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  1. In RoW 111, the Stormfather says that he never liked Ishar. That Ishar was ambitious even before madness took him. Stormfather says 'He cannot bear sole blame for the destruction of Ashyn, humankind's first home, but he WAS the one Odium first tricked into experimenting with the Surges.' I rather take that to mean Ishar had power before becoming a Herald and that it is possible he continued to have power even without the sword. Perhaps while Honor was alive he was bound and unable to use his powers without the sword at hand, but I'm not entirely sure he needs it now that Honor is gone. Certainly his knowledge extends beyond what he was capable of with the sword in hand while Honor is still alive. That would be an interesting question to ask Brandon at some point, if he hasn't already been asked it. I don't know that a Bondsmith who has given his word by Intent would be able to break his or her word. I suppose we might find out if and when Odivangian and Dalinar meet in a way that Dalinar recognizes him. I just don't know that Dalinar can break his word on the contest without severe consequence.
  2. Welcome, Iarwainiel! And also welcome to the older than all these young pups'd be the second person on the Shard that I know to be older than I am In all of the Middle Earth related art I've seen over the nearing 40 years since I first read the Hobbit, I've not seen that piece. Thanks for sharing it. And thanks for sharing the story. I think I'm right in saying I love the books as much as you do. I think the LOTR trilogy is worth seeing. I don't have trouble seeing my vision of how the book looks. I might have more trouble with that if the movies were more directly visual representations of the words on the page than they are (every book has to get adapted in some way), but I've never had trouble keeping them separate. The only places I may struggle with that at all are Rivendell (which, honestly, surpassed anything in my imagination) and Minas Tirith, which they did so very well (and, honestly, Tolkien's description is so explicit) that I kinda incorporated it into how I view things. Ymmv of course, I don't want you to feel pressure with it, but I did very much enjoy the LOTR trilogy.
  3. Returning us to the legendarium that is supposed to be at hand (:P and lol) Bombadil is Tolkien is probably the best interpretation I've ever seen of Bombadil, and kinda the line I'd probably lean with if I was forced to have a 'take' on him. He's weird, inexplicable, I don't have a problem that a world as rich as Arda would have the inexplicable within it. I like the character, even.
  4. I'm pretty geeky about it and have been for...closing in on 40 years. I don't think we need an "IN THE END THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE" argument about it though, lol. Regarding learning it, there's a whole bunch of quenya and sindarin dictionary links if you google them, there's also some hits for how to learn it. I've not done any of them, mind you, though I know a fair bit of the Elvish just from years of reading it all - none of that stuff (dictionaries, how to's, etc) really existed in ways I could get at when I was growing up, so you had to do what you could with the appendices. At one point I had most of Daeron's runes memorized, but it's been quite a while. I never spent just a ton of time learning the Tengwar. Lack of time there, mostly.
  5. Ditto (obviously) I was taken by the very name of it the first time I ran across it while reading the Hobbit when I 7 or 8 or so. It was a word that felt old, grandiose, historic. It was much harder back then to find any art of it, since the internet didn't come around till I was an adult and married already. Years ago someone gave me a calendar that amongst other things had this image by Ted Nasmith that I always gravitated to: I would just stare at it at times, wishing I could have lived there and seen it, walked its streets. (edit: finally found it - it was a 1996 calendar. Good Lord that's been ages ago)
  6. Really wish Tolkien had lived long enough to rewrite the full tale of Tuor and the Fall of Gondolin as a cohesive whole. That is probably my favorite of all the First Age tales, all things considered, though I do still really love the Lay of Leithian
  7. Indeed. Like...I forget just how many generations it is from Elros to Aragorn, but they're all recorded, the full span of like 6400 years. Not to mention all the major elf lords, the doings of the inhabitants of Rohan and where they came from. The only stuff not really sketched in are the doings of the Longbeards in Khazad-Dum over the course of the First Age and up till when they and the Noldor strike up their friendship in the Second Age, and where exactly it is the Hobbits come from and just how long they've been around. I've read everything I own so often. My copies of Unfinished Tales and books of lost tales 1 and 2 are falling apart, I had to finally give up and replace my original LOTR set, will have to do the same with the Silmarillion some time soon
  8. Well, here's another one for you then: Audiomachine - Uprising You probably will recognize the art used for the background...
  9. I think a certain section of the fanbase will have their own headcanon and ignore the sequels just like a certain set ignore the prequels. Honestly, viewing it as 'you end up at the same stupid place' robs the ability to fully enjoy what you have in front of you. I never want to be there. I kinda really hope they put something in place to this akin to how Marvel had Kevin Feige over everything, someone to make sure everything fits and communicates together. Maybe that's Favreau and Filoni, maybe not, but I think they'd all benefit from it.
  10. I had so many serious nerdgasms over Mandalorian this season. Really wish we didn't have to wait so long for another
  11. Hey, more Tolkienophiles! Seriously, I'm by far the most into his stories of anyone I know, enough that I regularly joke to my friends whenever we get into discussions about it that I probably know more about it anyone you're likely to ever meet, unless you happen to know a professional Tolkien geek... Favorite characters across the whole Legendarium is such a huge thing. Fingolfin, Tuor, Luthien, Huan, Nienna, Glorfindel, Samwise, Faramir... I kinda go on and on and on. The Elves (at least with respect to the High Elves, I don't believe it holds for those who never went into the West), I took to mean the light of the spiritual shown through them, that they were themselves hallowed, possibly akin to the way the Silmarils were, save when they dispose of it by their own actions. And that light cannot be born by creatures of shadow.
  12. I still feel this way every time I get to the end. Even after...35 years or so of reading this at least once a year.
  13. Odium chose Dalinar as a champion. Dalinar said no. Even made Odium flee. Ergo, the champion chosen must be willing and able to say yes. That rules out some people. Probably rules out Gavinor, he does love his grandfather. And for Taravangian to win, the champion chosen must also be able to actually kill Dalinar. Something some random baby certainly cannot do, and something that Gavinor probably couldn't do either; I doubt he could even be convinced to swing a sword at Dalinar. And honestly, I'd think less of Brandon for making Gavinor the champion of hatred. He's like four years old. I've had three of them in my time as a dad. They may say they hate you when you tell them no or something of that ilk, but a few minutes later they're crying and asking for a hug and a snuggle. Whatever's coming, I think the outcome will not be fully satisfactory for anyone. I kinda think there will be a huge offensive to take as much as possible in 10 days while Dalinar is learning how to be an unbound Bondsmith. Either that will succeed leaving our heroes with just Urithiru and a few other disparate places, or Ishar and/or Dalinar will learn how to fully reset the Oathpact so that it blocks the Everstorm's ability to transfer Fused back to Roshar and Dalinar and Taravangian will work out another deal in place of the contest of champions.
  14. The entire Myst series aside from the original, which gets remade fairly regularly as the tech updates. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Need for Speed: Most Wanted, the 2005 game, probably the best driving game I've ever played I've not played these, but two good friends think of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross as fantastic games, and I never got to play them at the time.
  15. May be of interest? There's a for real Green Gables house on Prince Edward Island: