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  1. I read Cytonic before Evershore (3rd novella) because I read Cytonic when it came out and Evershore wasn't out yet. I just finished Evershore the other day. I didn't really get into any situations during my Evershore read where I wished I had read it before Cytonic, so I'd say you are good either way! If you really want to see what Spensa is up to, get on with Cytonic, if you'd rather see what the rest of Skyward flight is up to while Spensa is Spensaing in Cytonic, then doing Evershore first would be totally fine, IMO.
  2. I'm in the camp that he devested himself from the Diagram and disbanded it, and had fulfilled his agreement with Odium, but reading your quote did bring up another interesting point though. He makes a point to think that actions that do violate the agreement are acceptable as long as they can be hidden from Odium's knowledge. Now that he's holding Odium, Odium knows what he knows, so does that violate things? I always sort of assumed he'd leave himself open to Cultivation being able to convince other shards to help against him, similar to the letters trying to garner support against Odium. If it is shown that Rayse isn't following the "shard rules" then it would be enough to convince the other shards that he was indeed a danger to the entire cosmere. I now wonder if him not upholding his deals somehow opens himself more literally to an attack by Cultivation. As an aside should some of the Shard examples used in arguments be inside Misborn spoiler tags?
  3. I found on my first read through that I really got slogged down towards the middle/end, and the Sanderson books really supercharged my interest again. I started a re-read semi-recently and flew through Eye of the World, thinking I had forgotten how good it was! So I guess I sort of feel like if you're already struggling, the series just may not be for you? I think it's a great story and lots of cool lore and definitely worth the read, but if you already find book 1 not interesting enough that you question finishing it, I am thinking some of the mid/late books will be really hard for you. But by then you may have more momentum and be more invested in seeing it to the end.
  4. I agree with you in general but I have a nitpick. When was Jasnah not impressive? She was devastating at the Battle of Thaylenah. In RoW she was fighting to "experience how it is on the front line" and was purposely restricting/hiding her surge binding abilities, so I don't think that particular battle is a fair representation of what a 4th oath KR was capable of. The other times we've seen her fight was pretty impressive, I think.
  5. Vasher is shown to have life sense and awakens in the spar with Kaladin. We don't know what he's using to power that, but it's possible between the ending of Warbreaker and SA he ended up with many breaths that don't get depleted because he's using Stormlight to "eat" instead. You mentioned he doesn't have Nightblood anymore, but this theory doesn't require that he have it? The whole point is he might be best suited to face Szeth with Nightblood. That said in not sure I'm sold myself, but it's definitely an interesting theory.
  6. Dalinar if Odium wins the battle of champions?
  7. A potential reason why Sig and Wit don't act in the meeting in a way that would be expected with their prior relationship is the time gap. There's been enough time for the "oh man! My master is back!" / "you did well, Sig!" conversation(s) . Now a year later Sig is just being professional in his new role and Wit being involved in things isn't a new revelation for him, so they each are just doing their jobs at that meeting. It's also possible that the GB could have influenced Sig and his spren to think the envoy was a good idea without actually recruiting him, by having their operatives present data to them in a certain way. My recollection is that Sig knows it's not going to be easy or necessarily successful, but thinks it's the best chance they have at getting Honorspren help. So he doesn't necessarily think it's a good idea so much as the best option with the only alternatives being worse. So I can see him just proposing the mission as the only thing left to try at that point without any outside influence, but I could also see GB or someone else either suggesting it or manipulating him into thinking it has a higher chance of success than he normally would, without him even knowing it. Great theory!
  8. Didn't Dalinar visit the Nightwatcher/Cultivation on the way to the shattered plains to avenge Gavilar's death?
  9. Do we actually know WHAT those weapons are shaped like though? I know we've heard about the ones that can discharge a radiant, but have we seen the ones that can block a shard blade described yet? My interpretation of the disagreement was magic cutting vs. physical cutting. I thought Peter's point was that if the aluminum is thin enough like foil, the shard blade could smash through anyway just based on physics. So in this case, if the aluminum is thick enough to withstand the physics then it might be Peter won. You might also be able to combine them such that a thin sheet of aluminum foil over steel can stop a shard blade because the steel supports the foil from physically breaking, and the foil prevents the shard blade from magically cutting through the steel. I see that as compatible with Peter's position as well. So I guess my point is we may not know enough about the weapons to see which way that really fell? if it's a super thin piece of aluminum with no support, but it magically prevents being cut and doesn't break behind a sword swing, then I'd say Brandon won. If it's an aluminum covering or inlay that is supported by something strong enough to withstand the physical force of a sword attack, then I'd say Peter did. Haha, I definitely had a raised eyebrow with that part! I agree with what others have posted though, that since Jasnah is aware of Wit being more than he seems based on their end of WoR interactions, and she's becoming more and more cosmere aware, it makes sense she'd make use of his council and there would be much for them to discuss. A male and female being seen together having secretive discussions can definitely lead to rumors of romance when there may be none. Exactly! Me too! I definitely had the thought about how the immoral herald development might work. Her personality might still be immature from never really "growing up" to full adult hood before getting the immortal Herald gig where she physically developed to a certain spot but maybe didn't develop as far mentally. Or maybe that's just how she is, or part of her insanity. She obviously hates being worshipped, being short with people might help dissuade them. At this point I'm very convinced that Brandon never does anything in writing by accident! Could definitely see this as well. It will come down to if he subscribes to the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" way of thinking and sees the Fused and Odium as the bigger threat. I imagine since he needed to be rescued he knows he can't defeat the fused and Odium on his own, and since he was resisting at all he isn't apt to give into them either. Joining the coalition would seem to be his best move, but the points you raised also make it a convenient betrayal twist later on that Brandon could give us.
  10. "Szeth is almost as boring as Vasher, come grab me so we can distroy some evil! "
  11. Good info. From your quote, the prologue says the man's mannerisms (specifically wringing his hands) remind Navani of the steward, but not that anything else about him does. In this case I think his age (and her trouble placing it) is more a clue that he's a Herald than that he's the steward. It's an interesting theory though!
  12. I think it applies to the entire book that he plans on transitioning from past "mortal" antagonists to more supernatural ones.
  13. The annotations for chapter 8 talk about how he wants to move on from "normal" threats like Sadeas and get into increasingly dangerous and Cosmere aware antagonists. This pruning of "lesser" antagonists seems consistent with that.
  14. It read to me like Adolin had the infused spheres specifically to resupply Shallan. As for glowing Shardblade I noticed that too but it seemed within the realm of a description for a dead blade.
  15. This is a good theory as well! Especially since Shallan notes that she has been studying poison lately. She even suspects her self...which could me a point for or against the theory with her mental state.