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  1. I've seen the show twice, and I've also read the original trilogy and Six of Crows duology. I'm reading Six of Crows for the second time right now because I haven't read it in years. I'm actually kind of surprised how the show managed to change things from the books but do it in a way that I liked. If you didn't know, in the original books the Crows and Alina storyline were completely separated. They mixed them up to introduce all the characters at once, and the fans were really worried at first about the Crows being incorporated into the first trilogy. It kind of works though. It added a lot of fun heist stuff to the Shadow and Bone trilogy that wasn't there originally. I think I enjoyed the show more because there was more stuff going on. I'd say that the books are generally fun and quick reads, but they aren't a series I'm completely obsessed with. They're still good books, though.
  2. Here's a bunch of life updates because I haven't posted here in forever.


    For my final project I had to interview a professional scientist. It was in a Zoom meeting and was with a marine biologist. This normally would be something fun and exciting. The problem is...I'M STORMING AWKWARD. I ran out of questions within five minutes and had no idea how to carry on the conversation. He was really nice about it though, but I'm looking over the video recordings and there's multiple parts that make me facepalm. I can already tell this is going to be something that haunts me for the next few weeks.


    A few days ago I posted a draft of a prologue I wrote to a writing feedback subreddit. I was kind of dared to do it by my friend, but I was like "Eh, whatever. Most posts don't get read unless they blow up; I'll just do this and see what happens." Anyways, it kind of became one of the top posts on the subreddit for a few days. That still meant that only 150 people read it, but... that seems like a lot. Especially because most posts only get 10 to 30 upvotes.

    I wasn't expecting anything, but somehow I ended up with private messages from people telling me they enjoyed it and wanted more. I feel slightly bad because it was a random decision and I know I could've put more work into it, but I didn't actually think anyone would read it in the first place. So now I learned that there's an audience of people out there who want the rest of the story. I'm excited but also slightly terrified because most of my writing is just me being a weirdo and having absolutely no idea what I'm doing.


    Uhh. My AP Lang test is tomorrow. I'm going to have to hand write three essays in two hours. Pray for my poor left hand because during the mock exam it was in PAIN 

    1. FriarFritz


      Finger pushups are your friend! Just put your fingertips on the desk and go up and down

    2. Flying


      Hmm. I might try that actually

    3. Tesh


      1. Cool! My chemistry teacher is a marine biologist and has been to Antarctica. He's literally the worst teacher I've ever had.

      2. Oooh, that's really neat! Congrats! And if you want to post more, I'd say go for it. Don't feel obligated to, but if you wanted to... 

      3. GOOD LUCK. YOU'VE GOT THIS. *screams internally at reminder of upcoming AP world test*

  3. 998 We're close to 1,000!
  4. I finished Shadow and Bone and The Dragon Reborn, so now I'm reading The Shadow Rising. I really liked TDR, and so far all my thoughts about WoT have been really positive. Shadow and Bone, though... I can't really decide how I feel about that book. It was fun and didn't take long to read, but the plot didn't actually interest me until about 75% through the book.
  5. Welcome to the Shard! Who's your favorite cosmere character?
  6. I think you're thinking about me. I'll do it though
  7. Interesting. I know a lot of people who like it, but for some reason I can never bring myself to try it. It's probably just me being weird
  8. I think my favorite cheese is cheddar. I don't really mind American, but I don't really like it either... Also, I don't know if it's just me, but the idea of blue cheese makes me feel really disgusted. I've never even tried to eat it, but I feel like blue and cheese are just not two words that should go together.
  9. Do I smell a Zelda fan?

    1. Flying


      Yes :ph34r: 

      I only have a switch though, so I haven't been able to play a lot of the games yet. I WANT THE OTHER ONES :( 

  10. I've had a Cars song stuck in my head all week... Also, how did you win for 12 hours?
  11. Hurt and Heal - 7 Rate the ____ Above You - 7 Guess That Cosmere Character - 9 Synonym Game - 7 Tournament: Roast Battles - 8 The Person Below Me... - 10 Guess That Cosmere Place - 10 Nomic - 4 Memes of Any Kind - 8 Hurt Nomic, Heal Place
  12. The Longest Thread - 8 Hurt and Heal - 6 Spoken Camp Games - 4 Rate the ____ Above You - 5 The Game and Its Losers - 4 Guess That Cosmere Character - 7 Synonym Game - 5 Truth or Dare - 5 Tournament: Roast Battles - 5 The Person Below Me... - 8 Guess That Cosmere Place - 8 Nomic - 7 Memes of Any Kind - 5 hurt TLT, heal Memes
  13. I'm a Christian who has put my faith in Jesus and believes in salvation through grace/faith alone, but I admittedly don't know enough about denominations. I can't really classify myself any further besides the fact that I believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I get even more confused about denominations because my dad's side of the family is Jewish, so we still celebrate things like Passover and Hanukkah with them. I don't really need a specific label, I guess. I just know what I personally believe. I also feel like I've felt God's presence in my life multiple times. There's two moments that really stand out to me, but there's also just a bunch of random things that feel like they connected too well to be just a coincidence.
  14. I'm doing my science homework right now and...:ph34r:


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    2. Mist


      Wait wait wait what class is that?

    3. Flying


      It's environmental science. So far it's just been a lot of learning about ecosystems and agriculture. 

    4. Mist


      Cool. I'm taking AP Environmental Science, so I was thinking that looked a little familiar :P