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  1. This was my impression as well
  2. When they see the video of the delver attacking Detris, the people in the command center mention that the surface is shooting at the delver but hitting them. So that suggests they had at the very least a base and surface to air guns capable of hitting orbital platforms on the surface of the planet. Edit: oops should have read the whole thread as kaellok covered that. The other thing I just thought of as suggesting there was life on the surface is the fact that the platforms have the sky lights to stimulate day and night for the planet. If no one lived on the planet, they wouldn't bother to build the lights on the platform. I think I recall (I believe in a WoB) that there is a sun in that system, although I don't think it has really come up in the stories. If there wasn't it's possible that the platforms were built first with the skylights as part of a terraforming operation. It also may have been done for non human life, since Defending Elysium
  3. I don't disagree with your thoughts about the cliff hanger, but my take on the scene you reference with the bit I quoted is a bit different. I was pretty sure the text said Spensa activated the portal with her mind, so her having Doomslug I think is more a function of rescuing Doomslug than needing to have her to enter the portal.
  4. Well bless your stars!
  5. spoilers

    Delvers are Hoid. He left the cosmere.
  6. That's a good point, once Spensa revealed herself we have to assume that the hologram is no longer so unexpected.
  7. My take is that Cuna is alive and it's propaganda that they're dead and Spensa killed them. Cuna has the hologram wristband to look like someone else, so the rest of the Superiority may not know they're alive yet. Also Cuna confirms that a hologram projector that small is more advanced than the Superiority has access to, so no one in the Superiority would expect it and try to look for it.
  8. I guess I'm just saying that the only thing we know about what the slugs are doing during a jump is screaming, but we don't know why or what stimuli is prompting it, so I don't think we can say with certainly that they are broadcasting affection to the delvers yet, just that their screams seem to be distracting it. Spensa hears the screams when she listens but doesn't yet probe I'm pretty sure, so I didn't think she had anything to do with the screams. My interpretation was that they always scream to distract the delvers. The delver seems to have a realization that the annoying specs are people living lives when Spensa changes their perspective, so I don't think the Superiority or anyone else would know that they are reflecting emotions back. If they did, I think their delver contingency plan would be much different. We're all stuck in RAFO mode though, so I'm not saying you're wrong, just that I don't think we know enough to say it with the certainty you seemed to, yet.
  9. I don't think we have any evidence that the Taynix are projecting affection at them. They are still screaming which draws their attention away from everything else (except the times where one of them still focuses on Spensa in a way that makes her think she's done for). Screams are not typically affectionate. Plus that's also how Brade screams to try to draw a delver into the realm. When Spensa feels their emotions bleed into her own, they are still very negative about everything right up until she shows them their society. I do agree however that now that Spensa can show them her dimension isn't just annoying insects but an actual living society, perhaps she can project something less annoying to them that allows FTL travel without bothering them.
  10. I think part of this is the fact that the DDF is so much better positioned by the time book 2 starts with more access to salvage ship parts, more pilots, and some of the defensive platforms in their control, that the fight for survival wasn't quite as dire. Spensa was one of the, of not the, best pilot and Mbot was far and away their best ship, however they had started to implement more of MBot's designs in their own ships and with more fielded ships, I think Spensa was a smaller part of the total power than she was in say, Battle of Alta second. Plus Cobb and the other leaders had been thinking about grounding her do as not to risk losing her due to her overall importance in escaping with a hyper jump. This probably wouldn't have been possible if she was the sole reason the DDF was holding together. The other big reason is that I got the impression that the Krell had changed tactics by then with the arrival of the battleships. They started to test for weakness by bombarding the platforms, so they may not have been sending as many drones to attack by the time Spensa left.
  11. Finished last night. Sad about the cliff hanger and MBot's current state not being resolved further. Suspect that based on her nature Vapor survived but couldn't return the radio communications to Spensa with her drone destroyed. I'll have to go back and reread the section where Spensa shows the spy video to Cuna to see exactly how the description of changing out the slugs is. I would like to think Spensa would have noticed if the swapped out one was dead, although since they swapped it due to interference, it might not be a good indicator of if the jump normally kills them. I also think that swapping them out is rare based on the paperwork comment, so suspect it doesn't. I suspected that the nowhere portal Spensa went into was going to come out where Jerkface was, however unless it can go multiple places based on intent or other factors, then that might be an issue if they didn't find the gorilla alien anywhere on Detrius. Since Spensa had to activate it with her mind, maybe that could control which other portals it connects to, or there's just a central hub. Overall great book but since I know the next one is probably not going to be here that soon, I was a little disappointed about the cliffhanger. Cool to see that most of us were in the right ballpark about Doomslug though and to see the fungis obsession get wrapped up. Edit: I also thought about Stormlight Archive :
  12. Point of interest my impression was always that Lin soulcasted a marble deposit on his lands every so often that he would then mine using conventional means. They talked about a new deposit being discovered just when the current one was running out. So he would use the soulcaster to create the marble and pretend it had always been on his land, then his total net worth would be higher by publicizing the marble deposits.
  13. I thought the Stormfather flat out told Dalinar he was giving the same visions to Gavilar and was attempting to bond him? Also the gem repository talks about the sibling withdrawing I'm pretty sure, so the sibling has been MIA for way too long too have been bonding Gavinar.
  14. This. The gems aren't the same value as what they're producing, but their value relative to other gems is set by what they can produce.
  15. Sorry I may have combined jam into all sweets in my head, knowing that Jasnah upsets the expectations so much, as I do recall women's food being sweet. It does seem like she doesn't indulge in desserts/sweets from the way she refuses the jams, but I might be miss-remembering those scenes to fit my head cannon!