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  1. Maybe you could do it by giving it hemalurgic spikes for whatever you want to give it, and possibly one for intelligence so it knows how to use it?
  2. I'd seen that before, but wasn't sure if that would result in a normal awakening or a lifeless. So it would become a lifeless when turned into stone, so metal should work fine. That alone makes a very potent weapon, something that not very many people without access to some form of magic would be able to take down. I wonder how many breaths that would take, and if you could awaken it with the one breath command then soulcast it to save on breaths or other investiture.
  3. What possibilities do lifeless have in terms of combining them with the power of other shards? Can you soul cast lifeless into metal? If so, would you have to do it before or after awakening it as a lifeless, and would it still be able to move? I think I remember reading that investiture of different shards doesn't play well together, but I don't really know if that means it would make it impossible, or just take a large amount of either Stormlight or breaths. Could you give them hemalurgic spikes, either in combination with soulcasting to metal or by itself, and make a sort of lifeless supersoldiers?
  4. Did this ever go anywhere? After having the same idea myself, I went looking for other attempts