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  1. I found it, Ha! I did some more looking after I posted it and found exactly what I was looking for. Thank you :D!
  2. Hey folks been gone for a month or so, I disappeared to hide in my Spoiler Free Zone, I knew if I logged in I would ruin something.. But Someone, please explain to me why everyone is changing names to Ookla the "noun".
  3. To our knowledge there is only one Living Larkin? Why are they so heavily hunted to extinction? Why are bodies sold for kingdoms, and who buys them? There cannot be that many people that know of the Larkin's abilities, and even less that find it useful in any way at all. Without a living Larkin to show what they do, surely mostly they are ornamental. I was not able to tell if the Larkin used in Edgedancer/Lift interlude was living or not. Surely the bodies are coveted because they can continue to "Leech" Stormlight through "Silver eyes"? Am I on the right road with this or do I need another re-read? I'm doubling down on Arcanum Unbound and OB is up next for a re-read.
  4. Good lord I missed that altogether, RE-READ TIME!!!!!
  5. So, has it been discussed on how Dalinar may already have 9 Shadows? The people he's surrounded himself are the 9 Shadows? Perhaps 9 other orders of KR? I could easily count off at least 7 people he closely associated with who "Strengthen" Dalinar in some way. Perhaps the last few aren't KR but people that stand with him? We know He was to be Odium's Champion, so who are his Shadows?
  6. I happen to disagree, I think a well made Razor would work Wonderfully. I too am a daily shaver. I however use an Electric Razor.. If can shield the blades, I.E. have some sort of Stand off, instead of place the razor directly against the skin, you could shave very accurately. It would be the best shave in the WORLD. You'd never feel it pulling your hair, and you would never ever have to sharpen and replace it. as long as you learned the proper angle, The angle would have to be discussed with your spren while you shave. I'm sure even a dead spren blade could do it, as long as you used the proper guard, but it would be unwieldy, because Dead spren blades cannot shrink as Pattern has done in WoR. I'm sure syl can accommodate as well. What if Rock manages to bind a Spren, He would be the best Barber in Roshar!. But I do not think his soul is Broken enough, though he may have a dark secret behind his jovial attitude.
  7. Sadly I have to wait until I pick up Arcanum Unbound tomorrow but I'm downloading OB as we speak. Pre ordered it MONTHS ago on Audible. Going to get Edgedancer knocked out, then Secret History skip all the rest of the stuff unless anything pertains to Cosmere or S.A.
  8. Happy Oathbringer day, Lets not ruin anyone elses by spoiling the book for the people that may not read as quickly as you, or that may not be as fortunate to have obtained the book on the first day. I love you all my Bridge 4 Bretheren. Happy Reading.
  9. He perhaps did it when he was angered. Or perhaps this has all happened before? Not everything is known in history due to the recreances and the shattering. Or if it happened during a stormlight surge, Ooh. What if the Shattering, caused them to break the Oathpact. Just going off the cuff. HAPPY OATHBRINGER DAY!
  10. So, on the shattering, the stormfather is older than the shattering, do you think he caused it? Do you think that the Shattering of the Plains happened when the Oaths were broken? Or did it happen before then? Is it known when it happened and does it line up with any of the Recreance events?
  11. Allomantic Pewter. Feruchemical Gold. You would be one of the most Elite and hardest to stop warriors in the Cosmere. Burning Pewter and Storing health when not in combat. Burning Pewter and consuming gold while in combat. Never Tired. Never weak. Just finished Pewter Dragging for 9 hours, No problem just burn gold for a tick. No pewter drag. I'd call this a Juggernaut. Burning pewter to counteract storing gold. Tapping gold to counteract Burning pewter. The strength, balance, and speed to match all but a F-Steel but the mental and physical fortitude to withstand the barrage heal, and outlast him, or IMO The most OP work horse/ Warrior Scadrial has to offer.
  12. Re-Re-read first two stormlight books, and now I STILL HAVE TO WAIT!! AHHHHH!!!, I finished my quest. I finished all other Cosmere works other than White sand, and Arcanum Unbound. I can't do White Sand until I get back to the states. I had to spend my allowance "I'm 30 years old", because my wife wouldn't let me over spend the account. but I did it.. But I still have to patiently wait AFTER I download Oathbringer, to finish Arcanum unbound. I think I'm going to just skip to the Lift section, Any other books other than Edgedancer that have S.A. Tid bits that are note worthy? Or can I just skip to Edge Dancer Consume it in one day and pick up on Oathbringer a day late? Thoughts?
  13. It's odd to me, listening to Dune, and hearing Duke Atreides home world's name read aloud Caladan, sounds strikingly similar to Kaladin.
  14. When all of your piercings make you feel like an inquisitor, and have long since been subject to Ruin. That Harmony fellow is just not as mentally unstable.
  15. It's just as easy for you to frame your victory box as it is me and mine. If Wiz and Boomstick did a deathbattle between Kel and Vin. I think they would come to the correct decision. HAHA! I do secede to the point that Kelsier was more skilled with steel, and steel only Wax is by far the best, and has had way more time to defend himself with it.