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  1. What about a kandra who was given Allomantic abilities? Their bodily processes are weird enough, I could buy that they could take ettmetal into whatever counts as their stomach without bringing it in contact with moisture.
  2. Shards only produce magic systems when they settle on a planet for a time. If some of these Shards are nomads, just traveling through outer space and only touching down briefly on various worlds, there might not be a magic system associated with them.
  3. Though it's possible that Navani will only have Bondsmith powers while in the tower. That's not an issue for Dalinar, but given that nearly all stormlight on Roshar comes from the Stormfather, it could be said that he's kind of everywhere.
  4. Thanks! And I think I know the contradictory WoB being referred to there, and that was Brandon saying some of the Inquisitors Vin fought during Hero of Ages were female. Since those Inquisitors (except for Marsh) were the creations of Ruin, that doesn't contradict the Steel Inquisitors under the Lord Ruler being an all-male group.
  5. Presumably, the Skybreaker could turn their Shardblade into a Shardshield, crouch behind it, and then just fly/charge at the Coinshot/Bloodmaker at full speed.
  6. It now occurs to me to wonder how well Odium is capable of lying, given his inability to break promises without dire consequences. Can he lie all he wants so long as he never specifically promises to tell the truth, or is there a point at which lying to someone about what you're offering them becomes a breach of an implicit oath? And can Odium and other spren still make a contract with someone if, beforehand, they've given the other party false information related to the contract?
  7. I can't recall any mention of female obligators during the Final Empire, and checking the Coppermind indicates that all named obligators, at least, were men. So was the Steel Ministry an all-male organization?
  8. Another possibility that I brought up in a different thread: the lerasium beads that Rashek used to create the first Mistborn, along with the two he left by the Well, add up to ten or eleven beads ... but given the cosmic significance of the number 16 on Scadrial, there's a not unreasonable theory that there were originally sixteen beads of lerasium, meaning there are five or six beads unaccounted for. Someone discovering one of those could be a handy way to create a new Mistborn.
  9. While it probably can't account for everything, we should bear in mind that Roshar only has about 70% of Earth's gravity, so lifting heavy objects isn't quite as difficult there.
  10. Since reading Rhythm of War, I've been wanting to see if a bunch of singers chanting the Rhythm of Anxiety or the Rhythm of Joy at a Hemalurgic construct could take control of them the same way that Emotional Allomancy can.
  11. The Recreance is more immediately relevant to present day events, because the characters are living in the society that grew out of the Recreance. Meanwhile, inbetween the First Desolation and now, not only have 7000 years gone by, but there have also been multiple apocalyptic wars that forced civilization to start over from sticks and stones.
  12. Shallan still having Ideal credits from Testament, and being able to transfer those over to her nahel bond with Pattern, makes a lot of sense. When Kaladin broke one of his oaths and (mostly) killed Syl, he was able to swear the Third Ideal to revive her; he didn't have to start over at the First Ideal and work his way back up.
  13. I mean, I get the impression that a full metalmind is something that Feruchemists rarely ever create.
  14. I don't know if Roshar is necessarily metal poor, so much as the continent getting layered with crem over the course of millennia means all the veins of metal are deeply buried and not easily accessible.
  15. Health and youthfulness do seem to be separate attributes in the Cosmere, rather than one being a component/product of the other. And, yeah, Vin was able to beat the Lord Ruler because what she did to beat him (drawing in the mists to power herself up and Pull off his atium bracers) was, as far as he knew, impossible, so he never thought to defend against it.