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  1. Didn't he, though? The entirety of his plan required Allomancy to be available, which means the Lerasium had to be created and used by humans. The creation of Lerasium is tied to the creation of Atium. Atium condensed and hid Ruin's power, while Lerasium gave humans the ability to burn it away.
  2. My personal theory is that the small pots the Lerasium beads are found in are like the Atium crystals! They somehow pool the ambient power of Preservation into the beads over a long period of time.
  3. Yeah I may have immediately ordered this. XD
  4. Obviously I hated it.
  5. That is absolutely not how it reads. When you write "People will disagree, but nonetheless this is true" means it goes from your opinion to fact. If you really were only speaking of your opinion, then the second statement is not only not needed, but it directly contradicts the tone of the post being your opinion. That is exactly the reason why I didn't touch the post, because that immediately made me angry and not want to talk to you about my own opinions of the book.
  6. You literally in the first post say that one of your opinions "Nonetheless is true". Come on, man. You really need to look to your own posts before criticizing others.
  7. Hey y'all! I figured you might appreciate this update! I got the first of my first order tattoo! The designs are too complex to do all 9 where I want them, my wrist, so I'm just doing Life, Strength, and Journey! I got Life done on last Thursday and couldn't be happier! Staring at it from various angles for the past week has made me realize that it looks like a cremling, do any of you see that too?
  8. I dunno, if you're giving Kel access to metals that he never had pre-death, then it would only be fair for us to assume Kal has access to Shardplate, at the very least. As far as Rioting and Soothing, you have to remember that Kal is HEAVILY invested, so it would be very difficult to affect him using Emotional Allomancy.
  9. Yeah, sorry, but there are whole hosts of EXTRA nerdy people who are extroverts. Almost the entirety of my friendsgroup is made up of very nerdy extroverts, myself included.
  10. The book itself will not be a prequel, Venli will probably be the the major character it follows in the present with the flashbacks being of Eshonai.
  11. Thanks for those WoB's, everyone! It all makes sense, now!
  12. Wait, but that doesn't make any sense because of Mistborn Spoilers Are there WoB's about the intent stuff? That's really confusing to me, because of the Mistborn spoiler I posted.
  13. The entire storming book had me bawling, man.
  14. I'm totally down for this, honestly. Imagine how powerful a spike that's been passed down through the generations would get? Sure, it wouldn't be put through a metalborn every time, but eventually, given enough time...
  15. theory

    Hey, we do have a canon example of a Cognitive Shadow merging with a Spren! I'm totally down for this.