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  1. Also oddly enough there is another time dilation effect. Shallan thinks about the fact that the spheres are still retaining light long after they should have gone dunn. I can't recall if the thought was before or after the Re-shephir banishment. . I also have a vague memory of (WoB?) concentrated investiture causing time dilaton.
  2. Has anyone noticed that so fall all of the spren to the left of Truthwatchers are always visible? And so far, the two that we are sure of, to the right of TW are invisible. Pattern remains a visible shape. Ivory can shrink/grow Xxx remains a comet that has to hide Wendle and Syl are invisible except for Wendle's residue dust. Or has this already been discussed ad nauseum elsewhere?
  3. I dont think that is strictly accurate. For one thing Shallan, Ehlokar AND Gaz have all seen full bodied Cryptics prior to gaining surgbinding. Each in their own way. Shallan in Kharbranth when she autodraws, Ehlokar in mirrors and Gaz to the side of his missing eye. AND/OR Second, don't forget that this isnt Shallann's first go round with Pattern. Who knows what she saw when she was a child?
  4. Yup, I've read all of these. (Like I said, fanatic. LOL ) There are about 4 or 5 that skirt my questions. Actually maybe I should edit my post to state that most of my questions are from the viewpoint of someone standing in the CR and observing. But, ideally I'd love to see what all of the ardents on here think/speculate about some of these questions. Or for that matter do they have questions.
  5. Questions about the Cognitive Realm… Ok, I maybe taking this to a slightly fanatical level, but dammit I have soul wrenching questions here! So pick a few and discuss. Please. Or dredge up a few WoB's for my education! Thank you. Do ALL humans look like flames in the CR? What do Parshendi look like? What do Radiants look like? Do they still look like flames? Do they look an amalgam of their spren and a flame? What do Elsecallers look like? If an Elsecaller soulcasts an object (cognitively enters the CR), what does she look like while doing so? Does she look like an insubstantial version of her physical self? If so did her 'flame' change to look like her? Does she look like herself but outlined in flames? Does she look like a blend of herself and her spen? Does both herself and her spren appear in the CR? If an Elsecaller transports to the CR physically, does her flame suddenly transform into her? Or is it surrounded by stormlight and then she appears where her flame was? When you encounter a location in the CR where a village or city of sentients are in the PR are all of the flames about the same level above the beads in the CR? When humans are in a multilevel structure in the PR, are their flames floating higher above the beads than when they're at ground level in the PR? If the flames ARE NOT floating at different levels then what happens if one human is directly above another in the PR? Do the flames superimpose over one another in the CR? Are the Heralds visible in the cognitive realm? What do they look like? Can a herald/radiants cognitive appearance be attacked in the CR? If they are FULLY in the physical realm, why aren’t they metal, like the spren? Do the spren need to eat? (Their version of it anyway) If so, what do the spren eat? Are they simply ‘refreshed’ everytime there is a highstorm? Or do they consume something from human emotions? Or do the physical spren use the highstorm and the emotion spren use sentients? How do higher spren use stormlight as an exchange medium? Yes they use perfect gems for storage, but what about additional stormlight? With the closure of the oathgates and people forgetting where cultivation's perpendicularity is located, getting new amounts of stormlight in the CR is difficult at best. And there was no evidence of gems recharging in the CR. Or is it as if they're using the gold standard and have been doing so with a static supply of stormlight for a very long time? And if that's the case, then how do you account for spren such as cultivation spren using up the stormlight supply to manifest objects in the CR? Wouldn't they be having a shortage after such a long time? How do lower spren navigate the sea of beads? When an anticipation spren wants to get near a nervous human that is in the center the Rosharan supercontinent in the PR, how does the spren move through the ocean of beads to get near him? What keeps them from sinking to the bottom, just as physical humans do? True they don't need to breath, but they do need some way of maneuvering presumably.
  6. Curious. Do we know what the perpendicularity looks like from the Cognitive Realm side?
  7. Ok, then that means a countdown timer started once Taln returned. So some questions. WHEN and WHERE did Taln return? I mean, was it right outside of Kholinar's gates when Hoid greeted him? Or was it even earlier when Venli was being influenced by the Void Spren (forgot his name). ? What effect did Jezrein's 'true' death have on the timer?
  8. Something, i realized on a reread recently. Renarin had to learn to read AFTER he gained the ability to see the future. Soooo. WHO was writting the words under the images? IIRC, I think there was some question along this line about Dalinars visions as well. Any ideas?
  9. Ok, couldn't find a WoB on this. Don't know if already asked, but was wondering. If Dalinar walked into a room lined with aluminum, such as the one under the Windblade in Kholinar where the ardent was soulcasting food. Would he be able to communicate with the Stormfather while he was in the room?
  10. 53% Truthwatcher 47% Elsecaller 41% Edgedancer 35% Lightweaver 26% Windrunner 22% Stoneward 18% Bondsmith 17% Dustbringer 17% Willshaper 0% Skybreaker LOL! Hoping for Willshaper. Nope. Truthwatcher or Edgedancer is my fate.
  11. This was the 1st thing I wondered about when I saw this topic. I honestly don't see any reason why this couldn't work. Well maybe one, on a world of mostly ocean can you imagine what the sea predators are like? Anyway was wondering how this might show up in Shadesmar considering that water = obsidian there.
  12. Had a out there thought. We have seen how shardblades can 'mist' when going through living tissue. In essence de-cohering. And Parshendi have smoke form. What if Willshapers can also affect themselves, rather than just their environment? De-cohere as they are about to be attcked? Possible?
  13. Let's not forget that there are those suspicious 'window ' panes in the Main Urithiru Council Chamber. Many have speculated that they resemble TV screens. It's possible that the lighweavers did act go betweens in command and control while battling on 100 mile long fronts such as that spren (forgot his name) described to Venli.
  14. You should set up two separate votes. Who will bond the Sibling and who will bond the Nightwatcher?