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  1. It's probably also worth poking around in the YouTube settings to make sure that there isn't some setting enabled that limits data usage. Less likely on a computer vs phone, but it might share settings across devices.
  2. I think this one is true based on the clothing specifics, and it seems like the same sort of hints we've gotten with other characters. Wasn't one of Tarah's parents Thylen though, making her half? Not that it changes, since Veil might not be able to tell that, but I believe I remember reading that during my last read through.
  3. Regarding shardplate: similar to how the spren were emulating the Honorblades to make Shardblades, maybe they saw traditional plate armor and said, "we can do that better" and made Shardplate. I realize we don't know how Shardplate works yet, but based on the vision where the Windrunner told Dalinar to speak with his spren when Dalinar said he was having trouble with his plate, the main bonded spren must be involved at least as the intermediary to organize it, if not directly.
  4. I also didn't spot it initially since I didn't read WB until way too late, but now that I've read WB twice and am on my third read through of the other SA books, a lot of these hints stand out pretty strongly. Azure also knows the warm up kata that Zahel taught Adolin and Kaladin as part of their sword training, so if you've realized Zahel is Vasher by that point, that's another clue, even before Azure mentions she's looking for Vasher and Nightblood to them when they leave the honor spren ship. Iirc Vasher's clothing is described as color leached out or faded color as well when Kaladin first meets him, so that's another clue.
  5. It's possible Renarin wasn't able to heal her legs because her spirit thinks of her as not having usable legs since she's been so down on herself since the accident. Maybe if she overcomes that mental block she could be healed, but I like the idea of her instead learning she's still a valuable person regardless of whether her legs work or not, and learning to contribute to the fight against Odium despite her legs, like she's already been doing in OB.
  6. I was always under the impression it was guilt based because she didn't feel the Heralds, specifically herself, should be revered so much, and her insanity manifested in her destroying her likeness to remove one way that people revered her, so thanks for mentioning other options!
  7. Dalinar says that he flat out thinks it looks better slate grey than painted, since it's so majestic.
  8. I'll be at that point on my reread soon and see what I was thinking of then. I think it was to hide the soul casting of food now that I think about it. Regarding aluminum as a shield: I think it again goes back to thickness. Aluminum could be made thick enough to block the blade physically. Aluminum has no fatigue limit and is less stiff than steel, but it can be very durable when properly designed. We use it extensively in aerospace for structural applications.
  9. Didn't they use aluminum plates to block the screamers from detecting the spanreed, but it still functioned to communicate with its pair?
  10. Regarding Sadeas, Adolin even comments to himself at one point when Sadeas is trying to rile him up that Alethi society is messed up in that Sadeas can abandon them at the tower and pretend it didn't happen and the rest of the court goes along with it, but any slights in person must be dealt with in the proper way. So I think he didn't expect Adolin to snap so spontaneously and break social convention and the law. Regarding Adolin joining him, I think as has already been said that he was just trying to get Adolin angry, but also it goes back to the Alethi ideal of might makes right and aggressively fighting for what you want. He sees Adolin as a Dalinar that isn't as well controlled, but he doesn't really know how honorable he is, per se. So it's possible that in Sadeas mind, with Dalinar out of the way, Adolin would fall in with him just to keep Alethekar united and gain power, something he himself did with Gavilar and Dalinar when they were uniting the kingdom. Regarding his thoughts on Kaladin. For the duel Kaladin did have to go mostly on the defensive, so he would be seen as mostly a distraction allowing Adolin to finish the other opponents. Very talented, Yes, but if he's not actually defeating the other duelist per se, the uninformed (about Stormlight) observers might just see him using cheap tricks, similar to how Adolin was looked down upon for not sticking with standard dueling convention and just rushing in and defeating his first opponent. That plus pain old prejudice of his entire life being taught that darkeyes are lesser and it's not surprising that most people, Sadeas included, saw the duel as primarily Adolin's accomplishment. Also I believe it was some of Adolin's earlier duels where we get Sadeas's PoV where he realizes how good Adolin is to just barely win while looking like he's struggling. I think on the 4v1 duel he is more worried about his gambit paying off and then leaving before he can be pinned down on a duel once Adolin challenges him. Kaladin surviving the high storm strung up is also probably something that should of note to him, but Kal wasn't really in his radar at that point. Plus he's seen Dalinar go out in storms, and Kaladin mentions sheltering from storms while out with the army, so while being strung up during one is very likely a death sentence, surviving probably isn't so unlikely that he would start to suspect magical powers that most of the world believes to be either exaggerated myth or gone forever. Even once many of these things start to happen, it's probably a lot lower on his radar than worrying about his plots to take over the kingdom. Once it becomes obvious there's really nothing he can do about it anyway.
  11. And honestly (Mistborn spoiler) And cultivation have a lot in common (especially if you believe Odium) Although it's typically thought that Cultivation is making changes to improve the situation, and obviously was somewhat aligned with Honor.
  12. She used Pattern as a blade to kill her mother so she has at least at one point been high enough in the ideal path to get the blade. And spent much of WoR denying that she didn't have to wait the heartbeats, etc. So I think most people think she's father along than we originally realized before her backstory came out, but I'm not sure if it can be determined how far she actually is. We know she doesn't seem to be aware of plate from her conversation with Jasnah on being done with her wardship, so I don't think there's a similar denial thing going on there, or even an "intent" thing blocking her. Different orders also get plate at different levels, so that does leave some slack for her to be in that higher range. I think she has to back up and accept some of what she's sworn before she can really unlock what she's achieved and continue to progress, though. BTW I've always thought of the newer radiants leaking too much Stormlight as more of a factor of how efficient they use it for a given surge, and also how quickly it bleeds away when they are holding but not using it, but hadn't made the connection between it bleeding away more rapidly being what makes it more visible when they hold it, so neat idea there!
  13. I agree with you overall but wanted to point out that Navani tells Dalinar that she discovered the gemstones weren't natively part of the shard blades, and mentions it as a new discovery, and Dalinar sounds surprised. So while it is probably somewhat "normal" for someone to not have bonded a blade yet, I think the average Roshan would expect a gemstone. I also think that Navani mentions that the blade changes shape to accept the gem though (or maybe that comes up as part of Adolin winning one when he smashes the stone and says it wasn't necessary but he wanted to make a point), so seeing a shard blade with no gem and no socket for one might be more normal. The other thing is that while we focus on the main characters, many of whom have shards, we get to see and hear about them a lot. But from the numbers listed shards are not terribly common compared to the general Roshan population, so many Roshans have never seen one. There's so much mystery and legend surrounding them that the average Roshan probably isn't going to notice some of these inconsistencies. Like Numuhuku says, if it operates and is magical looking like a shardblade, that's what it would be classified as to the non scholars.
  14. I don't think Moash does think he's honorable at this point. I think he probably does feel like killing the king was for his grand parents, but throughout his time with the singers he thinks about bridge 4 and says he doesn't deserve them, he thinks he should step up and do more for Kaladin's group of singers but doesn't and hates himself for it. I think at this point he doesn't like who he is or feel he's honorable, but he's accepted that it's not his fault and given it to Odium.
  15. Neat idea. This is very similar to the story for Diablo (PC game) though so I hope Brandon goes in a different direction! I could see Dalinar resisting Odium if he also held (most of) Honor, since the two opposing shards might make it difficult to do much, and Dalinar's will making up for the difference of having only most of Honor's power.