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  1. Had a out there thought. We have seen how shardblades can 'mist' when going through living tissue. In essence de-cohering. And Parshendi have smoke form. What if Willshapers can also affect themselves, rather than just their environment? De-cohere as they are about to be attcked? Possible?
  2. Let's not forget that there are those suspicious 'window ' panes in the Main Urithiru Council Chamber. Many have speculated that they resemble TV screens. It's possible that the lighweavers did act go betweens in command and control while battling on 100 mile long fronts such as that spren (forgot his name) described to Venli.
  3. You should set up two separate votes. Who will bond the Sibling and who will bond the Nightwatcher?
  4. Rlain bonded to Nightwatcher Navani bonded to Sibling
  5. Sorry, I guess I didn't finish my sentence. What do they look like in Shadesmar.
  6. OK, so accepting this theory, of course only to be trolled later by BS , where then does the Nexus of Truth go? I mean the only other two in-system locations are Ashyn and Braize. Is there then another sentient outpost in the Rosharan system? And for that matter what about the Nexus names. Density, Vibrance, Vapor, Broken Sky all make a certain amount of sense. But Transition, Imagination and Truth?
  7. Looking for some clarification. I have tried to find this on the Forums and Arcanum, but what I have found so far is either contradictory or incomplete. Corrupted investiture. IF I understand it correctly is "what happens when one shard interferes with the investiture of another shard"? And the investiture turns red when it's corrupted? OK, what I can't figure out is the difference between what happened to Glys (which is red) and all of the other spren that Sja-Anat had corrupted (none of which is red, but IS weirdly misshapen)? Is their any actual information about this? Or am i misunderstanding something?
  8. Okay, we know that the spren manifestations we see in the physical realm are only a part of the real spren looks like in shadesmar. Anticipation spren tongues - fun. So,what So what i think would be REALLY interesting to see is what do Creation spren look like
  9. WOB: Questioner The Expanses, in the map: We already know that Densities is Sel, Vapors is Scadrial, Vibrance is... Nalthis, and Broken Sky is Taldain, right? Brandon Sanderson I have not confirmed that Broken Sky is Taldain. Stormlightning That's the only one you don't want to confirm? Brandon Sanderson I have not confirmed that... Don't want to. Prologue Book 4 "Being able to bring them back and forth from Braize doesn't mean anything, Gavilar," one of them said. "It's too close to be a relevant distance." "It was impossible just a few short years ago," said a deep, powerful voice. His. "This is proof. The Connection is not severed, but can be warped to allow for travel. Not yet as far as you'd like, but we must start the journey somewhere." Oathbringer p1030 “Voidspren have arrived mysteriously just west of the Nexus of Imagination. Near Marat or Tukar on your side. Arrgggh! I could have sworn there was WoB with a better clarification but I can't find it! I read it about a year ago. Its not on Arcanum. Has EVERY WoB been transcribed to Arcanum? I remember looking for it AFTER i had seen attached picture. (which is wrong BTW because of the above Oathbringer quote.) #cognitive realm #shadesmar #shadesmar map
  10. So we know: Nexus of Transition = Ashyn Nexus of Imagination = Braize So where does Nexus of Truth go? Its subastral but what other location within the Roshar system could it be going to?
  11. OK, An Iriali island in the middle of nowhere, called the 'City of Lightning'. Yes it could be some sort of center for coastal trade. But, people, com'on, what location for the Iriali would be the MOST important for them? The location of their (cue the Lightning gate) ARRIVAL on Roshar. And, for that matter, maybe the only place they can EXIT Roshar. (Ow! Dammit stop the Lightning! That stings! ) Or a corollary, to Evgeni (Argent)'s theory if there were some sort of permanent gateway between the two realms (it need not be JUST the oathgate) Couldn't you see a city growing up on BOTH sides of the gate? And lets not forget one other little fact Ashyn was just a hop, skip and a trip north of there. REPLY
  12. That's not my point, though. OK, yeah it does sound a teensy bit like i'm trying to excuse their behavior/actions. . I'm just trying to point out that you have this god level being lining up his pawns and no one seems to acknowledge it. Look at it this way. Scadrial. You have a 1 ton jerk walking down the street about to pass Mr. Bystander. A Rioter steps out of the shadows, riots the jerks anger, who then turns that anger on Mr. Bystander. Now how much fault do assign the jerk and how much the Rioter? If you assigned more fault to the Rioter than to the jerk, then why not more fault to Odium?
  13. Something that i always find weird about all this dislike of Moash, as well as Sadeas and Amaram, is that no one is acknowledging the million ton elephant in the room. Odium. The guy was having a huge influence on people. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT saying that they have given up agency, but no one seems to talk about the influence of being subjected to Nergaoul for years on end or of having a voice whispering in your head that "it wasn't your fault". These guys are bastards, true, but were they pushed further into the darkside than otherwise they would have been? Hell, it took the intervention of Cultivation herself to stop Dalinar from becoming Odium's champion. Moash could have done better, true, but keep in mind his choices were not completely made of his own free will.
  14. Yeah, but is that really cognitive realm? Or is that just a function of being twinborn?
  15. OKaaay. Well Then. humm. Not to be sexist, after all Shallan DID bring this up. What about Menstrual Spren? Looks like a little Mother Cultivation and visits once a month? Also known to leave this expression on men's faces.