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  1. theory

    I'm not up to date on WoBs so I don't know if anything has popped up, so I'm going to assume nothing has. Also, is the Lerasium and Atium alloys confirmed? I have no idea. If it is, since we are using Cesium as our basis, how well does Cesium alloy with the metals used for the base 16? Would the increased reactivity change that? This seems like it could help resolve the question of whether it is Cesium with increased reactivity or another metal that acts like an akali metal due to it's instability. I'm sorry I'm not looking it up myself, but I have no idea how I would find out information on what metals can alloy with others.
  2. I'm not certain but the "Divine attributes" always felt like they weren't really describing the order so much as being how the post radiant society portrayed them.
  3. @Ookla the Obtuse I typed up a reply, sent it, then it deleted it and didn't send, so I'll get back to you on that in about an hour
  4. @Ookla the Obtuse I can understand your argument, and in another context I might agree, but I can't see it here. He, probably knowing Kaladin was there, killed a man he knows Kaladin was willing to die for, looks Kaladin in the eye, and gives that salute. Not to mention, the person he killed was not fighting (sure he was armed, but his hands were pretty full, so you know he's not presently dangerous) and DAMNNATION HE WAS HOLDING HIS BABY CHILD IN HIS ARMS.
  5. Yah, what scion said, the characters were intended to be a big part of this series before warbreaker was made. Go read WoK prime, Zahel is pretty much the same person there.
  6. To people saying he is still a member of bridge 4, there is a reason the epigraph image for his character is specifically a uniform with the bridge four patch cut off. You can't argue bridge four are the people who went back for Dalinar's army and fought to save them, because Rlain. I don't know if it's explicitly stated he didn't fight there, but there is no argument he did considering they left him behind in the war camps when they started using the armor. Bridge four has evolved and is no longer defined by an experience but by an ideal.
  7. At this point I'm almost confused as to how this is still in doubt. Everything Odium does is based in hate and anger. Nothing Odium does has to do with being more then hatred We know from the Stormfather, and from pretty much every entity made partly out of a shard's power that something made from or containing a shard's power is not necessarily a sign of the intent of that shard, so we can't use the unmade very effectively to argue either side. So we have evidence for one side that Odium = Odium and the only evidence for Odium = Passion is Odium's own word for it while he tries to present himself in the best light, and we even have precident for a shard misrepresenting himself in an almost identical scenario (Ruin). How is this not clear cut?
  8. Lopen's Spren being taught to make "rude gestures" to random people made me laugh.
  9. 1) I'm not saying Nahel bond = Honorblade, I'm saying that the action of Surgebinding can use done with either and therefore Surgebinding != Nahel bond 2) Surgebinding is not the usage of stormlight, it is the manipulation of "surges". When a knight uses the healing or enhanced speed gained by holding stormlight, that is not Surgebinding. Surgebinding is the manipulation of "surges".
  10. With the focus on cymantics (is that the word for whatever Kabsal did with the plate sand and vibrations?) I imagine that lightweavers are ridiculously powerful. We know that they can manipulate sound, and we know that many of the major cities in Roshar are made in a cymantic pattern like by sound. That sets up for some insane light weaving tricks in the future if they did that.
  11. You do realize everyone with an Honorblade (and we know the shin do use them to practice) surgebinds without a Spren bond, therefore not requiring a Spren bond to surgebind right? Even if you mean before the last desolation, the Heralds could surgebind without a bond even if no one else could. Not to mention squires who have no bond of their own, or even developing skybreakers who seem to get powers before they actually bond a Spren. So no, Surgebinding does not require a bond with a Spren.
  12. It's a bit questionable to say that surgebinds are a bond between a man and a Spren because Surgebinding (to surgebind presumably) is the act of manipulating the surges (natural forces exterior to the shards or Spren) and Heralds can do that without a bond with a Spren (so can anyone with an Honorblade)
  13. Hmm, a child's soul being like an incomplete web or something?
  14. I'm sure Axies would love that pokedex.
  15. I love how in about 15 posts, Mraize is now a P2W player in Skyrim run by EA that enjoys PvP...