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  1. Credence may not know that Graves was Grindelwald. Or he may have taken the apology at face value. I think the whole you're a Dumbledore thing is a convenient lie and nothing more. Wouldn't surprise me if the phoenix in question turns out to be Fawkes. Grindelwald is trying to get someone strong enough to fight Dumbledore while hitting Dumbledore at his most vulnerable - the family he loves and feels so guilty for not treating better. I've seen and read nothing of Grindelwald that suggests he wouldn't try something like that if he thought it would help him win against just about the only wizard he harbors doubts about defeating. He also has to be a gifted Occlumens - I wonder if a future plot point isn't going to revolve around his control momentarily slipping in Queenie's presence, thus causing her to learn something that makes her question what she's doing. Maybe around this very thing, when he discovers that the charm(or whatever you want to call the thing the Niffler stole) is missing.
  2. Oatmeal raisin cookies are the traitors of cookies. They look enough like chocolate chip cookies at times to bait me into trying one. They taste of pure disappointment and hatred, the Odium of all cookies. So close to the perfection of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and yet so stormingly far.
  3. The Hobbit. I read it at...six or seven I think. Tried Fellowship at that point, wasn't quite ready for it, came back at 11 and it was all over at that point. There's so much I read on the way that helped cement it. C.S. Lewis, Raymond Feist, Stephen Donaldson, Hickman & Weis (Dragonlance) and a whole host of others along the way. But the Hobbit was the first. That story and that map have captivated me for most of my life.
  4. I'd imagine Drax doing a suicidal bull rush on Thanos and getting wiped out, honestly
  5. ah, okay, misunderstood. The stuff from the original Avengers forward probably matters the most. Me...I only get to watch one or two movies a week so I'd never get that whole thing done in time to see the movie in the theater
  6. Thor 3, Homecoming, and Black Panther all fit right in front of Infinity War. From a standpoint of catching up to the storyline right now, they probably matter more than Iron Man 2 or the Incredible Hulk, fwiw
  7. This happened a couple of months ago. It sounds like an internet meme or something but this actually happened: Hey, my computer won't come on Oh, sorry about that, what happens when you try? Nothing, screen is dark, won't do anything. That sounds bad. Would you double check the power cord is plugged all the way in? Hard to tell, it's dark in here. ...what? You have no power? No. Is that why it won't turn on? SIGH
  8. Following on Leyrann's post, on Earth the stone age is largely considered to be something like 8000 to 2000 BC or thereabouts. It was therefore around 3800 years from the end of the Stone Age until chemistry became a thing on Earth. What we know of what Roshar is like after a Desolations suggests a reversion to Stone Age tech or thereabouts, not to mention the depopulation that goes with it and the reverting to subsistence farming - survival being far more important than development. So the fact that we are 4500 years ish after the last desolation means that we're not that far out of bounds from what happened on Earth, particularly in light of the probable lack of a mass extinction event at 2000 BC on Earth, which would put them a few hundred years ahead of Roshar in terms of development and recovery. So no, I don't really find the lack of chemistry advancement all that odd.
  9. Just wait. It gets worse. /waves from the far side of 40
  10. character nickname from World of Warcraft. Not my first character, but my second and the one I spent by far the most time on, for raiding, pvping and RPing. I know a fair number of people outside the game from that now and they mostly just call me Mulk even though they know my name, even when we're face to face.
  11. This is still three months off, and it is also stressful in and of itself, but also really exciting given where we started from and how far we have all come. My oldest is graduating in June! Something like fifteen years ago my oldest was diagnosed with autism. He didn't speak, just some single syllables he made do with for everything he wanted to say (Ba was a particular favorite). Massive meltdowns. Didn't learn or do anything like his peers. Sweet as anything, and unlike a lot of autistic people, overly empathetic, to the point that tears in another would make him break down. No ability to connect cause and effect. The list goes on and on. My wife and I cried a lot then and since, because there is no road map for this - no two autistic people are alike, their treatment regimens can be wildly different and there is a whole lot of just spitballing stuff and just sheer repetition until something sticks. Fast forward to now, he's 18, set to graduate high school on time and the semester he completed in December was probably the best overall report card he's ever had. I still don't know what's in the future for him, he doesn't usually handle stress very well of the sort you'd get in college, there are less than a handful of programs for young adults like him in the whole state as far as schooling goes, but I want to kind of step back from that and just say OMG WE MADE IT. He's going to walk. For the longest time we didn't know if that was possible, and I didn't really allow myself to hope we'd ever really get here till I saw his first semester grades. Particularly thinking of @Calderis and @RShara with this. There's hope, somewhere in the middle of all of that mess. I'll probably post again along those lines as we get closer...and if I remember.
  12. my thoughts are in blue in the spoiler tags.
  13. saw it Saturday night. Worth every penny, even for the overpriced drinks and popcorn.
  14. lol - it would take me far longer to come up with all the things you come up with so I don't think that counts. I just find that in the theorizing of cosmere stuff I tend to think like you do.
  15. @Calderis I've kinda slid back into lurking, in part because every time I think I have something to say or a good response, you've already made it I do have to say the the night you and I and...I think it was R'Shara (but could be wrong - my memory has been wonky since my concussion last fall) were sharing/commiserating and more on autistic children was wonderfully freeing for me. It's a hard space to be in and sometimes I just kinda have to know I'm not in it alone, you know? Cheers, good sir, and since I am a minister, prayers as well. The site content is good. Who you are, I'd venture to say, is better. It's good to know you, even at a distance. It's one of the most amazing parts of the internet, imo.