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  1. Maybe Ishar's lucidity will come with Szeth's completion of his fourth Ideal?
  2. This is so awesome I love it
  3. Really enjoyed it, but the triple-whammy of Taravangian not only not dying as he deserved, but ascending as Odium, making it abundantly clear that Cultivation made a huge mistake, followed by the Wit epilogue was a gut punch that left me with a real downer taste in my mouth. Really wish it had ended on a better note. Good book otherwise! Real page turner. Took me around 9 hours, in part because when I got to the trial scenes I went back and revisited the entire run up to it because it had been long enough since I'd seen them that I thought I'd somehow missed some stuff mid-book. In no particular order: Larkin/Lanceryn can talk? That will make Rysn's life even more interesting. Of all the things I thought I might get in this book, Chiri-Chiri's viewpoint, no matter how brief, wasn't one of them. Holy Shard Names Batman! Er...Bat-Sazed? Sazed-Man? BatHarmony? (ok I'll stop) Storm Moash. I'd quietly wondered if the messages to Navani about spren were the Sibling. Yay, Sibling. The existential dread of the Sibling combined with the weakening of Stormlight related powers was quite the horror element. Kaladin gets so painful to read for me at times. I've not been dark enough to actually jump/pull the trigger/use a knife, but I spent a lot of nights thinking about it when I was younger. When your parshman/Parshendi/listener whatever we call Rlain is now is a better defender of who you are than your dad... Thank you that Lirin came around some at the end. Huzzah for Hesina. That sounds like a celebration or holiday. Wild use of Plate, Kal. Unexpected, creative and effective. Restares as Kelek, eh? Didn't see that coming. Nor Thaidaikar as maybe Kelsier. Storm Moash. Maya speaks! And confirms a suspicion a lot of us had - that the Radiants had the agreement of their spren for the Recreance. Given the epigraph about releasing Ba Ado Mishram and some other stuff in the book, I'm wondering if to fully revive Maya would require the release of BAM as it really seems that had some far more reaching effects than -just- whatever it did to the parshmen. Ishar unbound and insane is scary stuff. That he could reset the Oathpact is just unreal to me. And I believe he can do it, I don't think that was a delusion. I don't think that was delusion. Bondsmith might be the greatest and furthest reaching scope of power available to the non-Ascended. It's almost like the role itself somehow encompasses a Dawnshard, though I don't know how that's possible. Eshonai's last ride made me weep. complicated. Inventive, naive, compassionate, destructive, stubborn, powerful, and ultimately merciful. Finding the Rhythms, discovering/creating anti-investiture, bonding the Sibling (which I thought was going to happen but not like it did...) and so on. Wonderful story for her. Raboniel ... yeesh. So horrible. So manipulative. And yet there was a seed of something genuine in there, enough that she fought Moash. How does Brandon do this? Dalinar coaxing Stormfather to stretching out Kaladin's jump to save him and THEN forging the Connection he needed was incredible. Spren can be for real killed now. That's horrifying. The corpse scene gave me chills. Storm Moash. Teft...sadness. He got a good death, a strong death....but still sadness See ya, Lezian. That ending was mostly perfect, I thought. Rhythm of War being co-written by Navani and Raboniel was quite the twist. Shallan having two Cryptics was something that clicked for me right before you see it happen in the book. The place Shallan went to when she confirmed Pattern had been lying...goodness that was bad. As bad in its own way as Kaladin's fight. The Honorspren of Lasting Integrity remind me of nothing so much as a self-righteous group of believers (whatever their stripe) they will demonize, distort, destroy and demean anything that isn't exactly what they expect it to be with one exception - they responded to Maya, generally. How awesome is Maya, anyway? Kaladin really is legendary. Not just to his people, to his enemies. Crippling depression, unable to use Stormlight as it went on, broke Lezian, destroyed the Sibling fabrials, just...freaking wow. I've never seen someone written so broken and yet so strong. And the number of people wearing the glyph at the end, because Kaladin still gets up...goose bumps. Lift makes Cultivation/Lifelight...of course... And for a final time - STORM MOASH There's more, so much more, but I have to get back to work.
  4. You didn't miss anything. It was never mentioned explicitly ahead of Marasi's comment and then Wax's BoM reminiscences.
  5. My personal thought, until proven otherwise, is that the Dawnshards came into existence because the original commands to bring the Cosmere and everything in it into being by Adonalsium were so powerful and far reaching that they took on a sort of existence of their own - a sort of coalescence of the echoes of creative power as it were. Probably, it was a single thing/being/item/coalescence of Investiture prior to being taken up and used against Adonalsium, which either had to be broken apart in order to be used by non-Adonalsium beings, or broke as a result of the use it was put to.
  6. Lanceryn are larkin, as I see it. Change in terminology meaning the same thing is how I took it. They're not lanceryn/larkin though. The conversation with Nikli at the end makes it clear there's only three they are aware of, and Chiri Chiri is the only one who has grown mature enough to return to bond a spren.
  7. I know Arclo's one. From how I read it, I interpreted that the twenty still with the first Sleepless included Nikli, that Arclo was one of the four who isn't, and that leaves three. Arclo's not harmless, but he's also not evil and he's genuinely curious, which is interesting to me. Whatever the giant things are, they respond to Sleepless control, which is why I thought hordeling. Maybe they're not. Maybe Brandon changed his mind. Or maybe these are in fact bred by Sleepless but aren't truly hordelings? I dunno. What you said about the scouring is all stuff I agree with, I just want to know what exactly the scouring was. I don't think it was merely the killing off of the lanceryn (though that's a pretty big deal in and of itself) because of just...the impression I got from reading the way the Sleepless who are old enough to remember it talk about it vaguely to Nikli, who is not.
  8. On reread, Cord says her father drew the Bow of Hours in the Peaks, so it happened before Stormlight. So yes, Bow of Hours, I am not having the knowing of this thing! AND I NEED IT! 17) I was struck by just how good a listener Rysn is, and how good a judge of people and of circumstance she has become. How, for all of her struggles with self-doubt and worth, for all her frustration over her situation, how indefatigably optimistic she is in her actions if not in her internal monologue. She is intelligent, but it is colored with experience and consideration. She trusts, but with wisdom. She sees the problems and works to overcome them. She is able to see behind the surface to the things that are - the motivations and needs behind that things that are happening - and make connections between the need driving the action and knowledge and experience she has access to in order to change outcomes. She has, in effect, soulcast her crew from what it was to what it is now and won from them by merit the respect and honor due her for the position she already had. I really hope more is intended for her in the back five. Also, because I feel the need to repeat this: Vstim backstory, please? 18) What is this agreement Cord references in her challenge? I assume it refers to the story Rock told of how the Horneaters came to live where they do, but I really want specifics. 19) I really do feel for Nikli. At core, the problems the Sleepless have all revolve around one key thing - they do not, on any level, really understand humans. Not only how to act like them, but how they think, what is likely to pique their interest. He tries so hard, and is better at it than any of his kind apparently, and is torn by the respect he has for Rysn which grows through the book and the need to keep the Dawnshard hidden. It's one more example of fear (and let me say, this is a very REAL fear) impeding communication, and one more illustration in the difficulty in learning to trust when you have been hurt. Which makes the discussion of such early on in Dawnshard all the more poignant. 20) At some point we need to discover what exactly the Scouring was and how it rendered the Sleepless so...averse to trusting anyone. Arclo clearly had no fear whatsoever of Nale or his Skybreakers. So how in the world did Akinah and Aimia get...whatever it was that happened? 21) Who are the other three Sleepless? Have we seen them? What are they doing? 22) How do swarms get separated? 23) I missed this on the initial read through, but apparently the giant hordeling Huio and Lopen fight is one of NIkli's? Also holy crap, giant hordeling 24) My second pass at the ending makes me think that maybe the Sleepless have seen the use of the Dawnshards ending in destruction and terror on more than one occasion...perhaps their memory goes back to the Shattering?
  9. That's right it was Adventures of Link - I keep conflating it with Link to the Past for some reason. Adventures of Link had two of the tougher boss fights I ever ran into on the NES, and they were basically back to back at the end of the game. Maybe I'd find them easier now, I don't know. I haven't picked I guess maybe that's an advantage of being my age, having grown up with Pong and Atari and all that, but still young enough to grasp and adapt to the newer console stuff as it came out? That I can downshift into 80s games without trouble and still enjoy them and then pop back up into ESO or HZD or whatever? Maybe. It can't be logically argued that games have more functionality and so much better graphics now, it's abundantly obvious. Story telling in games though, the knack of pulling you into the game and getting you lost in it, that seems to be an art that transcends tech generations. It has been something else to watch the tech jump from 8 bits to beyond 4k, let me tell you
  10. I played the original and the first sequel to their completion multiple times. The original, I have both quests and their attendant level maps memorized, usually complete the whole thing without a death in around 3 hours? something like that. Never got that good at Link to the Past though. Unfortunately I never owned a Nintendo game system after the original NES. I got to play maybe 20% of Ocarina of Time and enjoyed that, but never got to finish and I've not picked up any of the others across the years.
  11. If Dalinar has access to a Dawnshard right now, it would have to be because it's somehow included with the Stormfather or because Cultivation gave it to him on his visit. I don't really buy that either of those are likely - at the current time I don't, anyway. I don't think Cultivation would have given it up to someone likely to become a tool of Odium, and I rather think the Stormfather would have said something by this point if he had it. I think if Ishar had the Dawnshard (which I'm willing to say was a possibility), he brought it with him from Ashyn, and had it prior to being subject to Honor as his Herald if that makes sense. But how do you divest yourself of it? And why, given his position, would he have done so? And there's a part of me that just wonders, because you have to think Odium knows a Dawnshard is on Roshar. Maybe he's not pursuing it because he wants to avoid the possibility of having his Intent corrupted by the Dawnshard, but you'd figure he has a plan for trying to ensure it doesn't get brought to light and used by an opponent against him, right? I don't even know that he'd trust the Fused with this knowledge, as it might give said Fused the ability to enact a change he doesn't want. Or, I guess, with Honor dead and Aimia apparently destroyed he's avoiding bringing attention to it in any way so that no one accidentally discovers it? It makes sense that no one east of Aimia has any memory of this stuff, it's been thousands of years apparently since the Dawnshard was placed there and hundreds at least since the Sleepless took over guardianship. I don't think we've seen anything relevant to Dawnshards in the Diagram thus far, though that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Hm.
  12. Well, I am aware of that. I've been hanging out off and on here for a few years, but I spend way more time in discord and even there my time is sporadic - being married with three kids and with a job that is really busy right now, my time is just too limited to interact like I want. I think, though, you sell short just how difficult for most of the populace writing that much that quickly is. I don't think even most professional writers can turn out what he does as often as he does, and you're right in saying that the real wonder is how good and original his work is - and that he turns out that much that quick and it's ready to publish. I'm just kinda flabbergasted at times. Yeah, Brandon changes topics to keep fresh, but he rarely isn't writing something. Like, he has to be writing to be happy, almost. Bless Emily and their kids for putting up with it. Brandon "I wrote this thing and I liked it so much it'll be four books before I'm done" Sanderson I came to this out of Wheel of Time. Basically, when it was announced Brandon would finish that, a buddy gave me Elantris to read to give me a feel for him and I liked it, then I absolutely loved his three WoT books, so I grabbed a trade paperback of WoK in Half Price almost as soon as I finished AMoL. Suffice it to say I'm hooked, lol.
  13. I guess the more remarkable thing about this is that Brandon never seems to stop producing at this level. I honestly wonder what pulling fire from heaven would be like for him... I think I knew that about the origin of the sequoia name, but had forgotten it over the years - it seems familiar but there's no data there, as it were. I'll look him up.
  14. I can't really take the time to read through everything, unfortunately, with my job being what it is right now, and I need a spot to be a sort of coppermind for myself, or else I'm going to forget I thought these things. So questions, thoughts, reactions as they occur to me, probably to be amended later if I can find the time after a second read through. 1) Given what Cord said about stories of the Dawnshard having come through the peaks in the past, I'm wondering how we need to reinterpret some of Rock's stories about the Peaks and the Horneater people. 2) Bow of Hours? The Rock novella really can't get here soon enough. 3) Rysn really does rock. And she should meet Rock. 4) I assume this Dawnshard was used in the destruction of Ashyn. I wonder if it was used in the attempt to bind Odium in place, or if Honor was able to use other means, like say making the contest one that forced Odium to Invest too much to be able to leave. 5) What are the others and where are they? 6) I wonder if all four were used in Ashyn or not, and if it wasn't all of them, which ones were they. 7) I'm glad Yalb survived. I really liked him. Hope he pops up again sometime. I think knowing he lived would be a good thing for Shallan. 8) What in the Cosmere happened on Ashyn that Dawnshards were brought to bear? I feel like we're going to have to wait for the back five for this, but my curiosity on that is growing. 9) How often does Chiri Chiri need to return and how many times, and just how big does a larkin get before it is fully grown? 10) Maybe the Sleepless have been going about this all wrong, and they should have been breeding hordelings to be more humanoid instead of trying to stitch themselves together out of one? Or is that not possible? 11) Cord is misnamed, but to be honest, they don't really have the right flora on Roshar to have gotten it right. She's really a young sequoia. 12) Giving Lopen more depth is great. Having him understand what his attitude sometimes does to people around him is better. His interactions with Rysn are really interesting. 13) The more I read about Rushu, the more I like her as well. 14) Sleepless in the court of Urithiru will be really interesting to watch, assuming we get to see them. 15) Vstim backstory, please 16) Rysn's jokes made me weep a little and laugh a lot. There's more. But mostly, I enjoyed the heck out of this and wonder how in the world Brandon can just toss off a 55k novel/novella in the time he did. And then I remember he's Brandon.
  15. with the idea that Hoid was a Dawnshard in the past and assuming he was for the Shattering, that means at least 17 people were present or party to it in some way. So I'm wondering if it took more than 4 to 'power' a Dawnshard, if you will?