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  1. Any D&D gamers here who played Eberron? I keep envisioning the Rosharan version of the Lightning Rail. Metal plinths sticking out of the ground in a line with mounted fabrials that repel crem. The train is like a Maglev with fabrials mounted underneath the train that repels the specific metal of the plinth. The train has abrasion fabrials to resist the wind.
  2. Edgedancer; Brandon Sanderson,Ch 6, pg 59 Grimy Little Girl: Has food. GLG: The lady in charge, she has good (a lot of?) food. Lift: Has food for kids? GLG: Has food for kids. But mean too, cold, that one, her eyes are like swords. Doesn’t like kids, but has food for them. Really puzzling. Lift: Maybe because of other people? Like the other people, they give her spheres, if she gives food to kids? GLG: Maybe, maybe that’s right. Puzzling, but crazy too. Real crazy. … GLG: That ruckus above, the food from the sky. Everyone talking about it. That was you, huh? Lift: Yeah GLG: You’re a (stranger?) [important?] Lift: Yeah GLG: You care? Lift: I care GLG: People, they don’t care.
  3. From the description, I had the impression of goats.
  4. A thousand! I thought is was more like 60.
  5. On dear ol' mother Earth, the invention of the steam engine kicked off the industrial revolution. So I had two questions. Does the existence of modern fabrials and the exploration thereof constitute the beginning of the Rosharan industrial revolution in and of itself or do they need to create a motor/engine? If they need to create a motor/engine what form would it take? Would it be entirely some form of fabrial? OR would it be a hybrid of physics and investiture (say a steam engine with the water heated by a heating fabrial) or something else entirely? If you were the fabrial engineer how would YOU do it?
  6. Soulcasters cannot create polestones(the 10 different types of gemstones). IIRC Shallan says as much in the early chapters of the Way of Kings.
  7. Yeah, I remember reading that. Was wondering how feasible gunpowder would be on Roshar. Of course all of that would imply that they could come up with the formula in the first place. After all it was chemist/alchemists looking for immortality drugs here that led to it's discovery. And given the existence of soulcasting fabrials I get the impression that chemistry is fairly primitive on Roshar.
  8. Could you soulcast the ingredients for gunpowder? Charcoal -- Emerald/wood and plants Saltpetre (potassium nitrate) and sulphur -- Topaz/rock and stone Just aiding the war effort
  9. Correct, But then I made no inferences about Truthwatcher Spren. Rats you're right! I didn't remember the Listener ability to see spren. Rock, however, is a special case as he is able to see her even when others cannot.
  10. No the map in Oathbringer shows it location closer to the center of the continent.
  11. I would like to suggest that (admittedly not all evidence is in) that spren to the right of Bondsmiths and Truthwatchers on the double eye are invisible. While those to the left are visible and employ different means to hide. Syl and Wyndle are invisible and no one has mentioned noticing Malata's Dustbringer spren. Pattern remains visible and hides on objects. Ivory changes size to hide. Timbre at first has to hide in pouch.
  12. Hey Harycrapper! What reading are you referring to? Do you have a link?
  13. theory

    Leave it to me to throw something up on screen without explaining my concept well. I was trying to display a gestalt of the spren/attribute/outlook/relationship of the orders. Not so much what each spren is about or the attributes or what surges they may share, but what the general FEEL of the orders . I am trying to flip it on its head, the fact that some of the spren share names of what i am describing is secondary (sort of like saying the spren was named AFTER the concept was conceived from Brandon's viewpoint.) Arrgghhh I have this thing in my head and I cant explain it well! And yes I did pick/choose the eight orders because the other two FEEL like statistical outliers. As if they don't quite mesh with the others as yet.
  14. Hello all. If this has been discussed before forgive the redundancy. So thinking about the Double Eye of the Almighty and of course the lines between the orders it occurred to me that if you removed the Bondsmiths and Truthwatchers you get a chart of something like this. I am interested in feedback and critiques. Thanks all. P.S. Please note the opposite corners.
  15. First of all Fanboy fanatics do not rant, no we definitely and most assuredly do not! We expound! Yes! We definitely expound, at great length, mind you. Reading that last chapter in OB, I'm pretty sure that the overcharge is done by opening the perpendicularity. Possibly, but I'm none to sanguine about it. Stormfather was something of a one-off as Tanavast gave it his proxy when he died. So to speak. Because as I said, that is one big battery, supplying the needs of a city, a whole entire city! One gem at a time wouldn't make a millionth of a dent in the energy needs. In fact when they tried to infuse stormlight into it it had no visible effect. I believe that it was siphoned away so quickly into the 'wiring/strata' of the city it didn't even glimmer! I really don't think so. See that is the thing that was bothering me. The black one does more or less match the description of an Inkspren, but the white one doesn't look anything like a Reacher/Lightspren.