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  1. That dude is certainly not from around those parts( of Cosmere). That being said he could have just worked his way towards bridgecrews after the freedom. Or might as well have infiltrated towards the end. We know that there are many ways in Cosmere to see or at least guess the future so he could have easily infiltrated at the right time. Or he might have used some other form of Investiture to fit in, which we don't of at this time.
  2. If rayse doesn't survive by the end of 1st half then I believe the 2nd half will be against the true villains and opportunists (Ghost blood et al) and maybe nihilists like the Singer gods and Vyre. The Ghost bloods seem very confident and knowledgeable, so they might actually take up his power and maybe some splinter of Honor or countless other broken shards around Cosmere. Also if I am not mistaken the current Mistborn era is a little after SA ? And the shard or whatever power that is threatening Harmony might also be a combination of some shards (likely Odium 2.0+something else). Or at least whatever it is, knows how to face a double shard like Harmony so it might have encountered either SA era 2 shard(s). Although we have to remember that Odium himself is very experienced in beating 2 shards at once. Sorry I kind of ran along different tangents. Bottomline is era 2 won't be just about fighting Odium but other powers too plus we got 2 more planets to explore.
  3. i get what you are saying and i had not seen those WoBs but I concluded something similar on my own, my question was about eye color not the lightness, and apparently it won't change for lighteyes.
  4. i dont think if he will become a radiant as he is right now, he isn't broken and i assumed that him murdering sadeas would in someway lead to his breaking. but he came out pretty solid out of that. so maybe some other tragedy will cause it.
  5. something thats been bothering me is that kaladin's eye color changes to light blue because he is windrunner but we have not seen this happening to other light eyed KRs like jasnah, shallan or renarin. I mean it cant be this big a coincidence that they were born to their assigned order. Also, what would happen to someone with multiple orders?
  6. where was his affinity to winds shown before Syl's arrival? I think he mentioned that he has always been fascinated by heights (and winds too i guess but i dont remember). The first time he was shown doing something related to wind was while he was squad leader trying to save cenn.
  7. pressure reduction is not described for kaladin just some speculation in ars arcanum about how adhesion works. But its obvious that each order uses their surges differently by combining them in some way with other surges. I mentioned in some previous post that truthwatchers can probably see the future with help of lightweaving like renarin does while lightweavers can see the the event of past or at least near past or present. Like shallan drew a picture of yalb and rest of the crew reaching the beach and I think she drew something else similar to that but I don't remember the details now. As for jasnah's mastery of soulcasting is probably because its natural to her, she is natural at being assertive and dominant and orders that rope to change (in that non-canon jasnah chapter) while shallan is timid naturally and had to beg the stick but stick-sama didnt budge. Anyway I dont think if kaladins abilities have anything to do with being tanavast descendent. its been like 5000 years at least since humans came to roshar and even if he had any bloodline its probably gone by now, mixed with everyone else. And even if he was direct descendent of tanavast it wouldn't have mattered because its verryyyy unlikely that he reproduced any children after holding a shard, since the body vaporizes. And pre-shattering shardholders were just normal guys with maybe some normal magical abilities so being their offspring wont matter at all after so many millenia . Stormfather probably calls everyone son of honor, hence that sons of honor organization. The whole "chose one because special bloodline hurr durr" trope is too much for me and I certainly hope BS doesn't play it. So far he has not played it and that makes his characters more relatable as they have to rise through the ranks through struggle and hard work not because of some mundane cliched fantasy tropes. In fact he often does the opposite of the chosen one trope, like in white sand Kenton is weaker than everyone else and still rises because of his determination and hardwork.
  8. Also, many people here are speculating voidblades. I think that's very unlikely because the mechanism of how Listeners and voidspren bond and how human surgebinders bond spren is very different. In Listeners the voidspren enter their body and take control of them like a parasite by fusing with the host, to form a blade the spren has to leave the body and turn into metallic form, which seems very unlikely since the Listeners dont like being used by the voidspren and in most cases are tricked into fusing with them.
  9. I agree with you and that's what I speculated earlier, that what he did was not just simple adhesion we have been seeing so far. It was the opposite of it so either he was able to increase the pressure and did the opposite of what he does when he sticks stuff ( i.e instead of creating low pressure he created high pressure) or maybe something entirely different. The implication of that could be interesting. Anyway it was cool that he created a mini-storm to oppose the high storm and create a relatively calm zone behind him for the people. Unrelated question: Is the book coming out on 12AM on 14th ? I can only afford to keep an ebook and have already pre-ordered but still its been a tough year or so waiting for it and then those initial few Kaladin's chapters had me in kinda perpetual fever-dream situation for weeks because it was too hard to wait for next chapters.
  10. that's not how vacuum works (scientifically speaking). If kaladin is using vacuum to generate adhesion then theoretically this surge will not work in space. A per ars arcanum he sticks things by creating vacuum between adjoining surfaces and the atmospheric pressure around the object does all the work by pushing it towards the low pressure area. the highier the surrounding pressure is the more it will exert pressure on the low pressure area. the surrounding storm will rush towards that low pressure area with an enormous force and crush anything in-between. not to mention the absence of air in that vacuum would suffocate anyone caught in the low pressure zone due to lack of air. Also it seems weird that a herald will switch his or her order. Unless someone else takes their place and the herald is reduced to being a normal person and they join another order as an ordinary radiant. even though the heralds are not ordinary humans anymore.
  11. You may be right. But its very unlikely that Odium's shard has exactly same surges as Honor's. So in my opinion they are achieving flight through some other surge. Also I still believe that kaladin's stormwall was something unique since none of his surges could easily be manipulated into doing that kind of thing. In fact the very opposite is true. He creates a vacuum with adhesion, and creating a vacuum around himself during a highstorm would have caused an implosion of storm around him, he somehow diverted the storm's pressure by creating an opposing pressure which is against the nature of his surges. Unless there is more to the nature of these surges i.e if they can be manipulated into doing the negative of the normal (gravitation into pushing instead of pulling, adhesion into creating pressure at the point of contact instead of reducing it like normal). It doesn't seem to be related to sharedplates either because from what we have seen of radiants's plates, they were probably more effective and good at sealing stormlight but otherwise are identical to current non-radiant plates. Same goes for blades, they dont glow and dont change shape but are otherwise similar in nature to radiant-blades. I was certainly hoping for additional Kaladin books since to me the story is about him. No matter who is having screen time or how much exciting their events are in back of my head its still about kaladin and thats who I keep thinking about. Anyway since we know that future books will be about szeth, eshonai, lift, renarin, jasnah, ash and taln. so there doesn't seem to be any chance of additional Kaladin book. Though I would like to know his backstory relating to Tarah, and similarly too much of shallan's backstory is confusing and missing. Also since each order is going to get a book then we can assume that eshonai is probably going to be a dustbringer, but since there is going to be a book about ash (i.e additional lightweaver book) then where is BS going to fit willshapers?
  12. I read the chapters when they came out but while doing reread of WoR, suddenly switching to kaladin's fast paced chapter from WoR was not a good idea and the chapter kinda lost all its energy for me. Anyway looks like that look of betrayal on the listeners will probably have some negative consequences later. Also Kaladin noted that the flying VBs were low and bobing. That reminded me of how coinshots fly, while kaladin flies similar to lurchers so maybe their powers are similar but work on opposite forces, they were probably pushing against earth periodically hence the bobing action, or maybe not. But its theorized that odium probably has his own 10 surges in AA. I also believe that his stormwall was a new thing since syl had never been surprised by his abilities before but this time it was new to her and she had no idea what happened. We know that kaladin is special in SA and according to BS he will probably have a second book so its possible for him to manifest new abilities unknown to KRs before. Heck he might even become a herald if he takes back that honorblade. Finally, I believe that the Unmade were once Listeners, according to Rlain they hate humans and gave up themselves to odium, presumably after humans invaded roshar and took away their home.
  13. I guess no one here has read Temeraire series by Naomi Novik? I had almost given up on reading and this series re-introduced me into reading fantasy. It is an alternate history series set around Napoleonic Wars era with DRAGONS. Every 2nd book has some travelling which shows the cultural differences around the world and how Dragons fit into society, like how in some cultures they are treated like caged animals and slaves while in some they are revered. There is no magic but different species/races of dragons have different abilities so I guess that kinda counts as magic?
  14. I dont think if bad movies will bring more audience. If anything they might do the opposite. I personally have not read many of the popular books like percy jackson or shannara chronicles and inheritance cycle etc. because of the disappointing adaptations even though they have been on my list. I agree with most of the people hoping for mistborn movie and SA series but seeing the current crew, I am fast losing hope, especially after this hiring of misborn writer.
  15. well frankly before coming to this forum I hadnt heard of resonance. (or at least dont remember it) But I do remember those events which were unique to them and were never explained and now that I see it different characters are showing different aspects which are some kind of representation of their surges. And kaladin did that spirit thing for at least 3 times so it cant be just random coincidence. Also its brandon sanderson.. so there are no unexplained outta-thin-air kinda magics. Everything is explainable through in-world science.