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  1. Maybe the flashback could be him meeting Sazed or Dockson for the first time. Or even a scene between him and Mare, where we could get introduced to the drawing of the flower.
  2. film

    I have always loved the scene where the crew is relaxing and begin talking back and forth in Spook's street slang. There's no action and the story doesn't depend on its existence, but it is such a wonderful moment. I think that if it was accurately depicted on screen that it would show viewers what separates this series from other fantasy shows.
  3. Oooo, I really like this. It could be something like a teaser trailer, each one focused on a particular main character.
  4. Hello 17th shard, I recently had a desire to write out what I think would be really cool movie trailers for each of the Mistborn books. I know that others have done this exact thing before, and that is what partially inspired me to try this out. Hope you enjoy. Also spoilers for the trilogy, and add whatever music you think works best. The Final Empire trailer Opens with a wide shot of Scadrial: falling ash, brown landscape, red sun. Cut to black. New setting, a man is looking out a window with his back towards us. He begins to speak. "The Skaa..." Cut to scene of a taskmaster whipping a Skaa worker, we can see in the background hundreds of slaves. "The Nobles..." A scene of a Noble within a lavish mansion overlooking the plantation. "The Final Empire." A sweeping overshot of Luthadel. "For a thousand years I have ruled it" Cut back to speaker. " I am the hero of this world." Cut to Skaa slum. "And yet..." "There are those who fight against me." We get a wide shot of Kelsier's crew. Vin, Kelsier, and Sazed are not included in this shot. "Those who resist me." A scene of Elend drinking wine at a ball, Sazed is standing just a few feet away off to the side. Cut to black. "Those who... reject me." Scene of Vin and Kelsier flying through the mists at night, leaping around buildings. Scene cuts to black once they jump towards the camera. "But it matters not." We see Vin running in fear at night. "Whatever numbers they raise against me." We see the Skaa rebels preparing for battle. "However hard they fight." Scene of Kelsier brawling with several hazekillers. We cut back to Vin running and we can see glimpses of what is chasing her. " Nothing will change the outcome." Very short cut to black, opens with Vin breathing hard and hiding. "They will be crushed." A large figure lands near her, giving us a look at its steel eyes. Title of movie. The Well of Ascension trailer We hear metal scraping against metal and low frantic breathing. "Please, listen to me" Scene of Sazed studying manuscripts. "Whatever I said in the past." Scene of Elend standing before the Assembly. "However strong my arguments have been." Scene of Vin leaping to the top of Kredick Shaw. "Despite the events that have proven me." Cut to black. The speaker is now shouting. "You must listen to me!" Straff approaches Luthadel with his army. "Enemies descend upon us!" A scene of each of the crew, all with concerned expressions. "Friends and allies are manipulated against us!" Scene of Vin within the mist, she looks and we get a brief image of the mist spirit. "And even worse dangers have appeared!" Cut to black with an open of Elend looking out over the valley below with fear covering his face. "But a worse foe rises!" Close up of a screaming koloss. "One that will bring ruin upon us all!" Cut to black. Scene of Vin crying in a corner. "I say to you now." Scene of Elend with his hands on his head. "All I have said and preached." "I recant!" Dockson looking up in fear at an enormous foe. "I recant!" Breeze hiding in a building with snow and ash around him. "I recant!" Sazed holding someone, screaming. Title of movie. Hero of Ages trailer We have an opening of Scadrial, the sun almost blacked out by how much ash is falling. We see an ashmound explode in the distance. An unknown person speaks (Ruin) "The Hero of Ages shall be not a man, but a force. No nation may claim him, no woman shall keep him, and no king may slay him. He shall belong to none, not even himself." A scene of Vin flying over thousands of koloss. She speaks: "The Hero will have the power to save the world. But he will also have the power to destroy it." A scene of Elend leading an army against an unseen foe. He speaks: "The Hero of Ages was not simply to be a warrior. He was a person who united others, who brought them together. A leader." A scene of Sazed sitting in his tent looking at a stack of papers, looking weary. He speaks: "The Hero of Ages was removed from the Terris people. He was not royalty himself, but came to it eventually." A scene of Tensoon as a wolfhound running towards a distant city, Luthadel. He speaks: "He shall defend their ways, yet shall violate them. He will be their savior, yet they shall call him heretic. His name shall be discord, yet they shall love him for it." A scene of Marsh walking towards the camera with a volcano erupting behind him. He speaks: "He left ruin in his wake, but it was forgotten. He created kingdoms, and then destroyed them as he made the world anew." Cut to black. Open to a scene of a burning building. We see someone coming out of the flames, holding someone in his arms. Spook speaks: "The Hero will bear the future of the world on his arms." Cut to black. Title of movie.
  5. I"m split between Ashertmarn and Ba Ado Mishrim. Right now it's Ashertmarn just for how creepy its effects are, but that could quickly change depending on how Mishrim is developed later.
  6. Book 3 of The Ranger's Apprentice, The Icebound Land. The main character Will is tricked into eating a drug that places him in a zombie like state that will do whatever his slave masters order and only wants more of the drug. I read this in my early teens and had to wait a day before continuing because of how it disturbed me. I still get shivers thinking about that part of the story.
  7. These are two of the most powerful swords I have found in fiction, and I can't decide which is more powerful. Nightblood will destroy almost anything it touches (excluding aluminum), and with each bit of investiture that is consumed the sword grows more powerful; to the point where even Shards are taking notice of it. Dragnipur entraps the soul in an endless prison that can hold gods. However the prison is not inescapable and I don't know if there are entities that the sword cannot entrap. So those are the contenders. I personally think Dragnipur is more powerful then Nightblood when they each appear in their respective series for the first time, but Nightblood will eventually outrank Dragnipur as the Cosmere goes on.
  8. This isn't a huge crazy theory, but I believe that the inhabitants of Aima are the most important group of people on Roshar. I believe that they are more important then humans, Singers, spren, Unmade, Ghostbloods, or Shards. My belief of their importance comes from the fact that every back cover of a Stormlight book has been written by an Aimian, their island was important enough that an Unmade scoured it, and finally, whatever was on that island is so dangerous that not even a dying individual can be told. A sub theory I have is that the Dawnshards are located there.
  9. I really like Harmony. Mostly for who holds the Shard, but also because we get to see how an individual changes when they hold a Shard for a long time.
  10. 344. Never relax in a perceived utopia or trust anyone living in one. Fantasy utopias are always upheld by some form of corruption or evil in the people and/or the government; such as killing the undesirables, promoting one group of people and leaving the others in poverty, or hiding the outside world from the public and willing to silence anyone who brings worrying news. The best course of action to take is to find a group of people who are rebelling against this society, cautiously join them, as they may also be corrupt in some fashion, and gather as much information as possible. Once you have the information, get out of the utopia, either through extremely stealthy means or causing a rebellion to occur. What ever is required, get out and run for the hills.
  11. I was recently looking at the Coppermind page on Dakhor and read how the Monk's bones are close to indestructible. This is most likely because of how much the bones are Invested. So I was wondering as to how Invested. What would happen if a Shardblade made contact with a Dakhor monk's body? Is there enough Investiture to repel the blade? I personally think that it would encounter more resistance than usual, but would be able to pass through. But that is just my theory. I'm curious as to what others think.
  12. I've done a couple of these before but never could think of a really good twinborn type until recently. I would want AL. Iron and FE. Gold. I could drag tons of stuff towards myself, throw my body at thing/people (hard), and lack metal weapons back at me. And I could do this without fear of permanently hurting myself.
  13. Wanna know how I got these goats?
  14. I've wondered about this for some time. Breaths and the right heightening can create a close copy of a shardblade. So what about a piece of lerasium, or at least something close to its effects? A 9th heightened awakener, the right type of metal, and a command with the right mental concept. Something like: "Preserve me using metal". It might not give access to all Allomantic metals, but instead a certain selection of them. Just a thought.
  15. 1. Feruchemy. Most practical for fighting, traveling, and using other magic systems. 2. Mistborn. Arguably the best warrior based magic in the Cosmere. 3. Awakener. The magic system with the most versatility. 4. Knight Radiant. A super knight whose job it is to help people? Yes please! 5. Elantrian. An extremely flexible magic that has a lot of unexplored potential. If I could pick and choose my magic: Fullborn.