read this random thing I wrote a year ago. To conclude this (overly long) post, I'm just going to end by reiterating that I care about all of you. Even if I don't know you personally, you're all Sanderfans. You're already amazing people by my standards
  11. I watched The Mitchells vs. the Machines today and I was really surprised. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I was laughing throughout the whole movie.
  12. I've seen the show twice, and I've also read the original trilogy and Six of Crows duology. I'm reading Six of Crows for the second time right now because I haven't read it in years. I'm actually kind of surprised how the show managed to change things from the books but do it in a way that I liked. If you didn't know, in the original books the Crows and Alina storyline were completely separated. They mixed them up to introduce all the characters at once, and the fans were really worried at first about the Crows being incorporated into the first trilogy. It kind of works though. It added a lot of fun heist stuff to the Shadow and Bone trilogy that wasn't there originally. I think I enjoyed the show more because there was more stuff going on. I'd say that the books are generally fun and quick reads, but they aren't a series I'm completely obsessed with. They're still good books, though.
  13. Here's a bunch of life updates because I haven't posted here in forever.


    For my final project I had to interview a professional scientist. It was in a Zoom meeting and was with a marine biologist. This normally would be something fun and exciting. The problem is...I'M STORMING AWKWARD. I ran out of questions within five minutes and had no idea how to carry on the conversation. He was really nice about it though, but I'm looking over the video recordings and there's multiple parts that make me facepalm. I can already tell this is going to be something that haunts me for the next few weeks.


    A few days ago I posted a draft of a prologue I wrote to a writing feedback subreddit. I was kind of dared to do it by my friend, but I was like "Eh, whatever. Most posts don't get read unless they blow up; I'll just do this and see what happens." Anyways, it kind of became one of the top posts on the subreddit for a few days. That still meant that only 150 people read it, but... that seems like a lot. Especially because most posts only get 10 to 30 upvotes.

    I wasn't expecting anything, but somehow I ended up with private messages from people telling me they enjoyed it and wanted more. I feel slightly bad because it was a random decision and I know I could've put more work into it, but I didn't actually think anyone would read it in the first place. So now I learned that there's an audience of people out there who want the rest of the story. I'm excited but also slightly terrified because most of my writing is just me being a weirdo and having absolutely no idea what I'm doing.


    Uhh. My AP Lang test is tomorrow. I'm going to have to hand write three essays in two hours. Pray for my poor left hand because during the mock exam it was in PAIN 

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      Finger pushups are your friend! Just put your fingertips on the desk and go up and down

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      Hmm. I might try that actually

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      1. Cool! My chemistry teacher is a marine biologist and has been to Antarctica. He's literally the worst teacher I've ever had.

      2. Oooh, that's really neat! Congrats! And if you want to post more, I'd say go for it. Don't feel obligated to, but if you wanted to... 

      3. GOOD LUCK. YOU'VE GOT THIS. *screams internally at reminder of upcoming AP world test*

  14. 998 We're close to 1,000!