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  1. Pattern also mentions that he fully expects to die by that it's worth it to research and learn about the humans and physical realm. It's possible that the other Cryptics feel that the risk of dying is worth it as well.
  2. I feel like Iyatil would not have been so surprised and impressed by Shallan losing her in the streets and finding her/sneaking up on her while watching for her to take the Taln investigation instructions if they were aware of Radiant powers. If they had another lightweaver in their group from Tien's cryptic, they likely would have figured out how she achieved what she did, rather than Iyatil following her to watch her infiltrate Dalinar's medical center. Instead Iyatil asks who she really is and lists the ways she's impressed the Ghostbloods. Agreed. In fact, I don't think you could attract a spren by saying oaths you don't intend to keep. In WoR when Kaladin starts to realize he can't keep his promise to both Dalinar and Moash, Syl tells him it would take him more than just telling the Moash group he's out. Other times she tells him she doesn't believe that he really believes the things he says. So I don't think a spren would be that easily devieved with false oaths, but as you point out, many spren would find what the ghostbloods are doing compatible with them.
  3. Keep in mind that the things we see Dalinar doing in the flashbacks may be appaling to the readers, but are the very things that made Dalinar a hero to the Alethi.
  4. Well yes. My point was about what the alien races considered civilized, and was pointing out that it wasn't cytonics like the person I responded to was saying.
  5. It's not that humans don't have cytonics that makes them uncivilized, it's the fact that humans still have war and crime. Jason talks about how most races figured out how to be peaceful and thus civilized way earlier than humans, and before they develop technology past steam power. The entire issue is that humans have cytonics to obtain FTL while still being uncivilized with crime and violence,which is why Jason is worried about the rest of the galaxy. He's also worried humans will develop technology for FTL even if he keeps the cytonics FTL away from them. Usually races are already peaceful by the time they can FTL, but in the case of humans, they're still violent and can already FTL.
  6. I wondered if Detritus could be an astroid that was harvested for resources, and built into a giant shipyard/manufacturing complex. Spensa notes that Detritus doesn't have any oceans (possibly any bodies of water?), and it has such an extensive cave network, that originally being a giant chunk of space-rock that was mined out for resources could make sense... I also thought one of the comments/thoughts from Spenda early on mentioned Detritus showing the scars of the previous inhabitants war, so it was sort of implied that whoever lived there went full on world war and eradicated themselves, but maybe it was really part of the greater war with the Krell and other alien species.
  7. spoiler

    I agree. It sounds like the Detritus humans were able to create Starfighters because they discovered plans and machinery capable of producing Starfighters, rather than doing much design and engineering themselves, so likely the knowledge of how to make Cytonic compatible ships doesn't exist for the Detritus humans yet, since they aren't even willing to officially acknowledge the "defect". Based on Spensa's revelations at the end of the book, I expect the Detritus humans will work in that direction though.
  8. I stand corrected, thanks.
  9. I would claim he wasn't lucid enough to know battle was going on, and therefore was neither afraid of it nor avoiding it. The only time we see him aware of violence, he seeks to prevent it by catching the blow darts.
  10. My take was he's crawling up the stairs because they are built for heralds and too large for him (10 strides tall apiece) . Since we know the Heralds are actually normally sized, I take the paragraph as hyperbole as the author didn't really know the truth.
  11. It's the epilogue of OB. Hoid/Wit PoV and he's in Kholinor and gets into the palace.
  12. It's in tWoK when Shallan first finally manages to convince Jasnah to be her ward. Don't have specific pages or chapters off the top of my head.
  13. 4. I think Veil runs into him while spying on Amaram. I thought we had confirmation this was the same Hav. 5. They mention baskets on the end of long chains that can be lowered into the storm to recharge spheres.
  14. Could definitely be a fun/interesting twist! Please use the spoiler tags when posting about Mistborn inside the Stormlight Archive forums.